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Business Setup in
UAE Mainland

Start your Business in UAE Mainland with ConnectME.

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    Benefits of Business Setup in UAE Mainland

    Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

    Did you know that UAE Mainland is the preferred jurisdiction for business owners? This is because it offers several benefits:

    No trading restrictions regarding location. You can trade within the UAE and overseas.

    Freedom to choose any of the premium locations in Dubai for your office.

    Access to affordable office space and rented offices.

    Enjoy a broad working scope. You can diversify your offering and trade freely.

    Possibility to open multiple branches of your business even in the Free Zones to have a solid presence throughout the UAE.

    100% ownership of businesses that belong to certain sectors.

    Have a well-positioned business to take on lucrative government contracts.

    Tax Exemption
    International exposure
    Reach international Markets
    Office Space
    No currency exchange restrictions
    Best Location

    Here are the Best
    Business Setup Locations in UAE Mainland


    Dubai Mainland

    Connect Services Middle East will guide you with integrating your company formation in Dubai Mainland.

    Abu Dhabi Mainland

    Connect Services Middle East will guide you with integrating your company formation in Abu Dhabi Mainland

    Sharjah Mainland

    Connect Services Middle East will guide you with integrating your company formation in Sharjah Mainland.

    Ajman Mainland

    Connect Services Middle East will guide you with integrating your company formation Ajman Mainland.

    UAE Mainland Business Setup ServivcesSetup Your Business in UAE Mainland

    Setup Your Company in UAE Mainland with Connect Middle East
    Business Setup in UAE Mainland with Connect ME

    Do you want to start your company in one of the most prominent economies in the Middle East? The Business setup UAE mainland is your right choice.

    You can choose from over 3,000 business activities for your Dubai mainland company formation and boost your chances of increasing your revenue in this solid market.

    Business Setup in UAE Mainland

    Investors and entrepreneurs alike can thrive in Dubai once they opt for the Business setup UAE mainland.

    We offer the best solutions for new companies looking to enter this wonderful location. Moreover, you can enjoy the freedom of trading across the UAE and overseas with a Mainland Company.

    In addition, you can choose from other locations in Dubai if you want to have total ownership of your business, like company formation in Dubai airport free zone.

    Either case, we have you covered to solve all your needs with your business setup.

    UAE mainland Business Setup Services

    Business setup UAE mainland does not have to be a challenge for you. You can get started easily by receiving our assistance.

    Our goal is to support you on your objectives of incorporating a company in Dubai so you can become part of the privileged group of businesses operating from the most flourishing market in the UAE.

    In Connect Middle East we count on a group of specialists that provide customized service. Therefore, we can support you from choosing the perfect location in Dubai to obtaining all the required visas for your workforce.

    You can receive a comprehensive service and a hands-on approach from local experts that are well-versed in regulations and procedures to guarantee an optimal result. Thus, our service is tailored to your requests.

    Furthermore, with our corporate pro services in Dubai, you can rest assured that we will handle your documentation excellently.

    Setup Your Business in UAE Mainland

    The UAE has many booming economies, but Dubai is undoubtedly the best one for your business.

    Business setup UAE mainland allows you to trade within the UAE in local markets as well as internationally. So, if you want to take your business to a whole new level, you need to register in Dubai Mainland.

    There are several locations you can choose from to set up your business. Keep in mind that you will not be limited to any geographical boundaries. However, each region has its advantages that are more suitable to a type of business:

    Business Bay
    Sheikh Zayed Road
    Al Quoz
    Al Qusais
    Setup Your Business in UAE Mainland with Connect ME

    Process of business setup in UAE Mainland

    Starting your business in the UAE Mainland can be easier once you decide to partner with our specialists in Connect Middle East. Whether you are planning your business setup in Sharjah mainland or any other Emirate, our experts can back your operations confidently.

    We can help you in each stage of the business setup process:

    Choosing the business activity
    Choosing the business activity
    Choosing the business activity
    Choosing the business activity

    Required Documents for Company Formation in UAE Mainland

    Do not worry about the documents you will need for your business setup UAE mainland. We can help you obtain everything you need without any trouble for your initial approval:

    👉Registration application.

    👉License application.

    👉Trade name certificate.

    👉Applicant’s passport photocopy.

    👉Residence permit/visa.

    👉NOC from the current sponsor.

    👉Director’s passport photocopy.

    👉Additional or external approvals by Government Authorities.

    After obtaining your Initial Approval, we will help you gather the following documents for formalizing your business setup:

    👉Initial Approval receipt and all documents submitted.

    👉Photocopy of office lease.

    👉Photocopy of MOA signed by the Notary Public.
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    Why Connect Middle East?

    Connect Middle is your local partner , which will help you in Establishing a mainland company in the UAE where it needs a thorough grasp of the legal and company formation processes. Acquiring our services means that you can start your business setup UAE Mainland process quickly. We provide the necessary advice, tools, and resources to help local and foreign investors to establish their companies in the United Arab Emirates Mainland. Our team will give you the support you need to successfully institute your organization in the region. Consequently, guaranteeing the business solutions your company needs to enter the market swiftly. Let us handle your processes and make sure that you start your UAE Mainland company compliantly.


    Types of Business Licenses for company formation in UAE Mainland

    We help you obtain the best license that matches your business activity. For your Dubai mainland company setup you can choose among the following types of licenses:

    • Industrial License: This license is aimed at businesses interested in manufacturing, assembling, importing raw materials, and selling finished products.
    • Commercial License: This license allows businesses to engage in several trading activities such as selling goods, import/export, distribution, and more.
    • Professional License: With the Professional License you can offer services such as consultation, accounting, maintenance, and more.
    • Tourism License: With this license you can participate in tourism-related activities such as touring, selling tickets, offering guided visits, and more.
    • Agricultural License: with this type of license you can launch an agriculture-based business in the UAE, taking advantage of the Governments incentives to improve agricultural production.

    UAE Mainland License Cost

    Your Business setup UAE mainland does not have to exceed your budget. We have a variety of packages where you can choose from so you can start your company easily and quickly.

    The cost of your mainland license will vary depending on the business activity, type of license, type of office, and many other factors.

    However, here in Connect Middle East, we can offer you the most competitive rates for starting your business. From AED 10,200 you can obtain your Professional or Trading License in Dubai and start offering your services and goods.

    Therefore, we have many rates depending on your needs and requirements. Thus, we aim to be your sole provider for everything you need to start operating in Dubai successfully.