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Business Trade License in Dubai (UAE)

Save money with our price perfect Business License solutions in the UAE. Get a free quote. We offer a personal, tailored and effective Trade License services. Transparent Service Fees. Expert Guidance. Types: Personal Service, Trusted Guidance, Affordable Solutions.

    Apply for Trade License in Dubai with connect me

    Benefits of Trade License in Dubai

    Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

    if you want to start any business you will require to obtain Trade License in Dubai. Further are the benefits of trade license :-

    ✅ Simple Sponsorship Opportunities

    ✅ Few Trade Barriers

    ✅ Increase Local and International Trade

    ✅ Easy Set-Up

    Increase your credibility

    ✅ You can reach international markets and clients.

    Enjoy Tax Advantages

    Tax Exemption
    International exposure
    Reach international Markets
    Office Space
    No currency exchange restrictions
    Best Location

    How can you get a trade license in Dubai with Us?

    When working with us, it is easy to obtain a business license in Dubai. However, in order to obtain it, you need to follow some simple steps:

    Choose a name

    Choose a name

    The first step to obtaining the general trading license in the UAE .
    Set your legal structure

    Set your legal structure

    Secondly, you need to define the legal structure of your organization
    Define Company activity

    Define Company activity

    After you decided your business’ name as well as the structure; adding activity in the trade license Dubai is crucial
    Fill out the Application Form

    Fill out the Application Form

    After that, the next step of the process is to complete your application form.
    Get additional approvals

    Get additional approvals

    Some company activities require you to obtain extra approvals
    Gather Required Documents

    Gather Required Documents

    You must submit additional documents and the documents required to renew trade license in Dubai
    Choose your location

    Choose your location

    You have various options when it comes to the types of business license in Dubai
    Submit application

    Submit application

    After you choose your business location and have all materials in hand
    Pay licensing fees

    Pay licensing fees

    As we mentioned earlier, the business license in the UAE is not free

    Trade license cost in Dubai

    In addition, you can use this business license as a legal holding structure within the country and other government entities. Likewise, the same is used for warehousing and storage.

    Computer and IT
    infrastructure consultancies

    tax consultancies

    marketing consultancies,
    & many more

    Insurance and
    consultancy services

    Before you start the process of starting your business in Dubai and the UAE; you must know what fees to expect for Trade License in Dubai. Thus, this will allow you to budget for the process and avoid running into any issues. The trade license price in Dubai depends on what type of physical goods you will sell and which approvals you must obtain. Similarly, let’s observe other factors:

    • Partnerships with local sponsors.
    • A number of business partners.
    • Type of business activity
    • Business structure.
    • Location.

    A business license in the UAE is not expensive nor complicated if you work with us and take advantage of our business license solutions.

    Foreign Direct Investment

    Do you need a license to sell in Dubai?

    In short, yes. That is to say, in simple terms, a commercial license in Dubai and the UAE allows you to trade in goods and sell services. In the same vein, you can import and sell these physical goods in the country, export it for sale outside the UAE, or trade them solely within the country.

    On the other hand, the commercial trade license allows you to trade almost any type of goods; ranging from toys, electronics, foods, jewelry, etc. In addition, you may also sell solutions under the commercial license such as real-estate services and brokerage.

    And as we mentioned earlier, with this type of license, you can engage in the import, export, and import of goods; within, out, and in the UAE; allowing you to sell certain services.

    This type of license is very popular in the country for several reasons. Firstly, Dubai is well known for its pro-market policies and strategic trading location; the city is surrounded by markets in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

    Similarly, various international airports integrated with the country’s direct access to the Persian Gulf also make it popular with cargo companies.

    What is a business license in Dubai?

    A license in Dubai and the UAE are a crucial part of the company formation process in this beautiful country. That is to say, obtaining the type of license related to your company is not an easy task; but with our assistance and guidance, you will have a hassle-free process.

    In addition, our professional team of experts will ensure you obtain the types of business license in Dubai that you need such as:

    Industrial license

    Professional license.

    Industrial License.

    Tourism license.

    Or trading license.

    In the same vein, it does not matter where you establish your business; we will assist you to obtain the right business license for smooth operations.

    On the other hand, our team of professionals will guide you about the best license suitable for your business. In addition, in Connect Middle East we will assist you to set up your company in Dubai and how to check trade license in Dubai. We have played a very important role in the incorporation of successful business entities across the UAE.

    And with more than 2 decades of experience, we are a top-leading licensing and business setup company in Dubai.

    How can you obtain a business license in the UAE?

    The overall process of obtaining a business license in the UAE involves obtaining approval from the government departments. In the same vein, you also must obtain all your business creation documentation cleared from the UAE agencies within a short period of time. However, for first-time investors and entrepreneurs, this process may be expensive and confusing.

    In Connect Middle East we can obtain your business Trade license in Dubai and all emirates easily and in no time. Similarly, we advise you on the right type of license you need for your company; allowing you to obtain the Trade license and renewals hassle-free.

    What is commercial licensing?

    Before you start working in the UAE, you must choose the type of license you need. Further, the essence of your company’s activities will determine this. In the same vein, as we mentioned earlier there are various licenses, technical, manufacturing, commercial, etc. But we are concentrating on the commercial here.

    Further, a commercial license allows you to import, export, and trade products, in, out, and throughout the country. For several reasons, this type of Trade license is common in Dubai and the UAE.

    In addition, with our assistance as a business setup partner, our business formation, and incorporation process; we make it simple to start trading. Likewise, all companies operating in Dubai are required to apply for one of the available licenses. And one of the most common is the commercial license; this allows the company to perform trading activities.

    On the other hand, we have Dubai LLCs, which you can form in Company Formation in Dubai Mainland as well as all free trade zones in the country. Similarly, it is one of the most common ways of company incorporation used for operating the license.

    On the other hand, each free zone authority is in charge of issuing its own licenses; that is one of the unique aspects when you start a free zone company in the city. On the other hand, commercial licenses are the same everywhere, it does not matter in which economic zone the organization is registered.

    But a commercial license for a free zone company can be used only for trade tasks inside the free zone. In other words, international companies obtain this type of Trade license when they want to open subsidiaries or branches in Dubai.


    How can you acquire a commercial license in Dubai?

    If you decide you want us to work side-by-side with you; obtaining this type of license is a very simple process. That is to say, there are just 3 steps involved; let’s observe:

    How can you acquire a commercial license in Dubai with Connect ME

    Free zone or mainland?

    One of the most important things to have in mind when setting up your company in the country is whether to establish it in Dubai’s mainland or free zone.

    Similarly, there are several advantages to both. Thus, free zones like Fujairah Creative City offer some benefits such as ongoing business support, financial incentives, easy and quick incorporation process, no currency restrictions, and tax exemptions.

    There are many types of free zone licenses. Further, many free zone areas offer a vast range of licenses such as commercial license, e-commerce, industrial license, home business license in Dubai, and professional services.

    On the other hand, you can also find a range of services available in the mainland area. Similarly, companies in the mainland area are able to trade directly in the country’s market and take advantage of lucrative government contracts.

    Most importantly, the right setup will depend on the nature of your company. In addition, we can assist you to make this decision, advising on what is the best option for your company.

    Your business name

    Choosing a name is a crucial step when creating a company in the UAE. But as we mentioned earlier, there are a few things you must have in mind. Thus, you comply with strict and easy conventions. In the same vein, in Connect Middle East we can assist you in this step.

    You must avoid any blasphemous or offensive language. Further, you must avoid the names of organizations and avoid abbreviations. And you must check if the name is available; however, we can take care of this process on your behalf.

    Your license application

    The last step for this process is making the application. And if you are setting up in the Dubai mainland area; you can apply directly to the Department of Economic Development (DED). And if you have decided to work in a free zone, you can apply to the government body in charge.

    In any case, one of the best ideas is to take advantage of our company formation services in this step; this will ensure a fast and smooth process.


    Is the commercial license the same as a trade license?

    A commercial license is issued to businesses involved in any type of commercial activity. That is to say, specialized and general traders can take advantage of commercial licenses and operate in the country.

    On the other hand, a trade license serves as both the protection and regulation of trading organizations. For instance, businesses that belong to the construction, real estate, and retail industry also must apply for it.

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    Is the commercial license the same as a trade license Connect Middle East

    Business Trade License by Connect Services Middle East

    Get in touch with Connect Service Middle East to obtain a business trade license in UAE, we will aid you to get this job done in a deftly manner. Our service includes from helping you to be acknowledged about the license which is apt for your business, then providing assistance in getting it and also we will help you to keep a check on it’s renewal. And in case if you want to axe the process, our aid will be provided in easing the cancellation and cutting down the fines and costs .

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