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    Why Business Setup in UAE?

    Do you want to know if you may start your own company in Dubai? You definitely can. But there are a few things you should be mindful of.
    Why Business Setup in UAE with Connect me

    For Business setup in dubai , UAE is the most open trade policy in the Gulf. It has been an open economy with a high per capita income and a large yearly trade surplus for the last 40 years. The UAE government intends to stimulate the economy through foreign investment. To that end, they have updated their legislative structure for foreign investors looking to do Business Setup in UAE. The UAE government has left no possibility open in ensuring that international investors have no difficulty operating their enterprises.

    Low Tax
    Star up Support
    Great Quality of Life

    Government fees for company setup start from

    First Year
    • Consultation
    • Account manager
    • Trade name reservation
    • Initial approval
    • Preparation of legal documents
    • DED license
    • Establishment card
    • Investor visa
    • Medical test
    • Emirates ID
    First Year
    • Consultation
    • Account manager
    • Trade name reservation
    • Initial approval
    • Preparation of legal documents
    • Trade license
    • Establishment card
    • Investor visa
    • Medical test
    • Emirates ID
    First Year
    • Commercial Trade License
    • Free Business Setup Consultation
    • Dedicated Consultant
    • Tasheel + LSA Notary Fees
    • Initial + Name Approvals
    • DED License Fee
    • Registration Fee
    • UAE Local Services Agent
    • Complete Documentation

    *Office space and service fee is not included in this price

    We work closely with all Government Agencies for Company
    Formation Services.

    Dubai and tourism

    Get the Best Hassle-Free Business Setup in
    Dubai, UAE

    We aspire to deliver Client’s requirements in the most effective and efficient manner and are willing to provide guidance and consultation to companies to bring out the best economical solutions for their needs. Business setup in Dubai is not an easy task , this process can be expensive so, with the right guidance and support Connectme will help you in step by step procedure for company formation in UAE. When you start to look on setting up a company in the Middle East, we need to identify the best place based on your needs, Could be Saudi Arabia? Or Qatar? Or maybe a more classic options like UAE, and moving into Dubai, probably one of the best place to do business right now.

    A business setup in Dubai may be a lucrative chance to earn, expand worldwide, and establish a reputable brand identity. Whether you’re a small, medium, or big firm, you can use Dubai’s cutting-edge infrastructure, strategic position, easy access to adjacent markets, excellent connectivity, and a friendly workforce to convert your entrepreneurial concept into a profitable operation.

    To get started with a company establishment in the UAE, all you need is the correct advice. We have years of expertise fostering businesses of various sizes and sectors for a trouble-free startup in Dubai at Connect Middle East. Our team of company specialists assists you every step of the journey, from locating the ideal site to completing the necessary paperwork.


    Business Setup in Dubai Services

    We provide you with the top-notch quality company formation services in UAE to guide and assist you in all types of business setup in Dubai & across Middle East
    Connect Service Middle East Business Setup consultants will provide you with a business license in the UAE in the most easy and reliable way in no time.
    Connect Services caters business consultancy services in UAE, We believe in sharing an everlasting relationship with our customers.
    With the support of our business setup consultancy, company formation in Dubai can be fast and easy.
    We cater to your business's visa requirements and execute your applications in the most reliable way.
    We provide you with expert outsourced HR consultancy, delivering the best services to our clients.
    Connect Services provides you with world class facilities and cater all your business requirements.

    Business Setup in Dubai within 3 Steps

    To do Business Setup in dubai, follow the steps mentioned below

    Step 1

    Contact Us

    Step 2

    Submit your Documents

    Step 3

    Done we will send you Required Trade License and Related Documents
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    Connect Services Middle East is helping Entrepreneurs to set up their businesses in UAE

    Choices are made that will define your trip and determine your success.

    Choose your Business Location for Business Setup

    Book Free Consultation and Choose you Zone for Business setup in UAE


    Connect ME will guide you with integrating your company formation across all the economic free zones in the UAE.


    Our mainland company formation solutions help you to incorporate your company in the best possible with 100% control.

    Saudi Arabia

    Connect Services Middle East will guide you with integrating your company formation in Saudi Arabia.


    Our company formation solutions in Qatar will help you to incorporate your company in the best possible with 100% control.

    Interested in business setup in Dubai?

    Contact us today to launch your company right away! For new companies in Dubai, Connect Middle East provides innovative business solutions. We offer complete company formation services in Dubai, including all required setup. Contact us now!

    If you are thinking about starting a new business setup in dubai, you may be asking where to start a business in Dubai. Then you should be aware that Dubai has used its population structure to become a major location for dynamic business operations. Dubai is divided into three distinct zones: mainland, free zone, and offshore. Each firm has unique requirements, and companies must choose the location that best meets those requirements.