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Professional License in Dubai, UAE

Set up your professional firm in the UAE with the help of our expert business consultants. Start offering your services to clients in one of the most promising and thriving marketplaces of the Middle with our assistance.

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    Benefits of Professional License in Dubai

    Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

    With the Professional License in Dubai, you are able to obtain many benefits. Since the UAE has one of the leading marketplaces in the Middle East, you can set up your establishment in a place that ensures growth.

    Here are the benefits of having a professional license:

    100% foreign ownership

    Access to a marketplace with a wide range of clients

    0% corporate and income tax

    Participation in a flexible market

    Cost-effective business setup process

    A vast list of permissible activities to choose from

    Free Zones designated for specific industries and professional services

    A safe business environment with an easy-to-follow legal framework

    Simple steps for incorporating a professional corporation

    Quick issuing of the business license


    Hassle-free ProcedureWhat is Professional License in Dubai?

    The UAE is one of the top places for offering professional services. Start-ups and entrepreneurs from around the world look to establish their presence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other prominent locations in the country. By obtaining a Professional License in Dubai you can enjoy many advantages.

    Connect Middle East is a top-leading business setup agency in the UAE that offers a wide range of services to foreign investors wanting to have a solid professional establishment. We have a team of experts readily available to help you obtain everything you need to start your professional company in the UAE.


    Professional License in Dubai

    Get your Professional License in the UAE with Connect Middle East

    The UAE is widely known for attracting foreign investment. This is because it offers many options for investors and entrepreneurs that are looking to expand. The UAE Authority has established investor-friendly policies that encourage SMEs and large corporations to set their operations anywhere in the country.

    Although trading and industrial activities are very popular in the UAE, there is another thriving sector that is gaining more popularity. We refer to professional firms and services.

    Here in Connect Middle East, we understand how challenging can be to manage paperwork and deal with legal formalities. For this reason, we offer our PRO Services in Dubai so you can relieve this burden.

    In this regard, individuals and corporations interesting in offering services in the UAE can opt for a Professional License in Dubai. Here in Connect Middle East, we offer our Trade License Dubai service so you can obtain this crucial document to operate legally in the UAE.

    Obtain the Professional License for your business with Connect Middle East

    Dubai is among the ideal locations in the UAE to conduct business. For this reason, companies from across all industries choose it as the place to set up their establishments.

    Nevertheless, the process to incorporate a company can be challenging, particularly for foreign business owners. Although the legal framework and regulations in the UAE are simple and easy to follow, it is advisable to have a partner that can help you navigate the process smoothly.

    In this regard, here in Connect Middle East, we offer our Business Consultancy Services to help you establish your professional company in the UAE without any trouble.

    We can help you obtain your Professional License in Dubai since we offer a consultative approach and provide a team of experts to help you go through the process efficiently, ensuring an optimal result.

    What is a Professional License?

    The UAE offers several types of licenses for businesses interested in carrying out activities in the country. This is with the aim to regulate the companies and make sure they follow the law.

    Thus, some of the most popular licenses the UAE Authority grants are the commercial license, the industrial license, and the Professional License in Dubai. For this reason, before starting your business you must get the appropriate license based on the activities you are going to perform.

    The Professional License allows holders to do business in some types of industries. Therefore, it is important to check if your field is among the permissible list of activities.

    With this license, you are able to incorporate a professional organization in the Emirates. You can use it to offer your services according to the specifications of the license issued. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that if your organization will have more than one owner, then it will be considered a civil company.

    100% ownership with the Professional License

    One of the greatest advantages of the professional license is that it allows foreigners to have 100% ownership of their businesses.

    This is one of the most debated topics among investors and entrepreneurs since they want to have complete control over their companies, but in the UAE this is not so easy.

    The ownership of a business will depend on the jurisdiction where it is established and the type of legal structure. For example, Mainland Companies tend to request an Emirate partner to hold 51% of the shares. But, some commercial businesses are exempted from this since selected activities allowed total ownership in the Mainland of a commercial establishment.

    On the other hand, a Free Zone Company offers total foreign ownership but the downside is that it does not allow trade within the UAE territory. Thus, the business is restricted to the Free Zone where it was incorporated and it is allowed to trade internationally too.

    So, the Professional License in Dubai offers the best option. It allows having an organization in the Mainland, thus permitting to offer services in the entire UAE territory, and having 100% foreign ownership.

    As you can see, this type of license offers a great advantage for those interested in expanding their operations in the UAE. Moreover, it has other perks that make it a great choice for incorporating a business in the Emirates.

    Nevertheless, it is worth noting that although with a Professional License you can have 100% ownership, you need to have an agreement with a local service agent. But do not worry, this agent will not be part of your company and in most cases, it has nothing to do with your operations.

    Here in Connect Middle East, we offer our Corporate Sponsorship Service to help you establish your professional firm in no time. Enjoy the benefits of this type of company and set up your professional establishment with our assistance.

    Permissible business activities for the Industrial Trade License

    Before incorporating your company, you have to check if your profession is on the list of the Professional License activities. Keep in mind that the various sectors are separated into categories of licensing. This with the aim to ease the regulatory process and to classify each company according to its industry.

    Therefore, it is crucial to understand in which category your organization will be. Businesses that will engage in trading must request a commercial license, businesses that will engage in manufacturing should apply for an industrial license, and businesses that will offer services that require expertise or trained skills must have a professional license.

    This is important to point out because as an organization you are only allowed to perform the activities that are under your license. Thus, if you want to trade in goods, you cannot do it with a professional license.

    The Professional License in Dubai covers the following activities:

    • Accounting services
    • Document clearing
    • Printing and publishing
    • Financial Advisors
    • Legal consultants and lawyers
    • Architectural consultants
    • Medical representatives
    • Repair and maintenance services
    • Artisanship and Carpentry
    • Consultancy Services
    • Auditors
    • Beauty salons
    • Security Services
    • Teachers
    • Business Consultants
    • Web design
    • Tech support
    • IT services

    This is a short list of the permissible activities for the Professional License in Dubai. Keep in mind that every service that is based on talent, experience, ability, or trained skills must have a professional license to be able to conduct business legally in the UAE.

    Thus, a professional corporation needs to have the knowledge, analytical ability, and talent in its field of expertise. Moreover, it must guarantee quality and best practices when they carry out its activities.

    Obtain a Professional License and enjoy its advantages with Connect Middle East

    By obtaining a Professional License in Dubai you can enjoy many advantages. One of the most prominent ones is the 100% ownership of a professional firm, as we have previously mentioned.

    In the UAE you can find many agencies that offer to be your local agent, but here in Connect Middle East we want to show you why we are your trustworthy company of choice for incorporating a professional firm:

    • Cost-effective company setup packages so you can choose the most suitable for your needs
    • A team of expert business consultants readily available to solve your questions about our service
    • Support and ongoing communication during the process
    • Several options for incorporating a professional firm anywhere in the UAE with local support and a hands-on approach.
    • Hassle-free business setup in the UAE
    • Consultative approach to understand your requirements and provide a tailored solution

    Prerequisites to apply for the Professional License

    Every business that wants to operate in the UAE needs to have a valid business license. But, it is worth noting that to obtain it you must comply with some prerequisites.

    When it comes to a Professional License in Dubai you must have the following before applying:

    • Local service agent agreement: although you are allowed foreign ownership, you must appoint an agent for your firm. You must select a UAE national to be your service agent. After that, you must prepare the agreement and notarize it. In case the agreement is in English, a legal translator should translate it into Arabic.
    • Proof of expertise: in some jurisdictions in the UAE you must provide proof of your skills and talent. This applies to some business activities
    • Business activities: you are only allowed to engage in services that are consistent with your area of expertise.
    • Health and safety standards: keep in mind that once you have your company with your Professional License, you have to follow the guidelines to make it a safe workplace. So, you should learn everything about how to follow the law in the UAE.

    Process to obtain the Professional License

    Obtaining a Professional License in Dubai is a pretty straightforward process. You just have to gather the required documentation and then submit it to the relevant authority.

    However, even though it looks simple, there are many aspects that you have to consider. For this reason, here in Connect Middle East, we offer guidance so you do not have to face any inconvenience.

    Here we have the steps you have to follow to obtain your Professional License in Dubai:

    Find a local agent

    Businesses that want to obtain a Professional License in Dubai have to incorporate a company first. You cannot offer your services in the UAE without having a legal structure. This is why the processes for incorporating a company and obtaining a Professional License tend to go together.

    To incorporate a professional organization in the UAE you must have an agreement with a local service agent. It has to be a UAE national. This is to comply with the formalities established by the Authority.

    However, a local agent is not the same as a partner. Unlike other types of legal entities in the UAE, where the Emirati partner has to hold 51% of the shares of the company, a local agent does not have any rights regarding the equity of the company. Neither has any claims or power over the functioning of the business.

    Thus, the local agent is just to handle all the legal paperwork for your company. But, keep in mind that as an investor, you will have to pay the annual service charge for the service of the agent.

    Once you have decided on a local agent, both parties have to prepare the agreement and notarize it.

    Prepare the MOA

    With your local service agent, you have to prepare the documents for your company. Keep in mind that if you are a single owner, the type of company you can incorporate is a sole proprietorship. This is in case you are planning to incorporate it in Dubai.

    In case your professional company has more than one owner, then the legal structure for your business will be a Civil Company. This means that you will have to fill out another registration form and get it attested by the Notary.

    In this document, you have to indicate the annual fee for the service agent. However, you have to discuss this matter previously and reach an amount that is satisfactory for both.

    Sign the court agreement

    After preparing the documents for the company, the owners have to attend to the Notary to sign the Court agreement. This is a crucial step for obtaining your Professional License in Dubai.

    Rent an office

    Professional organizations must have a physical space from where they carry out their operations. In Dubai, there are many options for establishing your company.

    You can choose among the best work stations, rented offices, and Business Centers to find the perfect location for your company. Keep in mind that having an office will improve your image and you can receive your clients and vendors.

    Once you have found the perfect office, you have to obtain the Tenancy Contract. If you are incorporating your company in Dubai, you have to obtain the approval for the Tenancy Contract from the Municipality.

    Submit the application

    Gather all the necessary documentation and submit it along with the application form duly filled to the relevant Authority. If you are establishing your business in Dubai, you must submit it to the DED. And, if you are doing it in a Free Zone, then you have to submit it to the respective authority.

    Remember that the documents must be attested and notarized, and those documents that are in English must be translated to Arabic and get the seal from a legal translator.

    Pay the fees

    To apply for a Professional License in Dubai, you have to pay the required fees. The cost will vary depending on several factors, such as the jurisdiction where you are going to establish your business, the business activity, the type of legal company, etc.

    After the Authority has reviewed your documentation, and if it gets approved, you can receive your Professional license.

    Open a bank account and get visas

    Even after you have received your Professional License in Dubai, you still have to continue with additional steps. You must open a bank account for your business. This way, you will be able to handle your company’s finances better without interfering with your personal ones.

    And, you also have to request your visa, and in case you are planning to hire more people, for your employees.

    Dealing with immigration procedures and banking matters can be overwhelming. For this reason, here in Connect Middle East, we want to offer our Visa Services to help you obtain this important document, and our Banking Services, to boost your business’ finances.

    Required documents to submit Tenancy Contract

    Professional corporations must submit the tenancy contract to the Dubai Municipality to obtain the respective approval.

    The documents you will need are the following:

    • BR1 form (prescribed application)
    • Trade name certificate
    • Initial approval issued by the DED
    • Tenancy contract
    • Ejari registration

    Whether you are planning to incorporate your professional firm in Dubai Mainland, Abu Dhabi Mainland, or anywhere in the UAE, here in Connect Middle East we can help you collect the documents you need. Our goal is to assist you from start to end so you can set up your corporation.

    Costs of the Professional Trade License

    The Professional License in Dubai has the better rates. It is one of the most cost-effective licenses and for this reason, is gaining so much popularity.

    However, the costs of the professional license will vary depending on the jurisdiction where you want to establish it. For example, if you want to set up your firm in Sharjah Mainland may have a different cost than in Ajman Mainland.

    Nevertheless, the approximate cost for a Professional License is AED 15,000. But keep in mind that the price can be higher or lower depending on the fees that you will have to pay. Some of them are the following:

    • Professional License Fee
    • Fee for reserving the trade name
    • Fee for the service agent and annual fee established
    • Market fee. This will be according to the tenancy amount
    • Security deposit
    • Leasing fee
    • Administrative service charge

    In addition, there are other fees that you will have to consider depending on the type of business activity you are going to perform.

    How can you obtain your Professional License with Connect Middle East?

    Here in Connect Middle East, we want to ensure you set up your professional establishment in the UAE with the best result. Our goal is to help you obtain a Professional License in Dubai so you can start offering your services to clients and growing your business.

    We offer a wide range of business packages to incorporate your company. Whether you want to establish a Mainland Company, a Free Zone Company, or an Offshore Company, we have the perfect solution for you.

    With a Professional License, you can receive many benefits and perks that other types of licenses do not grant. The best part is that the UAE is a place with several flourishing marketplaces that are ready to welcome you.

    We can help you establish your business in the most promising Free Zones, such as JAFZA, TWOFOUR54, RAKFZ, and any other of your choice. Moreover, once you have established your professional corporation, we can offer additional services like Human Resources Outsourcing.

    Contact us now! We are readily available to help you.

    Frequently asked questions about the Professional License

    Obtaining a Professional License in Dubai can be one of the best choices you make to expand your operations. The UAE has been known for welcoming foreign investors and entrepreneurs looking to boost their businesses.

    Even though you learn about the process to obtain a Professional License, you may still have some doubts. In this regard, we want to make sure you understand everything.

    Here in Connect Middle East, we take very seriously the process to apply for a Professional License in Dubai, and we want our clients to learn everything that is involved.

    For this reason, here we have some of the most common questions about the Professional License:

    How much is a professional license in Dubai?

    One of the major concerns for business owners looking to establish a professional corporation is knowing how much they will have to pay for the license. As we have mentioned before, the costs vary depending on many aspects.

    The Professional License in Dubai costs about AED 15,000. This total price includes the several fees that you will have to pay to obtain this document. But, we want to emphasize that this price may be higher or lower in some jurisdictions and for some types of entities.

    How many types of licenses are there in Dubai?

    The UAE issues several types of licenses for businesses interested in operating there. There are many types, but the three major types of licenses in Dubai are Commercial, Industrial, and Professional. These are the main ones because most businesses carry out activities related to these sectors.

    Some of the other types of licenses granted by the UAE are Tourism, General Trading, Freelance, and Consultancy.

    What is the difference between a professional and commercial license?

    The Professional License in Dubai is very different from the Commercial License. First, of all with a professional license, you are only able to offer your services based on your talents and expertise. Then, with a professional license, you cannot incorporate an LLC, you have to incorporate a sole proprietorship or a civil company.

    Whereas with a commercial license you are allowed to trade in goods and products and engage in trading activities. Moreover, with a commercial license, you can incorporate an LLC in the Mainland.

    Why do I need a Professional License?

    Professional licensure is mandatory in the UAE for businesses that want to carry out any type of activity that involves using their knowledge, abilities, and expertise. It is important to obtain your Professional License in Dubai because it helps you prove that you have the necessary qualifications to offer your services.

    Moreover, the UAE Authority requests businesses to have licenses to regulate the practice and guarantee clients and customers that every company with a license is working legally.

    How can I get a Professional License in the UAE?

    Businesses interested in obtaining a Professional License in Dubai may feel confused about the process. But, it is actually very simple. First, you have to check the list of permissible activities under a professional license and see if the one you have chosen is in it.

    After that, you have to search for a local service agent to help you prepare an agreement and carry out the legal formalities in the UAE. Then, you have to prepare the documents to incorporate your professional company. After that, submit the duly filled application and wait for about 3-4 weeks to receive your license.

    With the help of expert consultants like Connect Middle East, you can obtain the proper license for your business. If you are looking for obtaining a Professional License in Dubai we are here to help you.

    How can I renew my Professional License?

    The Professional License in Dubai is valid for a set period. It expires once there has been a year from its date of issuance. So, you have to renew it if you want to continue your operations in the UAE.

    You have to pay the renewal fee and also pay the annual fee for the local service agent. It is very important to be aware of the expiration date so you do not incur any trouble.

    Can I have 100% ownership with a Professional License?

    One of the best perks of the Professional License in Dubai is that it allows you to have 100% ownership as an expatriate. It is the only type of license that allows this for an organization in the UAE.

    But, you have to comply with the condition of having an Emirati as your service agent. This is also known as Wakeel e Khidmat. Nevertheless, the agent will not interfere with your business.

    Required Documents for Professional License in Dubai

    To obtain the Professional License in Dubai you must submit your application along with the required documentation.

    The documents you need to collect to submit for the Professional License are the following:

    👉 Application form duly filled

    👉 Passport copy of company’s owner(s) or partner(s)

    👉 Copy of visa for foreign partners

    👉 In the case of employment visa, foreign partners must present a NOC from sponsors

    👉 Copy of the Naturalization book of the local partner

    👉 Ejari registration

    👉 Tenancy contract

    👉 Trade name certificate
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    Why Connect Middle East?

    If you are looking for assistance to obtain your Professional License, or to renew it, in Connect Middle East we make things easier for you. With our top reputation as a business setup company, we ensure you are going to obtain the best result. With Connect Middle East you can ensure you will receive all of these benefits and more. If you want to learn more about us you can contact us and one of our representatives will clarify all of your doubts.