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Tourism License in Dubai

Set up your Tourism company by Tourism License in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE with the help of our team of business consultants. With our assistance, you can set up your tourism establishment efficiently.

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    Benefits of Tourism License in Dubai

    Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

    The Tourism License in Dubai is a mandatory document for businesses that want to work in this industry. Moreover, it offers many benefits to its holders:

    Expand your company to one of the most popular travel destinations and enhance your business to generate large revenue

    With a Tourism License in Dubai, you are able to carry out a variety of activities such as selling plane tickets, conducting guide tours, etc.

    Choose among the best locations to establish your company and enjoy the UAE infrastructure advancement.

    You can obtain your tourism license with a simple and quick process

    The tourism license is a great low-cost option for setting up a business in the UAE

    The UAE government has established rules and regulations that are investor-friendly to encourage foreign investment.


    Why Tourism Business in United Arab Emirates?

    The UAE is one of the most visited countries in the world. Due to its modern infrastructure and beautiful natural places, Dubai is the 4th most visited city in the world and it receives more than 15 million tourists per year. For this reason, tourism is one of the major industries in the UAE.


    Tourism License in Dubai

    Foreign investors and entrepreneurs consider the UAE as one of the perfect places to conduct business. Thanks to its legal framework and easy incorporation process, establishing a corporation is easier than in other places. Moreover, the UAE is a commercial hub and a top tourist destination in the Middle East.

    Thus, businesses that operate in the travel and tourism sector may find this place many advantages to thrive. The UAE has many popular cities, and Dubai is currently one of the most visited in the world.

    All of these reasons may encourage business owners to have a tourism establishment. It can provide excellent revenue and opportunities to grow.

    Here in Connect Middle East, our goal is to assist companies that want to set up their operations in the UAE. For this reason, we can help you with the process to obtain a Tourism License in Dubai.

    Obtain the Tourism License for your business with Connect Middle East

    Companies that want to operate in the tourism sector must obtain a valid Tourism License. This is because the UAE has established several types of licenses aimed at different sectors, with the purpose to control and regulate the business activities carried out in the country.

    Thus, there are many types of licenses. The most popular are commercial, professional, and industrial. But, the tourism license has been gaining popularity over the years since the UAE has been developing more places to visit.

    Dubai, for example, although it is a desert, counts with state-of-the-art facilities and beautiful infrastructure. Its visionary leadership has taken this city to become of the preferred by the tourists.

    In Connect Middle East we support companies that are looking for new investment areas. We offer our Trade License services so you can get your Tourism License in Dubai. Take advantage of the opportunities Dubai has to offer for new investors with our help.

    What is a Tourism License?

    A Tourism License is a document that establishments and companies must have if they are interested in carrying out tourist activities and providing services or goods to tourists.

    The UAE has aimed to facilitate the process of obtaining a Tourism License in Dubai. This is because it wants to attract foreign investors and boost the tourist sector to enhance the economy.

    Thus, if you want to run a tourism business anywhere in the UAE, you must have this crucial document. By getting this license for your company, you are able to engage in tourist business activities legally.

    As a tourist destination, the UAE takes very seriously the premises to offer tourist services. They require businesses to be licensed to ensure customer satisfaction and competitiveness. Moreover, it also offers many benefits and incentives to business owners.

    The best tourist locations in the UAE

    Business owners that are planning to set up a tourism company in the UAE must determine which zone will be better for them. The truth is that each Emirate has its features and many options for tourists.

    Dubai is definitely the number one choice when it comes to tourism. You can get your tourism license in Dubai to establish an agency, offer guided tours, and many more business activities.

    Besides being a technological hub and an innovative place, Dubai is also one of the most-visited destinations. It is a place where many industries converge and thus it is expected to receive thousands of visitors. It offers great connectivity between western and eastern countries and it has a privileged location in the Middle East.

    Another great place in the UAE for the travel and tourism sector is Fujairah. It is an Emirate located on the East Coast and it has marvelous landscapes where mountains and sea meet.

    Tourists also see Abu Dhabi as a great place to visit. It offers better beaches and in general, has a more peaceful environment.

    Another place where you can establish your tourism establishment is in Ras al Khaimah. It has many tourist attractions such as the Hajar Mountains, the dunes, and a large extension of beaches. It is also very popular for its adventure tourism offers.

    The best part is that tourists visit the UAE not only for entertainment, but more tourist sectors are starting to flourish. These are medical tourism and Halal tourism.

    Thus by having a tourism establishment you can be sure that you are going to obtain great benefits. Here in Connect Middle East, we support you by helping you obtain your Tourism License.

    Permissible business activities for the Tourism License

    To set up your tourism business in the UAE, you need to define in which type of activity you want to engage. There are many activities, but the UAE has divided the tourism license into three forms depending on the type of service the company is going to perform.

    Businesses that should have a valid tourism license in Dubai are the following:

    • Hotels
    • Travel firms
    • Car rental services
    • Travel agents
    • Tour operators

    Tourism License for Inbound Tourism

    Inbound tourism means traveling within the limits of the city. These are known as inbound trips for visitors. Some of the activities that the company can carry out with this type of license are touring, sightseeing, transport services, and more.

    These are allowed as long as the operator has the license for inbound trips. In addition, with this license, the company can arrange programs related to conferences and events. It is worth noting that this license is limited to offering tourist activities within the limits of the place where it is established.

    Tourism License for Outbound Tourism

    Outbound tourism refers to visits to other countries by residents of the UAE. Thus, with an outbound license, the tourism establishment is allowed to sell tourist packages to people that live in the UAE and are interested in visiting other countries.

    These are known as outbound trips and a business with this type of license can offer tour programs beyond the limits of its place of operation. For example, if the tourism establishment operates in Dubai, with an outbound license it can work beyond the limits of the city.

    One of the advantages of this type of license is that it allows the holder to conduct international conferences and meetings. In Connect Middle East we can help you obtain this Tourism License in Dubai so you can employ your resources in outbound tour packages.

    Travel agent Tourism License

    With the travel agent license, the establishment can carry out activities related to the selling of travel tickets, and book-related tourist services on behalf of their clients. Some of the other activities carried out by travel agents are visa support, car rental, tour operations, hotel reservations, plane ticket sales, travel accommodation, and more.

    Thus, you can open a travel agency with this type of license and work for inbound and outbound tour operators.

    In case you still have some doubts about the types of tourism license, we offer our Business Consultancy Services. We help you select the best one based on the nature of your business and your preferred activity.

    Obtain a Tourism License and enjoy its advantages with Connect Middle East

    The UAE has seen high demand in the request for tourism licenses in Dubai and other Emirates. This is because the new regulations and advantages are very encouraging for businesses in the travel and tourism sector.

    For this reason, here in Connect Middle East, we want to support enterprises interested in expanding to the UAE. Some of the advantages you get by partnering with us are the following:

    • Ongoing customer support
    • Access to the best business setup packages at competitive rates
    • Quick company incorporation
    • Guidance and advice on which type of tourism license is more suitable for your business
    • Assistance with the paperwork and legal formalities thanks to our PRO Services experts
    • Comprehensive service from start to finish
    • The easy and quick business setup process

    Benefits of the Tourism License in Dubai

    The UAE is a top destination for tourism businesses. You can enjoy many advantages such as the following:

    • Obtaining the three forms of licenses (outbound, inbound, and travel agent) in a single tourism license without paying extra fees
    • No bank guarantee to establish a tourism company
    • Low-cost business setup and quick process
    • Expand your operations within and outside the country to obtain more revenue
    • Offer several types of tourism activities such as adventure tourism, halal tourism, luxury tourism, and more to boost your income
    • Possibility to run a successful business in one of the best hotspots for travel
    • Support from government regulations
    • Access to modern facilities and physical space where to establish your office. From work stations to offices in a Business Center.
    • Offer tourism packages on sale online and offline
    • Offer supporting visa services
    • Sell flight, bus, and railway tickets to tourists
    • Offer visas as long as it is subject to immigration approval

    Prerequisites to apply for the Tourism License

    Applying for a Tourism License in Dubai is a pretty simple process. Businesses interested in working in the thriving tourist sector in the UAE can find many advantages to boost their operations.

    Moreover, since the UAE is a top destination for visitors, you surely are going to attract many customers to your business.

    Nevertheless, before starting any company incorporation process, you have to make sure your business complies with the prerequisites.

    The UAE Authority has made some changes to the current regulations to encourage investment. More specifically, the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing has simplified the process for obtaining the license. Some of the most significant changes are the following:

    • Bank guarantee: tourism establishments needed to have a bank guarantee of AED 100,000 to AED 200,000. Currently, this condition is no longer mandatory. Thus, the costs of establishing a tourism company are significantly lower.
    • Minimum physical space: one of the requirements for applying for a Tourism License in Dubai was to have a minimum physical space of 300 sq. ft. The UAE government has stated that this is no longer needed.
    • Educational certificates: one of the documents that companies had to submit was the educational certificates for the manager. It is not required to submit them anymore.

    As you can see, the government has decided to implement these changes as new incentives for investment.

    The process to obtain the Tourism License

    Establishing a tourism business in the UAE is a straightforward process. It means that you have to go through a series of steps that are not very complex.

    Nevertheless, this procedure will be easy as long as you know exactly what to do and your application is done correctly. Thus, it is helpful to have local insight from a company that knows how to navigate the legal formalities of the UAE.

    In Connect Middle East we understand how overwhelming can be to incorporate a business and obtain the Tourism License in Dubai. For this reason, we want to provide all the information about how to get this important document for your business.

    Here we have the steps for obtaining a tourism license:

    Decide the business activity

    Before applying for the tourism license you have to incorporate a company. This is because the UAE does not grant licenses to individuals, only to companies established in the country.

    To obtain a tourism license in Dubai you have to determine what kind of activity you want to carry out. If you prefer to offer outbound trip services, inbound trips, or if you would like to work as a travel agent.

    This is important because it will help you decide what type of license is suitable for your business. It is worth noting that you can include these three types of activities in your business license without any additional cost.

    Trade name registration

    After choosing your preferred business activity you have decided on a trade name for your business. Keep in mind that it has to follow the guidelines established by the UAE, thus, it cannot have any religious references or profanities.

    You have to select at least three options for your trade name and submit it to the DED at the Tas’heel Center.

    Initial approval

    With your business plan and your trade name reservation, you can then apply for the initial approval. You can obtain the form from a Tas’heel Center and you have to fill it at any typing center.

    You need to get the signatures from all the participants and after that, you have to submit them to the DED.

    Rent an office

    To carry out your activities with your Tourism License in Dubai you need to have a physical office space. It is important to look for a location where you can receive your clients and provide a good business image.

    You could opt for rented offices or any other modern options available in Dubai. After receiving the initial approval, the DED would provide the form for site inspection.

    You must fill out the form including all the details about the office, and attach the location map.

    Prepare company documents

    When you have received your initial approval you can now continue with the process of incorporating a company. You have to prepare the MOA (Memorandum of Association) for your company. Then, you have to get it notarized and attested.

    If the LLC agreement is in English, a legal translator should translate it into Arabic. After that, the partners have to go to the notary to sign the court’s agreement.

    Submit your application

    Once you have all the documents you need, you can submit your application for the Tourism License in Dubai. It is important to pay the required fees and then you have to wait for the issuance.

    After you get the approval, the Authority will issue the tourism license for your business.

    Open a bank account and obtain visas

    Once you receive your tourism license in Dubai, you can start your operations and offer your tours and packages. But, it is important to continue with additional processes that will benefit you in the long term.

    First, you have to open a corporate bank account for your company. It is best to do this because this way you will have better control of your business’ finances. We offer our Banking Services if you need assistance with this matter.

    Consequently, you can apply for the necessary visas for you and your employees. Handling immigration procedures can be difficult if you are not familiar with the processes in the UAE. Nevertheless, it is crucial to have a residence visa if you want to work and live in the country.

    In this regard, we can offer you our Visa Services so you do not have to worry about anything. Our goal is to provide the best assistance so you have everything you need to have a successful business in the UAE.

    Costs of the Tourism License

    The application for the Tourism License in Dubai involves having to pay fees and incurring expenses to set up your establishment. Investors have to consider the costs of incorporating and licensing their companies.

    The Tourism license in Dubai costs AED 10,000 but keep in mind that in some jurisdictions it can be more expensive or cheaper. Another aspect you have to consider is the payment for the registration of your company. This cost starts from AED 5,000.

    If you are going to incorporate an LLC, you have to pay for the local service agent and the agreement. An agent can charge AED 10,000 and the process for drafting and notarizing the agreement is around AED 1,500.

    In Connect Middle East we understand that investors prefer to have a one-stop-shop solution for their business setup needs. For this reason, we offer our packages so you can set up your tourism and travel company in the UAE.

    How can you obtain your Tourism License with Connect Middle East?

    As one of the booming sectors in the UAE, tourism has been gaining more popularity among foreign investors. This is because the UAE allows you to set up a business in less than 4 weeks and take advantage of all the incentives this place has to offer.

    Moreover, due to the flow of visitors and tourists, having a tourism establishment can boost your income. With a Tourism License in Dubai, you are definitely going to have a prosperous business.

    In Connect Middle East we want to ensure this is a reality for you. We offer a wide range of services so you can set up your business in the UAE with outstanding results.

    Whether you are planning to offer tourism activities in the beautiful Emirate of Sharjah, or you are planning to offer outbound trips to citizens of Ajman, we can help you have a solid presence.

    You can learn more about us and make the best decision for your business.

    Frequently asked questions about the Tourism License

    Understanding everything about how to incorporate a tourism establishment in the UAE can make a big difference. Once you have clarified all of your doubts, you can proceed to hire our services because you will have all the confidence that you are making a great decision.

    Here we have some of the most common doubts about the Tourism License in Dubai:

    How much is the tourism license in Dubai?

    Since Dubai is a top destination for businesses and visitors alike, it is expected to be a promising place to offer tourism services.

    The tourism license can cost from AED 10,000 to AED 15,000 depending on the jurisdiction where you want to incorporate your company. Keep in mind that you have to do the renewal process after one year, so these expenses have to be considered in your budget.

    How can I get a Tourism license in Dubai?

    Obtaining a Tourism license in Dubai involves following a few simple steps. First, you have to decide on the type of activity you want to carry out. Remember that you can include inbound, outbound, and travel agent license in a single document.

    After that, you have to register your company. You must select a trading name and get the initial approval for your business. Then, you have to rent office space from where you are going to offer your services.

    Finally, you have to submit the application and pay the required fees. Your tourism license can be issued in 3 to 4 weeks after the Authority has reviewed your documentation and approved your business.

    Who should apply for a tourism license in Dubai?

    Businesses interested in offering tourism services, selling tourism goods, or any other travel-related activity should apply for this type of license. Some of them are hotels, travel agencies, travel agents, car rental services, trip operators, and more. It is mandatory to have a tourism license in Dubai to offer these services.

    What does a travel agent do in Dubai?

    The role of a travel agent can be misunderstood. It is one of the most important roles of a company since he or she is in charge of several activities, such as selling flight tickets, providing support to obtain a travel visa, securing accommodation for tourists, ensuring transportation services, and more.

    How can I start a tourism business in the UAE?

    Starting a tourism business in the UAE can be the best decision you can make. As a top place for tourists, you can offer your tour programs and packages and obtain outstanding revenue.

    However, in Connect Middle East we understand that starting a business can be daunting. But, you have nothing to worry about. We can become your ally to set up your tourism establishment in a hassle-free process.

    If you do not want to face an inconvenient scenario, or you do not want to deal with paperwork or legal formalities, we can become your agent in the UAE so you can obtain everything you need.

    How can I get a travel agency license in Dubai?

    Among the different types of tourism licenses issued in Dubai, the travel agent license is one of them. Business owners interested in opening a travel agency should apply for this one.

    The process to obtain it is very simple. You have to fill out the application form and collect all the required documentation. If it has a foreign owner, it is mandatory to submit a copy of the passport.

    In case you are considering building a new facility, you must submit a feasibility report. In case you are renting an office, you have to submit the tenancy contract and the map of the office’s location.

    After that, you have to pay the fees for registration, initial approval, and business license. You can get your document once the UAE Authority has reviewed and approved it.

    What is the difference between an inbound and outbound tourism license?

    Perhaps the terms inbound and outbound tourism is not common to you. You should know that they are applied to differentiate the activities that a travel agency can carry out.

    When we refer to inbound trips, we are meaning trips within the limits of the city. For example, a tourism agency in Dubai with an inbound tourism license can offer tour packages but it is only limited to Dubai.

    However, with an outbound tourism license, the agency is allowed to offer tour programs to residents that are interested in traveling outside the UAE. Most companies decide to include these two types of licenses in their application because it gives them more flexibility to work.

    Moreover, you do not have to pay any additional fees for including outbound and inbound activities in your tourism license. Contact us to learn more.

    Required Documents for Tourism License in Dubai

    To obtain the Tourism License in Dubai you need to gather the required documentation. It is worth noting that it is not difficult to obtain the license but you have to make sure your documents are the right ones and that you do not have any errors in your application.

    The essential documents you need are the following:

    👉 Application form duly filled

    👉 Copy of the applicant’s passport

    👉 Proof of educational/professional qualification of manager

    👉 Clean criminal record certificate of the company’s owner and manager

    👉 Economic and technical feasibility of the project

    👉 NOC by the Civil Aviation Authority
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    Why Connect Middle East?

    Connect Middle East is one of the top-leading agencies in the UAE that can help you set up your business in a hassle-free procedure. We offer a wide range of services so you can receive assistance from start to end in your company incorporation process. Obtain your Tourism License in Dubai with us.