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Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSOA) Free zone Company Formation

    Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone

    Benefits of doing business in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSOA) Free zone

    Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

    Dubai silicon oasis companies law is friendly with foreign investment

    Foreigners can have full ownership of their company

    Total repatriation of capital and profits

    There are no quota restrictions

    Businesses don’t face restrictions with trade

    Entrepreneurs can opt for plug and play offices

    DSO offers a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure

    Customs clearance process is simple and stress-free

    The business set up process is pretty straightforward

    Its modern urban community offers a great place to make business

    DSO’s IP laws are very strict so it ensures total security


    Business License for Company Formation in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSOA) Free zone

    Service License

    Trading License

    Industrial License

     DSO Free Zone License

    The Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone (DSO) is known as a technology hub since it hosts several companies that work in several fields such as research, development and IT sector.

    It’s one of the Free Zones in Dubai that offers a residential and business community for business owners and entrepreneurs that want to start their operations from there. For this reason, many foreign investors want to know how to carry out the Company Formation in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO).

    Documents Required for Starting Business in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSOA) Free zone

    The incorporation process is simple and the Dubai silicon oasis company setup cost is very reasonable compared to other Free Zones.

    The documents you’ll need to gather to set up your business in DSO are the following;

    👉 Application form for registering the company

    👉 Business plan

    👉 Letter of intent

    👉 NOC from local sponsor (UAE resident)

    👉 Bank share capital letter

    👉 Passport copy for each shareholder

    👉 Bank statement
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    Why Connect Middle East?

    Connect Middle East is a trusted business advisor who guides entrepreneurs and businessmen on Business Setup in Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone . We help you to understand and guide regarding the licenses and permits based on your services and business activities.


    Dubai Silicon Oasis Business SetupWhy Setup Business in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSOA) Free Zone?

    Set up your company in the Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSOA) Free zone with the help of our experienced professional business advisors.

    Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) or as it is more commonly known silicon Oasis is a suburb buzzing with technology and innovation in the commercial sector. It was founded in 2004 with a mission to “facilitate and promote technology-based industries, research and development within a fully integrated community”. DSO offers a balanced lifestyle for their residents. They also have an unprecedented effect on the technology landscape in UAE and it is also ranked as one of the most popular neighbourhoods for renting in Dubai.

    Dubai Silicon Oasis is described as a centrally-located community that combines living and working spaces harmoniously. The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (“DSOA”) is perfect for company formation for organizations in modern tech-centric industries such as precision electronics and communications technology. They are completely under the Dubai’s Government who provides a community both for work and living.

    Setup Your Company in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) with Connect Middle East. We are the experienced professional business advisors to ensure fast and efficient company formation all over in the UAE.

    Connect Middle East is a trusted business advisor who guides entrepreneurs and businessmen on Business Setup in Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone . We help you to understand and guide regarding the licenses and permits based on your services and business activities.

    It is a Free zone Authority and gives free trade zone ground, thus benefiting the organizations working inside the technology park. And thereby start a new business setup in Dubai Silicon Oasis. DSOA is a municipal body of the free zone which issues all types of licenses. Connect Middle East will guide you with the right information about Dubai free zone, mainly about the company registration charges and Dubai free zone licence costs which will help businessmen in making a budget plan more efficiently.


    Business setup in DSO Free zone

    Forming a company in DSO

    Businesses that belong to the technology and development sectors can take advantage of the benefits that DSO has to offer. Incorporating a company in this place that offers world-class infrastructure and a strategic location for conducting business can be a wise choice.

    The first step in the company formation process is choosing a physical space for your business. Then, you should carry out the trade name reservation and obtain the pre-approval for your business. The final steps are signing the lease agreement and making the payments to collect the business license.

    DSO Business Activities

    To start the Business Setup in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) you should select the business activity that you want to carry out in this place. Since DSO is a place that welcomes businesses that work in several tech and development sectors, it’s advisable that you select among the following business activities:

    • Manufacturing
    • Research and development
    • Nanotechnology
    • Electronic
    • Test and design of electronic products
    • Assembly of electronic parts

    It’s worth noting that the business license allows you to have up to 7 different activities. However, they should belong to the same segment, namely trading, industrial or service. Another important fact in DSO is that freelancing is not available, and some activities that can be carried out in Mainland are not allowed in this Free Zone.

    Business Licenses for DSO

    The Dubai silicon oasis free zone offers several types of business licenses so investors can choose the one that suits their operations better. DSO Authority offers the following licenses to business owners:

    • Service License: With the Service License, the company can carry out professional activities and offer its service to their clients. The activities allowed are indicated by the DSOA. Therefore, companies that offer services such as Consultancy, accountants, lawyers and more should apply for this license.
    • Industrial License: businesses that want to engage in manufacturing, assembly, processing and more industrial related activities should get the Industrial License. This also allows companies to export the finished products and obtain profit from it.
    • Trading License: with the Trading License, the business can engage in commercial and trading activities such as import, export, storing and distribution of products and items described in the license issued

    Business entities in DSO

    Once the business has seen the Dubai silicon oasis activity list and selected the proper business license, it’s also important to select the best legal structure for the company. In DSO you can find the following business entities:

    • Free Zone Establishment: an FZE can be incorporated with a single shareholders and its minimum capital is of AED 100,000
    • Free Zone Company: an FZCO can have two or more shareholders with a maximum of 50 and the minimum capital is of AED 100,000
    • Branch Company: a foreign-based or UAE-based company can establish a branch in DSO as long as it has the same trade name and it carries out the same activities as the parent corporation.

    DSO License costs

    An important aspect that investors must consider regarding the Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) Company Setup is the fees and expenses that they have to incur.

    The costs will vary depending on the type of physical space the business chooses. In this regard, we have the following:

    • Business license + work desk: the cost for this package starts from AED 30,000
    • Business license + office space: the cost for this option depends on the sq. m. of the office. The License cost starts from AED 12,000 and the cost for an office of 7 sq. m. starts from AED 26,000

    DSO Innovative Facilities

    When you Start your Business in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) you can select among the vast range of options this place has to offer regarding business facilities. As a business owner, you must choose a physical space that allows you to carry out your activities smoothly.

    In DSO you have the following options:

    • Light industrial units: carry out your industrial activities efficiently from the various ready-to-use industrial units.
    • Workstations: entrepreneurs and startups can choose a work desk which is a cost-effective solution.
    • Plug and play offices: fully furnished offices that has excellent features for tech businesses such as high-speed internet, networks, printers, and much more.
    • Office spaces: rent an office with conference rooms, meeting rooms, and fully furnished to carry out your operations.

    Business owners can rent office spaces from the towers managed by DSO, which are the following:

    • Headquarters buildings: rent cost will utilities
    • Dubai digital park: rent offices in this outstanding tech place
    • Techno Hub: rent an office that’s ready to use

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