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Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
in Dubai, UAE.

Select C-UAE for product registration in the UAE, and benefit from our added expertise in accounting and bookkeeping services, ensuring a comprehensive and streamlined approach to regulatory compliance.


What we provide?

Whether you spend time anywhere in UAE, or you are busy to keep up with your finances, as accountancy professionals, we have all the required expertise to make sure your finances are in order.


Why choosing us is your smartest move.

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Accounting Services


All of your daily financial transactions will be recorded, updated, and bank reconciliations will be handled by our team

Financial Reporting

We offer through assistance in the creation of accurate financial statements that are prepared on time and in accordance with IFRS

VAT Registration

Our team of professionals specializes in offering through assistance with the procedure of registering for VAT and guaranteeing compliance with VAT laws.

Auditing & Assurance

We will work with you to complete auditing process for your fiscal year and make sure your records are kept up to date in accordance with IFRS

Tax planning

The financial reports we are able to give you as follows: Trial and balance, A profit and loss report financial statment, Statements of cash flows and ledgers general

Why Choose Us?

Choose C-UAE for top-notch accounting and bookkeeping services in the UAE. Our expertise and commitment to excellence make us the best choice for accounting services in Dubai and across the UAE. We provide accurate financial reporting, compliance with local regulations, and personalized solutions tailored to your business needs. Trust C-UAE for meticulous accounting and bookkeeping that ensures your financial records are in order, helping you make informed decisions and achieve financial success in the UAE market.


Know more about the frequently asked questions

  • Accounting and creating financial statements
  • Registration for VAT and adherence
  • HR and payroll services
  • Tax compliance and preparation for both businesses and individuals
  • Services for auditing and assurance
  • Services for business registration and licensing
  • Dubai UAE has a 5% standard VAT rate.
  • A current Emirates ID or passport for each business owner
  • A business license that is still in effect
  • Information about the business’s operations and revenue
  • The deadline for submitting VAT returns is the last day of the month following the
    quarter in which they are due.the conclusion of a quarter.
  • Fines, penalties, and even criminal prosecution may be imposed for violating VAT
  • International Financial Reporting Standards are the accounting standards used in
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates (IFRS).
  • In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, an auditor is in charge of independently confirming the
    completeness and accuracy of a company’s financial statements as well as the
    observance of accounting rules.
  • In order to start a business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, you must choose a legal
    structure, get the relevant licenses and permissions, and register the firm with the
    appropriate authorities.

We welcome your
questions & ideas

    We welcome your
    questions & ideas

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