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Masdar City Free Zone Abu Dhabi Company Formation

With Just Few Easy Steps Just Start Your Business in Masdar City Free Zone Abu Dhabi

    Benefits of doing business in Masdar City Free Zone

    Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

    Total foreign ownership

    No corporate or income tax

    Full repatriation of capital and profits

    There are no tariffs on import

    Strategic location near Dubai and Abu Dhabi

    Access to the Abu Dhabi International Airport

    Competitive rates for licensing and renting offices

    Fast and simple company incorporation process

    Access to an outstanding working business environment and fist class residencies

    Access to a research and development hub

    Provides easy access to market of the Middle East and Asia


    Business entities in Masdar City Free Zone

    Investors that want to incorporate a company in Masdar City Free Zone must follow the law regarding Companies Regulation. In this regard, there are various types of legal structures that companies can have in this Free Zone. With its quick and simple setup process, you just have to select the type of business entity you want for your company. Masdar City Free Zone Abu Dhabi offers quick and cost-effective company registrations and mainly 3 legal entity types

    Free zone Limited
    Liability Company (LLC)

    Branch of a
    Foreign Offshore Company

    Masdar City Free Zone Abu Dhabi is an emerging global hub for companies focusing mainly on clean technologies and renewable energy and an economic free zone that offers a hassle-free company set up with a host of advantages to the investors.

    It has the most efficient and business-friendly policies and top-notch research facilities in order to make Abu Dhabi the global hub for renewable energy.

    Masdar also has their own independent research university, the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and it plays a vital role in helping Abu Dhabi to expand its economy beyond the production of oil. There are mainly three business units under the Masdar company:

    • Masdar City
    • Masdar Capital
    • Masdar Clean Energy

    Branch of a
    Foreign Offshore Company

    Required Documents for Masdar City Free Zone

    The Business Setup in Masdar City Free Zone is pretty straightforward and simple. Investors just have to follow some simple steps so they can have their business up and running in this flourishing market.

    First, the investor must submit the license application along with the required documents. These will be reviewed by the Authorities. After that, it’s necessary to submit the proofs for the share capital. Once the investor has signed the lease agreement and made the payments, the business license will be issued.

    The documents that you need to incorporate a company in Masdar City Free Zone are the following:

    👉 Business plan

    👉 Passport copy for each shareholder

    👉 Application form

    👉 Bank Introduction Letter

    👉 MOA and AOA

    👉 Lease agreement

    👉 Bank share capital deposit
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    Masdar City Free Zone Abu Dhabi Business Setup ServicesMasdar City Freezone : Overview

    Setup Your Company in Masdar City Free Zone Abu Dhabi with Connect Middle East

    Masdar City Free Zone Abu Dhabi was established in 2006, 6 kilometers away from the emirate of Abu Dhabi, close to the Abu Dhabi International Airport. It is a project by Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (a subsidiary concern of Mubadala Development Company) and is supported by the government of Abu Dhabi to make the area energy-efficient. It is an emerging global hub for clean technologies and renewable energy that is totally dependent on renewable energy. Its mission is to invest, incubate and establish a commercially feasible new-energy industry and cleantech hub in Abu Dhabi as well as around the globe.


    Procedure for Starting a Business in Masdar City Free Zone Abu Dhabi

    Business setup in Masdar City Free Zone

    Masdar City is a Free Zone that was established in 2006 and it’s located near the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, at just 6 kilometers of distance. It has a strategic location thanks to its closeness to the Abu Dhabi International Airport. It’s a Free Zone known for its commitment to sustainable technologies and operations with renewable energy.

    In this regard, Company Formation in Masdar City Free Zone is most popular for businesses that work in the education, investment, and research and development sectors regarding renewable technologies. The Abu Dhabi Government’s goal is to make Masdar City an area that is energy-efficient, and this has given excellent results since it’s becoming an emerging global hub for clean technologies.

    Masdar City Free Zone Business Activities

    Companies in Masdar City engage in a variety of activities. In this regard, we can find businesses across several industries in this thriving market. So, investors has several options of business activities where to choose from.

    Here we have the most popular Masdar City Free Zone activities:

    • Healthcare services
    • Marketing
    • Clean Tech
    • Information and Communications Technology ICT
    • Renewable energy
    • Professional services and service providers
    • Community services
    • HR development
    • Oil and gas services

    Business Licenses for Masdar City Free Zone

    To Start your Business in Masdar City Free Zone you must have a valid business license that allows you to engage on your business activities legally.

    In Masdar City Free Zone there are four types of licensing options. According to your business activities and financial plan, you should select the package that suits you best.

    You can opt for one of the following licensing packages in Masdar City Free Zone:

    • Start-up package: business with the start-up package can carry out two business activities. If they want to add additional activities they must pay AED 2,500 for each one.
    • Mid-range package: with the mid-range package, the business is allowed to carry out 5 business activities from any segment. In this case, additional activities cost AED 2,000.
    • Wide-range package: companies that apply for the wide-range package can carry out 10 business activities. The additional activities will be AED 2,000.
    • UAE Nationals and Khalifa Fund Package: businesses in this category can carry out five activities from any segment, and additional activities are AED 1,000. In this case, it’s not necessary to pay the registration fee.

    Here we have the Masdar City Free Zone company list regarding corporate structures available:

    • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC): investors can incorporate an LLC in Masdar City with shareholders that can either be individuals or corporates.
    • Branch of a foreign company: a foreign-based company can establish a branch in Masdar City, as long as it carries out the same activities and has the same name as the parent corporation.
    • Branch of a UAE-based company: an UAE entity established outside of Masdar City (in other Free Zones) can establish a branch in Masdar City to conduct business.
    Masdar City Free Zone License costs

    To conduct your operations legally you should obtain a Masdar City free zone license. In addition, you must know the expenses that you’ll have to pay, which are as follows:

    • Registration fee: starts from AED 5,000 and it’s a one-off charge.
    • Start-up license fee: AED 10,000
    • Mid-range license fee: AED 15,000
    • Wide-range license fee: AED 20,000
    • UAE Nationals and Khalifa Fund Package fee: AED 10,000

    Keep in mind that licensing fees should be paid annually if you want to renew your license.

    Masdar City Innovative Facilities

    When it comes to Masdar City Free Zone Company Setup, investors can select among the several facilities provided by this place. Masdar City is well-known for its sustainable environment for working and living, and in addition, it has commercial, residential, leisure and retail districts that suits people’s needs and provide a high quality of life.

    With its modern infrastructure and transportation, as well as with state-of-the-art facilities, you can find in this place great options for running your business:

    • Offices: investors can find a variety of options for leasing an office space from where they can conduct their operations.
    • Retail space: in Masdar City there’s a great retail space where investor can rent it so they can suit their business needs.
    • Business Center: Investors can find an innovative Business Center in Masdar City from where they can rent an outstanding office.
    • Land: in Masdar City there’s the option for long-term leasing of lands for up to 30 years, so they can build their facilities or projects.

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