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    PRO Services in Dubai

    Benefits of choosing our PRO Services in UAE

    Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

    Save Time: there are a lot of issues when it comes to getting the approvals and paperwork done; and you can choose us to save a lot of time. In addition, with us you can acquire more time to focus on the main activities of your business; instead of standing in line in government agencies.

    Hassle-free: we can allow you to get rid of issues when it comes to documents or any other purposes. That is to say, we handle everything related to government departments in the UAE; as well as collecting the different documents and delivering them to you. Therefore, you are not involved in any step of the process.

    Save Money: Outsourcing your activities to our Best PRO Services in UAE will save you more valuable time than doing it yourself. Similarly, it also assists you to eliminate the need for clearing as well as processing documents. Thus, this also reduces the need for an in-house HR department in your business.

    Compliance with the labor and employment laws of the UAE: it is ok if you are not an expert in labor law in the UAE. Similarly, you may not be an expert to coordinate, responding to the ongoing changing policies and laws of the country. Thus, this lack of role will harm the output of the company; but it will also lead to fines and delays. That is to say, we are committed to assisting you in every step of the compliance area.

    Transparency: as a PRO Services provider we are transparent in any of our processes. That is to say, we provide all given receipts and government fees and charges. In addition to other expenditures with supporting bills; this maintains full transparency in all of our work.


    Best Corporate PRO Services UAEWhat is PRO Services?

    Pro Services In UAE - Easy & Fast Process

    We know that your time is important

    PRO Services are Beneficiary for Every Business and We understand that time is the most important part of your life; therefore, we know that you can use your time for the better, other than standing in line in a government agency for a PRO Services in Dubai. Or getting the approvals you need, or collecting a visa for any of your workers, taking, stamping, or signatures of visa; or if you just need any confirmation about your business.

    That is to say, our corporate PRO Services in Dubai will allow you the advantage of spending your time productively.

    However, it is a good point to mention in this part, because we know everyone would like to spend their time in productive activities. And leave the Corporate PRO Services in Dubai to us so we can properly take care of them. We think that you can spend time of quality with your family; with your friends or on a vacation. In other words, you can spend your time in social business activities.

    However, if you are not aware of the regulations and laws of the government entities; then establishing a business in Dubai will be a very complicated task. So, in this case, we are here to help you to save time, cut costs, and avoid any type of human errors; because we offer the best PRO Services in Dubai.


    What type of services do we offer?

    We have several years of assisting businesses in Dubai with our cheap PRO Services in dubai. In the same vein, we put forward our vast business experience to individuals that want to complete the following tasks for PRO Services:

    ✅We register and renew trade licenses.
    ✅Process labor visa application as well as renewal and cancelation of visas.
    ✅Translation of legal documents.
    ✅Processing of visa for family relatives/spouse
    ✅Manage and handle applications for Immigration Card as well as Labor Card.
    ✅All requirements for acquiring the Emirates ID.
    ✅Secure any sanction from government entities, ministries, departments, and agencies.
    ✅Notarization and/or attestation of legal documents.
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    Why Connect Services Middle East?

    On the other hand, in Connect Middle East we are here to take care of each step of the PRO Services process. In other words, our team will assist you with pleasure to teach you to understand the overall process; and will go to the end to make it as easy as possible for you. In order to properly start and establish a business in Dubai or the UAE, you need to process some tasks first. In Connect Middle East we can make these tasks easy on your behalf; so, you can focus on what is really important to grow your company; and manage and handle your operations.


    Take advantage of our expertise PRO services in Dubai

    Our comprehensive PRO Services in Dubai include broad support for semi-government and government agencies. In the same vein, our team of experts will provide you with a direct link to important government departments, ministries as well as other entities. Similarly, we will submit, handle, and process the documents and all requirements on your behalf.

    Therefore, our services will allow you to:

    • Accelerate the requirements and collect the licenses, and basic permits sooner.
    • Reduce the delay and avoid any type of errors; this way you will save time as well as costs.
    • Focus on your business goals and grow your business.

    That is to say, with our team of experts working side-by-side with you, you will be able to meet all your legal requirements timely. In addition, this will allow you to follow your objectives when opening your organization, expand your worker members, or renew your business license.

    On the other hand, in Connect Middle East we are here to take care of each step of the PRO Services process. In other words, our team will assist you with pleasure to teach you to understand the overall process; and will go to the end to make it as easy as possible for you.

    In order to properly start and establish a business in Dubai or the UAE, you need to process some tasks first. In Connect Middle East we can make these tasks easy on your behalf; so, you can focus on what is really important to grow your company; and manage and handle your operations.

    Our solutions are tailored to your organization needs

    In Connect Middle East we provide you a full set of corporate PRO Services to our customers. Whether your business is located in Dubai Mainland, or in any of its Free Trade Zones; we offer you a customized package, taking care of your business requirements as quickly as possible.

    Similarly, our broad PRO Services services include:

    • Visa processing.
    • Spouse Visa/Family Spouse visa processing.
    • Labor Cards or Employee Visa.
    • Attestation of documents from the Foreign Affairs Department as well as the Chamber of Commerce.
    • Trade license processing.
    • Business registration.
    • Health insurance processing.
    • Trade name registration.
    • Easing government procedures and requirements.

    Whether you need our services urgently; one-time processing for a single requirement; or a long-term partnership for all your future and present requirements; that is why we offer quick, reliable, and cheap solutions for you and your business.

    PRO Services FAQ

    When you set up a business in a foreign country you must follow various rules, regulations, and guidelines if you want do it legally and successfully. Further, that is why many organizations decide to take advantage of the best corporate PRO services in Dubai. In Connect Middle East we assist you, taking care of this area hassle-free and cost-effective. On the other hand, businesses wishing to expand to Dubai may face additional challenges due to local regulations, customs, languages, and more. In addition, there is a process which you must follow involving contacting the government authorities. However, starting a business and opening an office space sometimes is not an easy task; especially if you are on your own. It is a progressive process; you must be aware of everything you require to run your organization smoothly without any issues. When it comes to delivering the best PRO services in Dubai, our professional team of experts will assist you throughout your required services from beginning to end. That is to say, our team of consultants in Dubai offers the best solutions to our clients by cooperating with the government authorities. In Connect Middle East our solutions are not limited to assisting you in the submission of documents, filling up application forms, getting the required paperwork, taking approvals from the Chamber of Commerce in Dubai, the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai’s Free Zone authorities, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, etc. Our services also include: • Rapid processing of your trade license application. • Renewal reminders via mobile app. • Dedicated Consultants for Mainland, offshore, and each free zone jurisdiction. • Immediate application submissions and visa processing. • Notarization and document attestation services. • Document pick and drop based on what you need.
    Our Public Relations Officer solutions are also Government Liaison Officers that perform the different activities related to the processing of local papers, government documents, and other documentation associated with business creation in the UAE. Further, we perform various services. The PRO services meaning is that some of them are employee-oriented and others are solely related to business operation and formation. The formation and registration of a company involve various legal processes with the DED (Department of Economic Development). And to speed up these formalities, our experienced team of experts provides outstanding corporate PRO services in Dubai. To successfully manage and set up your business formalities; your business needs an expert partner. In Connect Middle East we deliver the best solutions in the UAE; guiding and advising our partners with various public relations services, business and visa processes, and other government-related activities. We assist you at all times when you are in the process of your company’s creation to successful running, managing a comprehensive range of documentation, and PRO services in the UAE. Similarly, our professionals work side-by-side with the official of the UAE government and ministries; ensuring these activities become hassle-free and easy. We have extensive knowledge when it comes to all government legal procedures and regulations to deliver professional corporate PRO services in Dubai; thus, assisting our clients with business formation, licenses, and additional PR solutions in the Free Zones and Mainland areas. We recognize the nature and requirements of your company providing the best PRO solutions in the UAE complying with all legal regulations. We also provide services to start-ups and established companies in the UAE as well as guiding investors and entrepreneurs in different jurisdictions. Therefore, you can rely on us and leave all your legal duties to us regarding your business formalities.
    When you start your business in the UAE, you require various services regarding document clearing, residency visa, company formation, license amendment, emirates ID, investors visa, attestation of documents, legal translation, etc. In Connect Middle East we take care of all your concern regarding your company formalities. Similarly, with our single solution and PRO services in the UAE for your organization, you can easily establish your company in Dubai and maintain it running efficiently. You need PRO solutions because this way you can focus on crucial company tasks; meanwhile, our experts will manage your administrative activities. Visa Processing An important requirement when establishing your company is handling the necessary documents for your employees. In addition, you will need work visas if you want to bring some of your workers to the UAE. Further, you will need to carry out the renewal process from time to time. That is to say, renewal and visa processing are included in our solutions. When you work side-by-side with us, you can process all types of visas depending on your business requirements in addition to the family visa for your workers if they want to bring their family with them. If you are thinking about expanding your company to new markets, you must consider working with the best PRO services in Dubai. Further, if you think you will require visas for your workers because you will bring them here; we will take care of this process. Documents Attestation One of the most important factors, when you are looking for PRO services near me, is the processing and attestation of documents. In addition, you must attest and prepare various documents and submit them to the government bodies in charge. Let’s observe why do you need PRO services: • You save valuable time by doing the preparation and attestation of the different documentation. • Document attestation and processing is a tedious and long process, but you can avoid it with us. • In Connect Middle East we can submit the documents on your behalf. Legal services Our corporate PRO services in Dubai relate to legal solutions. In the same vein, during the company formation process, you must handle additional tasks like processing legal documents. But with our experienced solutions, you will obtain the best assistance in this area. We have the best team of experts that will assist you with the notarization process as well as preparation, translations of legal documents, and obtaining the best legal advice. Local sponsor To establish your company in the UAE, you need a local sponsor. But with PRO services near me, you do not need to worry about this since we will assist you to find the most reliable and suitable sponsor or agent for the specific type of company. We are the best company when it comes to dealing with government entities. Therefore, if you want to discover how you can carry it out easily, you need to contact us and we will help you in these areas. Trade license Before you start your company in the UAE, the trade license is a crucial aspect of this process. For instance, you will need our PRO solutions, we will take care of this challenging and lengthy process. How can we assist you in this step? • We ensure you receive a valid approval of the trade license. • We also work as a consultancy firm to assist you with this process. • It is useful to obtain renewals of the license. • We can assist you to fulfill all the criteria to obtain this crucial document.
    You must know that the PRO solutions in Dubai and the UAE are required by various businesses that want to establish in the country. Let’s observe: • It is one of the best ways to obtain assistance managing all types of issues and requirements to set up the company. • You eliminate the need of focusing on a lot of documentation and paperwork. • We provide the best client services thanks to our comprehensive solutions. • You do not need to contact and waste time on government procedures since we will do it for you. • Your business gets access to a quick error-free and rapid formation and registration. • It is a good way of making the process smooth. There are many reasons why we provide the best corporate PRO services for you, keep that in mind when you are opening a business in the UAE. Keep in mind that when you hire our services you must follow the manpower ethical code. Therefore, with our PRO solutions, it is crucial you follow all rules and regulations; it is important to discuss it in the earlier stages of the process.
    The residence visa cost in the UAE is linked to some crucial factors like the duration of the residence, place of the applicant, if insurance is required for family members, etc. That is to say, based on these factors, we show you an approximate list of the residence visa fees in Dubai: • A 2-year UAE residence visa for applicants in the UAE without insurance is approximately AED 3,400. • It is the same for an applicant in Dubai with insurance; approx. AED 5,300. • A 3-year residence visa in Dubai and the UAE for applicants without insurance is approximately AED 3700. • Same for applicants in the city with insurance is approx. 5,500. Process to obtain a residence visa • Gathering of all required documentation. • Visit an authorized typing center in the UAE • Submission of all the documents. • The typing center scans all documentation and provides the forms. • The immigration departments approve the process. • You receive a message when your application is approved. • A government-appointed courier collects your passport or we can visit the immigration entity to get your visa stamped. • After all documents are submitted, you are notified via email, and the e-visa is sent.

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