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Luxury Living With Silver Visa UAE

Do you want to guarantee your place in Dubai’s thriving economy? If so, the silver residency UAE is perfect for you! With our support, you can experience the luxury of living in the region with this type of visa. Make the most out of this opportunity if you are looking to invest and live in the area now!

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    Guide to Secure Silver Residency Visa UAE

    The silver visa UAE is a long-term residence permit that allows talent and investors to live in the region for a maximum of five years. With a silver residence permit UAE, you will be able to enjoy the perks of being a legal resident in the area. We will give you the support you need to obtain this visa, serving as a bridge between your and the government authorities in charge of issuing the UAE silver visa. Let us manage your visa process and obtain positive results in no time!


    Explore Different Types of UAE Silver Visa

    Obtain your residence and make the most out of your stay in the region with any of the types of Silver Visa Dubai

    Residency Visa

    Retirement Visa

    Talent Visa

    No Dubai remote work visa tax for individuals

    Take advantage of Dubai’s seamless and robust digital infrastructure and networking opportunities

    Silver Visa Eligibility Requirements

    • Applicants must be from a region with a proper diplomatic agreement to make the Dubai silver visa process smoother.
    Clean record
    • Applicants should not have a criminal record in any country they have lived in the last 5 years.
    • Individuals must be over 18 years old to apply for this visa.
    Financial Resources
    • As one of the top UAE silver visa requirements, applicants must have the necessary funds to support themselves and their families.
    Valid passport
    • Holding a valid passport is essential to apply for this type of visa.
    Investor category
    • Investors looking to obtain this visa must provide the proper financial documents to ensure a smooth application process.

    Documents for UAE Silver Visa application

    1. Valid passport.
    2. Digital Pictures.
    3. 1 million AED minimum investment in business or property.
    4. Financial certifications.
    5. Medical certificate.
    6. Education certificates, such as master’s degree, Ph.D., or else. (If necessary).
    Green Visa Requirements with connect me
    Green Visa Requirements with connect me

    Documents for UAE Silver Visa application

    Silver visa requirements UAE include:

    tick Valid passport.

    tick Digital Pictures.

    tick1 million AED minimum investment in business or property.

    tick Last month’s payslip

    tick Financial certifications.

    tick Medical insurance valid in the UAE

    tick Medical certificate.

    tick Approvals from Authorities

    Why choose us?

    With the unique UAE Silver Visa, an opportunity for entrepreneurs, skilled individuals, and investors, you may secure your future in the UAE. The UAE, which has a reputation for having a high level of demand, provides a secure setting and welcomes foreign investors looking for long-term investment and residence alternatives.
    Connect Middle East is your trustworthy partner when it comes to safeguarding your potential in the UAE. We have the knowledge and skills to help you obtain your silver residency UAE without any issues thanks to our great experience working with other types of visas. Trust us to deal with the complications and make sure your visa process goes smoothly to meet your objectives!