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Trademark registration in Dubai, UAE (2023 Updated)

Setting up your business in the UAE is a process that involves multiple activities. For instance, you cannot do so without getting your business license and visa. However, it is essential to avoid forgetting one indispensable feature: your trademark registration in Dubai.

In this article, we will discuss everything about brand registration in the UAE. Moreover, it will allow you to know the trademark registration in the UAE cost and more. So, learn how to perform this essential process by reviewing the following subjects:

1. What is a Dubai trademark registration?

trademark registration

You just met with your business partners and convinced them to move to the Middle East. So, you get up and start looking for assistance for your business setup in mainland Dubai. However, one of your partners asks: Are you including our trademark register?

Indeed, a Dubai trademark registration is the process of protecting your brand from copies and misinformation. In other words, it allows you to make your company or product name not available for other businesspersons, even if they work in the same Business Center as you.

Finally, you agree with your business partner on how imperative your trademark registration in Dubai is. Nonetheless, what makes this process essential in the UAE today?

2. Why must you perform your trademark registration in the UAE?

Your company cannot operate legally without a trademark registration in the United Arab Emirates. Above all, this applies to all industries, including accounting services in Dubai. But does this reason alone justify this procedure in the UAE today?

In short, no, it does not. On the contrary, you can find multiple reasons you need a UAE trademark registration. Fortunately, we can make you save time by showing you the four main ones. Consequently, you can state why you need it for your business in the Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Let us discuss the reasons why you must perform your trademark registration in the UAE today:

2.1 Ownership guarantee

Documents such as your Business Trade License include your company name if you own one. However, it does not guarantee that other investors could use your brand for their gain. So, how can you keep them from hurting the success of your business?

In this sense, you can ensure the exclusive entitlement of your business through trademark registration in Dubai. After all, it secures exclusivity in your business ownership and management of the credibility of your brand. Logically, this makes it essential for your business plans.

2.2 Easy identification

The world is full of corporate brands you can recognize daily without problems. Above all, their trajectory and reputation make them worldwide famous for good reasons. But how can they protect from professionals with a Freelance Visa to use their logo?

One excellent way they can do so is by trademark registration in the UAE. After all, your brand will give your company emotional meaning and intellectual notion. Therefore, you do not want others to harm it without legal consequences in the Middle East.

2.3 Protecting your Copyright

Trademark registration in Dubai is not only about your company name or your brand. Indeed, it also deals with managing cases where others create duplicate brands. In this sense, a Dubai trademark registration can legally protect my company from such occurrences?

In summary, yes, it can. After all, your UAE trademark registration allows you to put an ownership rights symbol next to your PRO Services company logo. This way, anyone who wants to use the same name will know it can represent legal disputes or worse.

2.4 Your brand value

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that redesigning the advertising of your Human Resources Outsourcing Company is not the only way to increase your brand value. You can also do it through trademark registration in the United Arab Emirates. Nevertheless, how does this work?

Above all, it is all about perception. A UAE trademark registration allows you to own a brand perceived as appealing. After all, customers do not want to buy products from non-original companies. On the contrary, they want the product with a trademark register.

3. The people that can submit a trademark registration in Dubai

Assuredly, you cannot apply for a Professional License in Dubai if you do not have a profession to offer in the UAE. Indeed, you can gain high revenue if you take advantage of the economy in the Middle East. Nevertheless, does this apply to trademark registration in Dubai?

Yes, it does. Above all, UAE authorities do not allow the unemployed a Dubai trademark registration. On the contrary, you need to work in any economic, technological, or service sector to be eligible. Logically, foreign investors and professionals belong to this category.

On the other hand, the company you want to register as a trademark in the UAE is as essential as the person who does it. So, what can you register as a trademark in the UAE?

4. What can you register as a trademark in the UAE?

By all odds, it is not mandatory to register your trademark in the United Arab Emirates. However, UAE authorities recommend doing so if your business or brand falls into a specific category. Thus, how can you know if your company in TECOM Freezone belongs to it?

Companies with products or services will require a trademark register if they want to distinguish themselves from competitors. After all, it allows them to add a trademark logo to their ads, company entry board, and product cases.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that UAE authorities can ban you from performing a trademark registration in Dubai if your brand is another trademarked name translated. It also applies to brands that violate public morals and beliefs.

5. Registering your trademark in the UAE

trademark registration

Thus, your business partners decided to add trademark registration in Dubai to their activities to set up a business in the UAE. It is something that makes everyone happy at your Smart Office. But how can you register your trademark in the UAE?

Fortunately, our team considered this an essential piece of information if you want to set up a business in JLT Free Zone. As a result, we prepared specific details about the four steps that involve the UAE trademark registration. By all odds, they will help your business tremendously.

Let us reveal the steps you must perform to register your trademark in the UAE today:

5.1 Making a List of business names

You may find employees in your company with excellent creativity. In this sense, you could ask them to design a list of business names for your company or upcoming products. After all, some of them can create terrific ways to name your Baking Services firm.

Nonetheless, remember that these names must comply with UAE laws and regulations. Therefore, you should avoid the ones that were born from another brand or are offensive. This way, you can circumvent legal issues that could take some of your money.

5.2 Checking the Names’ Availability

Logically, you are not the only businessperson performing trademark registration in the United Arab Emirates today. Indeed, it is a trending practice for businesses in locations such as the Jabal Ali Freezone. So, how can you handle this?

One excellent way to address this is by checking the availability of the names in the previous list. Consequently, you can find the ones that already have a UAE trademark registration. Assuredly, you must erase these names from the list and keep the original ones.

5.3 Reserving your trademark

Once your list has the available names, your team must choose one for your trademark register. In this sense, one team member with a Green Visa chose the best one regarding creativity and business goals. Next, it is time to register your trademark.

Above all, you can do this by submitting an online application to the Department of Economic Development. As a result, you will get permission for your trademark registration in Dubai in a few days. By all odds, you may think this process is free, but it is not.

5.4 Fee payments

Logically, your trademark registration in the United Arab Emirates requires an initial fee. By all odds, you may think it is an unnecessary expense. Nonetheless, as with your Remote Work Visa, it is an investment that will give you a high profit in the following months and years.

In this sense, the UAE allows you to pay the required fee in person or digitally. Besides, you must pay a fee of AED 620 to perform a trademark reservation. As a result, you will almost complete your Dubai trademark registration successfully.

6. The trademark registration in the UAE cost

Undoubtedly, the finance team of the additional offices of your company in mainland Abu Dhabi wants to know if this initial fee is the only expense of your trademark registration. In this sense, you must tell them they must pay another fee. Assuredly, remember that this will deliver excellent results.

Indeed, applicants who register a trademark in the UAE must pay an application fee of AED 10,500. Most importantly, it is worth mentioning that trademark registration in the UAE cost not include legal or transaction expenses. Therefore, it is essential to plan your budget for it.

On the other hand, your business partners have a final doubt they need to ask you. In truth, they want to ask if your UAE trademark registration has the same validity time as their Property Visa in Dubai. Fortunately, our following topic will show them the answer.

7. How can you renew your trademark registration in Dubai?

Unfortunately, your trademark registration in Dubai will not last forever. After all, authorities will ask you to renew it to have updated data about your business or brand. So, how frequently must you renew it from your rented offices in Dubai?

Your trademark registration in the UAE has a validity of ten years from the moment authorities approve your application. After you pass that limit, it is essential to renew it to avoid consequences such as an AED 1,000 fine per month. But how can you renew your Dubai trademark registration?

Fortunately, the UAE Ministry of Economy developed a renewal process you can perform online. Most importantly, it will require a copy of your original trademark registration and fee payment. This way, your Business Setup Consultants brand can still use its distinctive name.

8. Where to find more insights about trademark registration in the UAE

Positioning your brand in the market involves several processes from marketing and quality vantage points. Nonetheless, you can find an activity you can perform to allow clients to notice your brand worldwide. Indeed, it is an excellent benefit of trademark registration in the UAE today.

We know we made the trademark registration process easy through this article. But your specific case could involve features that require adequate knowledge of it. In this sense, you can have peace of mind during your Dubai trademark registration with the help of Connect Middle East.

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