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Freelance Visa in Dubai

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    Freelance Visa Dubai

    Benefits of Freelance Visa in Dubai

    Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

    With the Freelancer Visa in the UAE you can enjoy the following benefits:

    Freedom and independence to work and move in the UAE market

    As a foreign freelancer, by applying for the freelance visa you can also get a UAE residency visa

    Low-cost licensing process

    Access to world-class companies in the fields of media and technology

    Possibility to participate in training and talent programs

    With the freelance visa, you can sponsor your dependents such as your spouse and children

    By having a freelance visa you can work in the UAE remotely, which means, you do not have to be present to offer your services.

    Flexibility to work with many companies and clients

    With the freelance visa, you can work as an independent contractor

    freelance visa dubai

    What is a Freelance Visa?

    A Freelance visa known as a residency visa in Dubai enables people to operate as independent contractors or freelancers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This visa is intended for people who choose to work as consultants or independent contractors rather. A freelance visa gives people the freedom to work on their own schedules, run their own enterprises, enjoy the lifestyle, and take on a variety of clients. The visa can be renewed and is typically good for one or two years.

    Required Documents for Freelance Visa

    To apply for the Freelance Visa you must first collect all the documents you need to submit. The UAE requests these documents to prove the identity of the freelancer, as well as to ensure they comply with the law.

    Some of the documents you will need to apply for the Freelance Visa are the following:

    👉 Highlighting your qualifications and professional experience in a resume or CV

    👉 Recent photograph

    👉 Passport copy

    👉 Visit visa or Copy of UAE Residency

    👉 NOC from sponsor (for applicants under parent’s or spouse’s visa, or under an employment visa)

    👉 Proof of academic qualification duly certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or UAE Consulate (for applicants for the education sector)

    👉 Portfolio/sample of your work (for applicants for the media sector)
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    Why Connect Middle East?

    Connect Middle East can assist you to obtain your Freelance Visa in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. With our comprehensive service and wide range of solutions, you can be sure you are going to obtain the best result


    Get your Freelance Visa dubai with Connect Middle East

    The UAE has been considered one of the perfect locations for conducting business. Investors and entrepreneurs choose this place to carry out their operations and get a large revenue. This is due to the thriving marketplace and flourishing economy.

    In this regard, large corporations have many options to set up their establishment in this country. But, small businesses run by freelancers and entrepreneurs may not afford to incorporate a company and apply for a business license since these options are costly.

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    For this reason, it is worth mentioning that they are all the same. The difference relies on when each one applies to the person.

    A person who lives in the UAE and is currently under an employment visa, or on their spouse or parent’s visa can apply for the Freelance license. With this type of permit, he or she can work as a freelancer or independent contractor.

    But, if the person is not a resident of the UAE, and is not sponsored by an employer, a parent, or a spouse, then he or she needs to apply for a Freelancer visa in the UAE. This document will work as the permit to work independently while residing anywhere in the country.

    Some of the costs that you will have to incur for the Freelancer Visa in the UAE are the following:

    • Freelance license: the cost for this type of license is about AED 7,000. Nevertheless, this price may vary depending on the Emirate you have chosen.
    • Establishment card: once you have received your Freelance visa in Dubai, you have to obtain the establishment card. This will cost about AED 2000.
    • UAE Residency Visa: if you are not a resident of the UAE you have to apply for a visa. The price for this document ranges from AED 3,300 to AED 6,340.

    If you need assistance with your licensing process, here in Connect Middle East we offer our freelance license , Trade License Dubai and many more services so you have nothing to worry about.

    With the Freelance Visa, you can get several benefits. Take advantage of all the perks the Freelance License gives you in the UAE:

    Connect with companies and businesses in the UAE to get clients easily and take your career to the next level.

    Work from anywhere and at any time by setting up your own schedule based on your most productive time of the day.

    You can run your business under your name and start boosting your operations with a Freelancer Visa in the UAE.

    Get the flexibility to work for multiple clients and enhance your income by working on projects.

    The Freelance License in uae is a cost-effective option for working and living in the UAE.

    Live and work in the UAE and bring your family with you by opting for the Freelance Visa dubai.

    Costs of the Freelance Visa

    Applying for a Freelance Visa involves having to pay the necessary fees. As a freelancer, you have to consider very well the expenses, particularly if you have a tight budget.

    Here in Connect Middle East, we offer the best packages for obtaining your Freelance Visa and setting up your operations in the UAE. We have competitive rates and provide a comprehensive service tailored to your requirements.

    It is worth noting that the price may be cheaper or higher depending on the validity of the residency visa, and the type of business activity you have chosen. Moreover, some jurisdictions may offer cheaper prices. For example, obtaining a freelance license in a specific Free Zone may cost less than in other ones.

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