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Home business license in Dubai, UAE: Cost & requirements

August 29, 2022by Harneet Bhatia

The worst days of the COVID-19 pandemic increased the popularity of the home office as a consequence. Above all, it made home businesses a commercial boom in the Middle East with great success. You can also follow this trend and learn how to get a home business license in Dubai.

In this article, you will find all you need to know about getting a home business license in the UAE. This includes learning what a home business is and why you should start one in Dubai. Do you want to have your home as your workplace? Take a look at the following:

1. What is a home business?

As a businessperson, you may think starting a company involves finding a rented office first. Nevertheless, you can find a new concept that is gaining popularity quickly in the UAE and worldwide. It consists of creating a home business.

In essence, a home business is when you begin a commercial activity with your home as your hub of operations. Thus, you will use your residence as your factory and shipper of your products. In this way, you can take the home office concept to a new level.

Above all, it is a type of industry that transformed into an economic boom in the Middle East. The COVID-19 pandemic made all workers in the UAE stay home for a long time. Consequently, they found new ways to use their houses as commercial facilities with incredible success.

However, you certainly require more insight about this to decide to start a home business in Dubai. Such information includes its benefits and the business licensing services you must get. Let us begin with the first part: The reasons you should start one.

2. Why should you start a home business in the UAE?

Undoubtedly, home businesses in the UAE would not be this trending without its terrific benefits. After all, no one would risk making an investment that will bring more problems than advantages. The same applies to starting a business in Abu Dhabi.

To help you understand this, we prepared some information about the benefits of starting a home business in Dubai. Our goal is to allow you to witness all you can get with it and more. In this way, you will know if you are on the right track.

Nonetheless, you are free to look for additional benefits regarding your specific case. They could tell you what business setup consultants you may need for your company. Their job will be to help you every step of the way.

Let us show you the advantages you can enjoy by starting a home business in the UAE. This model will allow you to reach high revenue in ways you would never imagine before. Besides, you will get them from the comfort of your home.

2.1 Becoming a trending topic in social media

One of the doubts you may have when you start your home business is advertising. You could find it difficult to spread the word about your business from your house. But, it is indeed an activity you can do through social media.

Almost every person in the UAE, including those with a tourism license, uses social media for diverse purposes. You can make your home business grow fast by marketing it using social media platforms. It is an easy way to reach millions of potential clients quickly.

Most importantly, your goal should be to turn your home business in the UAE into a trending topic. As a result, many people worldwide will know about your products or services. Without a doubt, you will start getting more calls and emails from customers from the minute it becomes popular.

In short, you can advertise your home business with just a social media profile and a bit of creativity. It is a strategy you also can use with other kinds of businesses, including the ones that use business centers to operate. So, go and start designing your posts right away!

2.2 Little to no cost

Logically, starting a home business in Dubai will never include the cost related to renting a workplace. It also cannot involve expenses regarding publicity because of the use of social media. This is a practice with little to no cost involved.

On the other hand, home businesses often have a short staff to begin their operations. Therefore, you can save the money you would use to hire human resources services. Assuredly, you could require them later on if your business grows significantly.

Moreover, you can start your home business in the UAE with low investment in furniture and equipment. In this way, you will begin your commercial activities without compromising your finances. It is one of the main reasons many people are following this trend.

You will not find any problem if you want to start your home business without money. On the contrary, it is a way to improve your earnings significantly without the need for a foreign direct investment license.

2.3 Saving time

Let us imagine that you intend to start a company the old-fashioned way. First, you would require finding a workstation and purchase all the necessary equipment and computers. Next, you would need to perform all the legal procedures established by the UAE authorities.

As you may expect, they are all activities that will take you some time. However, setting up a home business in Dubai is a much shorter path with an equal chance of success. This is an option that will allow you to save time.

In the UAE, this path includes a short legal procedure that involves getting a home business license. You could decide to start your home business today and have it running almost immediately. It is the alternative you should choose to add speed to your business journey.

Last, your home business can also save time by shipping products from your house. It will allow you to avoid several logistical tasks that belong to large companies on the UAE mainland or else. Namely, it is a race you can win and celebrate like no other.

3. How can you get a home business license in Dubai?

Did you decide to begin your journey as a home business owner? Those are great news. It is now time for you to discover the steps you must follow to establish it. Most importantly, you cannot avoid the final one: getting a home business license in the UAE.

Fortunately, you will not take such steps without the assistance you need. On Connect Services Middle East, our mission is to help you with your home business setup. Additionally, you can count on our services in the UAE free zones to make this path easier for you and your coworkers.

Above all, we specialize in business license services and more. Therefore, we are the help you require to get your home business license in Dubai without complications. Furthermore, we can also continue to help you once your business takes off to new heights.

Nonetheless, we consider that you may find it helpful to know about these steps in detail. It will be as purposeful as the visa services we can offer you in the UAE.

4. Choosing your business activity and structure

Your business strategy must include choosing the business activity you will perform. It can go from manufacturing clothing to offering remote assistance services. It must closely relate to your talent or knowledge to ensure its quality and consistency.

Moreover, you also have to define your business structure before applying for your home business license in the UAE. It involves defining responsibilities clearly and selecting between a sole proprietorship or a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This task is the same whether you are setting up a UAE offshore business or else.

Remember, your business activity and structure will directly influence your growth and profit. For this reason, you should not take this step lightly. As with a family visa, take the time to define what you need and how to get it.

To summarize, a business activity you handle adequately will give you the confidence you require for your home business. In this sense, the UAE has several advantages to offer with any activity you choose. Just be consistent, and good days will come.

4.1 Registering your business name

Now, it is time to allow your originality to run free. Once you choose your business activity and structure, you must register your home business name. It is the other main requirement of the application for your home business licenses in the UAE.

Nevertheless, you have to consider some factors about your home business name. First, you should not select a name that contains obscene or blasphemous words. Also, avoid choosing a name that resembles well-known corporate names. Finally, check if your picked name is available for registration.

Moreover, we recommend investigating if your home business name is not already in use in another company across the region; for example, in Saudi Arabia. In this way, you can have unique identification in the entire Middle East. You will be prepared in case you start selling your products throughout the region.

4.2 Applying for your home business license

The final step of the process is to apply for your home business license in Dubai. The way to apply for it is similar to other licenses, such as a professional license. So, you must meet certain conditions and submit the mandatory documents:

  • A copy of your and your partners’ passports and visas.
  • A couple of passport-size photos of you and your partners.
  • Your entry visa and stamp pages.

When it comes to the conditions you must meet, they can vary depending on your location and business activity. On Connect Services Middle East, we can assist you in meeting those conditions and getting your home business license without any issues.

It is paramount to add that you also can apply for a home business license in the UAE as a foreigner. It will not matter if you are from Qatar or elsewhere. You can use your house in Dubai to perform business, as long as you have a valid visa.

5. What is the cost of a home business license in the UAE?

We stated earlier that setting up a home business in the UAE is a low-cost option. Indeed, you can follow this trend without needing corporate sponsorship services. But, is it the same as the application process for your home business license?

The answer is: It depends on your financial capabilities and projected revenue. It also can vary depending on your business location inside the UAE. For this reason, we invite you to check out the packages we offer you. In this way, you can choose the one that suits you better.

6. Where can you find assistance to start your home business in Dubai?

Staying home is no longer an unproductive activity. On the contrary, you can become a successful businessperson by starting a home business in Dubai. In this sense, you should learn everything you can about the cost and requirements of a home business license in the UAE.

Nevertheless, it can be challenging to build a home business without enough knowledge regarding the required business setup procedures. Luckily, you can find all the assistance you need with our team of experts. Our meaningful work will show you what success in the UAE is all about.


Are you interested in getting a home business license in Dubai? We can help you obtain it easily! Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can make your home business a reality. Give us a call at +971 43 316 688 or send us an email with all your questions at We are glad to provide you with the best assistance!

Harneet Bhatia

Harneet Bhatia is the Sales and Compliance Officer at Connect Group. She is specialized in Company Setup Services , golden visa uae , Business Consultancy and Sales Assistance. She is working within Middle East and UAE. Also she has done her Master of Business Administration in Literature.

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