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How to calculate monthly rent for commercial property?

December 6, 2021by Kate Williams0

TO calculate monthly rent for commercial property and Knowing how to run the numbers on a rental property might differentiate between a profitable investment and a money hole. Even though the rental market has ups and downs, you may improve your chances of success by analyzing your prospective return on investment (ROI).

In this article, you will learn everything about calculating monthly rent for commercial property. If you’re considering purchasing a rental property, putting the figures on paper (or using a rental property calculator) might help you be more realistic about the actual expenses of buying and maintaining a rental. Let’s observe:

How to calculate monthly rent for commercial property  for rental properties?

Investment in the beginning

When estimating your expected ROI, take into account both your upfront and recurrent costs. Your first investment would most likely include a down payment, interest rate, closing charges, and any required modifications to make the property ready for occupancy.


To determine if becoming a landlord would benefit you, calculate your cash flow by calculating your initial and continuing expenditures against your predicted rental revenue. A mortgage payment, homeowners association fees (HOA), taxes, and property upkeep are all continuing expenditures for rental houses.

In terms of taxes, make careful to grasp the tax deductions you may be eligible for as a landlord.

It may be tempting to reduce the expenses connected with a prospective property, but vacancies and repairs will occur despite your best efforts. A realistic estimate for vacancy expenditures such as lost rent and marketing would be 10% of the monthly rent.

Repair costs vary depending on the quality of the property, ranging from 5% for a freshly rehabbed flat to 25% of the monthly rent for older homes.

Finding out actual expenditures to determine rental revenue may require some homework (calling the HOA, obtaining a quotation from an insurance provider). Still, you can’t begin to evaluate the ROI on a property until you have realistic statistics.

Market rental options

Rather than basing your rent on your expenditures, do some research to see what comparable houses in the area are renting for and adjust your rent appropriately. When assessing fair market rent, you should also consider supply and demand.

If the home is already leased, you will have a fair sense of the yearly rent. Once you’ve established your yearly revenue, you may subtract the property’s annual costs to get the expected ROI. This may be accomplished on paper, using an Excel spreadsheet, or with a rental revenue calculator.

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Investments in rental properties

Rental property investment is an investment that includes the acquisition of real estate, followed by its holding, leasing, and sale. Depending on the rental property, investors need a specific amount of competence and knowledge to benefit from their investments.

A single unit, a duplex, a single-family house, an entire apartment complex, a commercial retail plaza, or office space are all examples of real property. Industrial properties may be utilized as rental property assets in specific instances.

Because of the bigger size, more commercial rental assets, such as apartment complexes or office buildings, are more sophisticated and harder to assess. It is common for older houses to have greater maintenance and repair expenditures.

Rental property investments are often capital-intensive, cash-flow reliant, and have poor liquidity. However, as compared to stock markets, rental property investments are often more reliable, provide tax advantages, and are more likely to hedge against inflation.

They may be lucrative and good investments if properly evaluated financially. The Rental Property Calculator will assist you in running the numbers.


The first is that investors get consistent cash flow from tenants in rental payments every month.

Furthermore, as with the ownership of any stock, rental properties provide the investor with the opportunity to benefit from the property’s appreciation or growth in value over time. In contrast to rental revenue, a sale delivers a single substantial lump sum return.


Investing in rental properties does not provide passive income. It takes time and effort. The investor or owner must assume the position of landlord and all of the employment obligations that entails.

The following are the general obligations to calculate monthly rent for commercial property:

Tenant management includes:

  • Recruiting renters.
  • Doing background checks on possible tenants.
  • Drafting legal lease contracts.
  • Collecting rent.
  • Evicting tenants as needed.

Property maintenance includes repairs, upkeep, and renovations, among other things. Rental property owners often use property management businesses to handle all tasks for a set or percentage charge.

General recommendations

Real estate investing may be complicated, but certain broad ideas can jump-off points when examining assets. However, every market is unique, and, likely, these recommendations may not be applicable in some cases.

Rather than as a substitute for serious financial analysis or guidance from real estate specialists, you must handle them.

The 50 percent rule states that the total running expenditures for a rental property should be about 50 percent of the revenue.

Mortgage principal and interest are not included in operating expenditures. The remaining 50% may be utilized to make the monthly mortgage payment. You may use this to rapidly estimate an investment’s cash flow and profit.

The 1 percent rule states that the gross monthly rental revenue should be at least 1% of the property purchase price after renovations. It is very unusual to hear about individuals using the 2 percent or even 3 percent Rule — the larger the percentage, the better.

The 70 percent rule is a lesser-known guideline. This is a guideline for profitably acquiring and flipping distressed real estate, which specifies that the acquisition price should be less than 70% of the after-repair value (ARV) minus repair expenditures (rehab).

Rate of return on investment

Internal rate of return (IRR), also known as annualized total return, is the yearly rate received on each dollar invested for a year. Most utilize it widely, if not all investors, to compare various assets. The greater the IRR, the more appealing the investment.

IRR is one of the essential measures of a rental property’s profitability; the capitalization rate is too simple, and Cash Flow Return on Investment (CFROI) does not account for the time value of money.

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What is a decent return on investment for a rental property?

You may begin to determine if you have gotten a decent bargain by dividing the net yearly income by the original investment and expressing the result as a percentage. Returns on rental properties should be in the range of 4-10%, according to Nolo.

A rental ROI of less than 4% is often not worth the investment (unless there are elements other than the statistics that make it worthwhile to consider). But an ROI of more than 10% is considered a good bargain by many.

Using realistic and cautious values in your computation can provide a more accurate picture of your ROI.

Be careful that lower-end properties, which typically seem to be more attractive on paper than mid-range and higher-end properties, might have greater tenant turnover and maintenance expenditures.

The trick here is to predict greater vacancy and repair expenses to have a more realistic view of your expected ROI and not be disappointed when your original calculations don’t play out.

According to Home Guides, since rental markets differ by location and area, stacking your home against similar properties can inform you whether the expected ROI compares to typical returns in a given market.

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How to negotiate a rent increase with a new or existing tenant?

Negotiating a lease does not have to be a difficult affair if you take the appropriate approach. Knowing the local market allows you to determine if a renter can locate a similar property for a lower price.

You may increase your tenant’s rent without risking eviction if you set your price by market value. The rental market is robust and continues to benefit landlords, allowing rents to rise steadily over the previous several years.

Most tenants prefer to remain in the same area. And chances are they will stay if they check about and discover that similar apartments have the same or higher rates.

If your new rent price is comparable to or lower than the average price of similar apartments, your renters will still feel like they are receiving a good bargain and will be more likely to accept a rent rise without complaint.

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Considerations for upgrades

There is a narrow line between renovating and over-improving to the point where you never see a return on your investment. Certain improvements, like plumbing fixtures and stainless steel appliances, may, on the other hand, increase property values and help in tenant retention.

Certain characteristics that renters want will help you attract more tenants and be more competitive while looking for a suitable tenant. Upgrades and features, like an open floor plan or outdoor area, may enable you to request a higher rent.

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What is the formula for calculating monthly business property rent?

One of the most important determining elements is monthly cost; nevertheless, many people do not understand how to calculate monthly rent.

You must consider three factors while calculating your monthly lease payment:

  1. The area of the place you are going to lease in square feet (e.g., 2,000 SF).
  2. The landlord’s stated rental rate (for example, $20 per square foot).
  3. The digit 12 (number of months in one year).

It is usual for landlords to quote commercial property for lease in a variety of ways. One may price $22 per square foot, while the other may charge $12 + $10nnn. In the end, they’re both charging the same total leasing rate.

There are more things to think about, but we’ll reserve that lesson for another time.

The following are some examples of how to determine the monthly cost of renting commercial property.

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Calculating rental revenue may help you forecast whether or not a property will provide a positive cash flow. Still, market fluctuations or evictions can have a significant impact on your actual result.

Finding reputable renters that pay their rent on time, follow the agreement, and take good care of your property, can increase your chances of making a profit.

When acquiring a rental property, it’s crucial to crunch figures rather than rely on gut instinct. And it’s as important to properly screen renters rather than rely on gut instinct when accepting tenants.

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How can Connect Middle East helps you to calculate monthly rent for commercial property?

One of the most important things you can do while screening to guarantee rent is paid on time is contact us to estimate your possible tenant’s income.

Connect Middle East can help you prevent tenant payment issues by letting you know which candidates need extra income verification and which may be skipped.

On the other hand, as experienced business setup consultants in Dubai, we can advise and help offshore, free zone, and mainland investors in forming companies. We make every effort to give people interested in the UAE market comprehensive business registration and consultation services.

Regardless of the kind of business you pick, you can depend on our company registration expertise to get it up. So, call us now to get your firm back on track.

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