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IFZA Free Zone Company Formation

Setup your business in the IFZA Free Zone in a Quick, Easy and Effective manner.
IFZA Free Zone Company Formation Connect ME

Benefits of Company Formation in IFZA Free Zone

Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

Once you decide to start your company setup in IFZA, you will be able to enjoy many advantages. Including the following ones:

Strategic and approachable location in the United Arab Emirates that offers first-hand access to global markets.

Access to a varied range of business formation and administrative services once you begin your IFZA company setup.

IFZA Free Zone packages will let you continue receiving advice and support after your company setup in IFZA.

All types of business licenses are assured with the support of Connect Middle East.

You can start your IFZA company formation from any part of the world.

The lowest IFZA Free Zone license costs in the market.


Trusted Company SetupIFZA Company Setup

Start your IFZA company setup in the United Arab Emirates with us. Our dedicated and experienced Business Advisors can help you navigate the IFZA company formation process. Instituting your business in the region as quickly as possible.

The International Free Zone Authority, known as IFZA, is the most popular Free Zone in the UAE. Through the years it has been established as a primary investment center in the area. It is one of the greatest Free Zones to conduct business due to its location and cost-efficient market. IFZA is located only 20 minutes away from Downtown Dubai and the Dubai International Airport. Subsequently, making it very attractive to start your company setup in IFZA.

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    Follow the steps and finish your IFZA business setup

    Step OneAchieve the Approval from the DED

    Through the help of a business consultancy like our company, you can obtain the first approval from the DED for your company setup in IFZA.

    Step TwoChoose and Register Your Company’s Name

    You must select your business name and register afterward to the competent authorities. After all, you will be able to obtain office space and apply for a business license to start an IFZA business setup.

    Step ThreeSubmit the Required Documents

    Submit the necessary documents to start trading after paying your DED License fees. Once you complete all of these steps you can start conducting your trading from IFZA in the United Arab Emirates. Most business consultancy agencies offer IFZA Free Zone packages that help you deal with all of these processes.

    Required Documents for Company Setup in IFZA Free Zone

    The IFZA business setup process is very direct. In summary, investors only have to compile the necessary paperwork and applications and submit them to the pertinent authorities. The most important documents are:

    👉 Business registration application form.

    👉 Outline of the project.

    👉 Passport copy of the owner and shareholders.

    👉 Company name and selected trading activity.

    👉 Leasing contract of the business’ office space.
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    Why Connect Middle East?

    Connect Middle East is the best Business Consultancy Agency in the Middle East. Our main job is to guide investors and entrepreneurs to success. We will take care that your IFZA company setup process runs smoothly from beginning to end.  In short, our company assures you total compliance with the law and the best IFZA Free Zone license cost in the region.

    International Free Zone Authority Business Setup Services

    IFZA Company Formation

    Setup Your Company in International Free Zone Authority with Connect Middle East
    IFZA Company Formation Connect ME

    Company setup in IFZA in Dubai is a vital decision for foreign entrepreneurs that desire to enter a prosperous market in the United Arab Emirates. Due to its strategic placement near the Port of Fujairah, it has become a popular location to establish businesses. Since the IFZA is located in the middle of Fujairah, every Arabian Gulf Port and the markets of India, Iran, and Pakistan are very accessible.

    Generally, foreigners can start their IFZA company setup process from any country. But, they must be present to sign documents and finish the establishment process with the proper authorities.

    IFZA Business Activities

    IFZA is one of the most popular locations to conduct lucrative business activities in the UAE. Typically, the most common business activities are:

    • Consultancy Services.
    • Importation or Exportation of Merchandize.
    • Sale, Storage, or Distribution of Products.
    • Technology
    • Transportation and more.

    Business Licenses for IFZA

    IFZA provides a wide variety of licenses to locals and foreigners alike. Thus, the licenses that IFZA offers cater to small and big companies to start conducting business from the region.

    • Consultancy License: This license is adequate for professionals who deliver consultancy services for all industries.
    • Service License: With this IFZA license, service providers can produce, transform, and distribute services.
    • Trading License: Professionals holding this type of license can import, export, store, and distribute certain items specified in the license.
    • General Trading License: When possessing a General Trading License, individuals can trade in many activities while having the flexibility to trade in any commodity permitted within the region.
    • Industrial License: This license provides investors with the possibility to import raw materials. And also, produce, manufacture, and package, specific products to distribute or export.
    • Holding License: With this IFZA license, individuals can hold standalone assets and shares in other companies. Usually, holding companies means having a controlling ownership interest in other businesses, property, real estate, stock, assets, trademarks, and more.
    • Social Media Influencer License: IFZA offers this license for individuals that want to earn an income from advertising brands and services through their social media accounts on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, or YouTube.

    Benefits of IFZA Company Setup

    Frequently, the United Arab Emirates provides many advantages for investors and entrepreneurs that want to setup their company in IFZA. Nevertheless, interested parties need to consider other factors such as formation cost, facilities, and smooth procedures while deciding to establish their business in a particular location.

    • Easy and quick IFZA company formation and license issue.
    • Flexible IFZA Free Zone packages to smoothly run operations.
    • Trading, consultancy, and other services.
    • 100% foreigner ownership of the business and no restrictions.
    • Corporations have limited liability and no share capital required.
    • Low IFZA Free Zone license costs.
    • Capacity to include holding companies.
    • Provides the opportunity to conduct business with other Free Zone and Mainland companies.
    • Allows you to operate outside of the United Arab Emirates.
    • It is not completely necessary to have physical office space to run the company.
    • The possibility to open a bank account.
    • A guarantee deposit is not required for an employment visa.

    IFZA Company Structures

    At the present time, starting an IFZA company setup requires that investors and entrepreneurs select one of the business structures presented. The most common business entities in this Free Zone are:

    • Branch Office: Through an IFZA branch office foreigners can expand their companies into new territories in the UAE. IFZA company setup gives individuals geographic benefits due to its location in the market. Opening a branch office in Dubai will allow you to further develop well-established companies or high-brand values.
    • Holding Company: Company setup in IFZA allows investors to establish holding companies. Consequently, entrepreneurs can incorporate and hold investment or other effects in subsidiaries. In the same way, a holding company can own and control the remaining shares of its subsidiary companies. Also, it is not in charge of any of its legal liabilities.
    • Free Zone LLC: This type of company consents the shareholder of the business to be protected from any liabilities, debts, or any other issue that can occur when running the company. IFZA company formation allows LLCs to enjoy many benefits including full repatriation of the income, exception of import and export duties, and more.
    IFZA Company Structures Connect ME

    Modern Infrastructure Facilities at IFZA

    On the other hand, Dubai offers the most modern infrastructure facilities for your IFZA company setup.

    • Firstly, it offers warehouses, offices, apartments, hotels, and other facilities that could attract investors and customers to the region.
    • Secondly, provides modern office solutions that are suitable for every single one of your requirements. As a result, you can have a private office, executive spaces, co-working spaces, and more.
    • Thirdly, a variety of residential options for you to get installed in the region after your company setup in IFZA.
    • Generally speaking, it gives flexibility on the rental duration, full-time availability, and accessible rates to maintain your budget in place.

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