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Experience Safety: Abu Dhabi, the World’s safety city in 2024

Abu Dhabi took first place as the safest city in the world this year 2024 and it is the eighth time it has achieved this title. In this case, this position was granted by the Numbeo database specialists. Likewise, the Emirates Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, and Ajman occupy the top 6 positions according to this same ranking.

In this article, you will learn all the features of the safest city in the world. You will also learn about the technology used by the authorities or the cultural harmony in the Emirate.

Community and Safety: How Everyone Plays a Role

safest city in the world

  • Abu Dhabi as the world safest city enhanced its appeal to global travelers. In this way, investors and citizens can count on stability and security. Likewise, they can deal with the Emirati government and the various government organizations of the country with confidence.
  • Consequently, there is positive interaction and cooperation between the sectors responsible for the development of the nation. Similarly, the police of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi have important pillars in security, and use technology for crime prevention. Also, the Police use technology in times of crisis, disasters, inspections, and other security incidents.
  • The safest city in the world has the Urban Planning Council. This entity recently published an Abu Dhabi Safety and Security Planning Manual to promote safe and sustainable communities. Similarly, it indicates the protection and security factors, including proposals for improvement.
  • Likewise, the SSPM establishes that there are places where there is no easy vision and they turn out to be places that could favor crime. Equally, the manual aims to reduce personal crimes by making changes in the environment.
  • Also, the SSPM presents a group of measures and strategies to reduce the risk of crimes. Therefore, intervening in the causes will reduce the negative effects on society in general.
  • Abu Dhabi Police has AMAN services that involve the community in preventing any violation of the law. In addition, you can use this service as a private platform that allows residents to report any unsafe incidents. Citizens may also report traffic incidents, concerns in the community, etc.

Additionally, the combined efforts of the police and the community contribute to the detection and reduction of any crime in the emirate.

Technology at Work: Innovative Solutions for a Safer Abu Dhabi

This world safest city presented new projects for security. These include the Intelligent Police Stations, the Police Air Wing, the Traffic Control Center, and the Security Media Center. Below, you can see a breakdown of all these projects to further improve the security of the UAE capital:

  • The Police Air Wing. This system improve surveillance in areas with panoramic views of the Emirate and, consequently, they will be able to respond quickly to emergencies.
  • The Intelligent Commissioner. This technology will allow citizens and other residents of the Emirate to access police services to file complaints or requests. In this way, the need to physically appear at police stations will decrease.
  • The Security Media Center and Traffic. The safest city in the world will have the optimization of traffic management and communication as part of the new projects. With this system, you will obtain accurate and timely information about media security to citizens.

Responsible for regulating and managing traffic in Abu Dhabi is the Traffic Control Center. In addition, it monitors the physical condition of the roads and will respond quickly to any road accident. Likewise, this entity is in charge of making traffic detours when necessary.

Cultural Harmony: A Key Ingredient in Abu Dhabi’s Safety

In the safest city in the world Cultural harmony is one of the most important parts of security in Abu Dhabi. Hence, below you will learn what it is and why it is key to security:

Respect for cultural diversity

In the Emirate, respect for different cultures is a fundamental norm to maintain security. In this case, they encourage environments of acceptance and openness for their population made up of different nationalities. Therefore, tolerance is a commitment that contributes to the understanding of diverse cultures and religions.

Compliance with local laws

In the world’s safety city, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the emirates, respect for the laws of the country is outstanding. This includes behavior in public, alcohol consumption, dress code, and traffic regulations, among others.

Thus, in Abu Dhabi, the legal system represents a system to maintain tranquility, social order, and peace. In this sense, if you are a visitor, you should familiarize yourself with them to comply with them properly and avoid any inconvenience. Therefore, if you comply with the regulations you will be contributing to the safety and social well-being of the community.

A respectful and cordial greeting

One of the Emirati customs is the way of greeting because they consider it to be a reflection of belief and hospitality. In this case, the greeting will have to be respectful and cordial like the traditional one that is the Assalamu alaikum which means peace be upon you. They then proceed with a handshake and a nod.

A greeting is not just that, but a demonstration of cultural respect, which creates positive environments and sincere connections, and therefore security.

Respect for Islamic customs

Another factor that contributes to citizen security is respect for Islamic traditions, which must be considered by foreign and nationals. Therefore, it is appropriate to behave appropriately in the face of these customs and avoid any action that could cause problems.

Dress modestly

Emiratis and residents tend to dress conservatively, especially in religious and public places. Similarly, there are places where people can use swimsuits but they must follow local regulations. These dress codes respect cultural sensitivity, contributing to harmony and citizen safety.

Public displays of affection

In the Emirate, greetings publicly demonstrating love are not considered a standard. This is because the community has a conservative structure and because of the influence of Islamic culture. In this case, people must behave respectfully in public places, giving importance to privacy and modesty.

Complying with these rules will ensure that there are no interpersonal conflicts or conflicts with local law.

Ramadan obedience

Both local and national fasts are observed at dawn and end at dusk as a sign of meditation and devotion. Everyone must respect the fast and not eat, drink, or smoke during those days. Additionally, the vestments are more conservative as a cultural norm among all practitioners of the Muslim religion.

Likewise, by respecting these religious traditions, you will demonstrate awareness and respect for Emirati culture. In this case, order and peace would be maintained, which has characterized Abu Dhabi and all the other Emirates.

Conservative behavior in the safest city in the world

Conservative behavior is a well-entrenched cultural standard within the Emiratis. Therefore, decorum and respect in common areas are essential to maintain a safe environment. Also, the treatment of elders is important and Emiratis respect their elders as authority figures in their community.

Therefore, locals and nationals must promote a culture of mutual understanding and cultural appreciation of the emirate with conservative behavior.

Respect for photography prohibitions

For the protection of security, privacy, and cultural sensitivity, Emiratis have prohibitions regarding photography. In this case, there are prohibitions or limitations on photographing some places, public environments, government buildings, religious sites, and military areas. Likewise, violating a person’s privacy with a photograph is not permitted, especially if they are Emirati women.

In this sense, the interested party must request permission from people before photographing them.

Global Recognition: What Being the Safest City Means

It is considered the world’s safety city, one where its citizens feel safe on the streets and in their residences. However, physical security is not the only determining factor in the safety of a city. In this case, includes the quality of the air, the state of the infrastructure, the amount of green areas, and the comprehensive design of the city.

That is, in a safe city, not only the safety but the well-being, quality of life, and comfort of its residents are important. In this case, these factors are much more important than the aesthetics of the city itself. Although we can say that Abu Dhabi meets all these aspects along with the aesthetics of the city.

How do you define if a city is safe?

In the safest city in the world, some factors determine whether it truly meets the demands of this reputation. Hence, to measure the safety index, there are several studies and rankings around the world that serve this task. One of them is Numbeo, a database related to living conditions throughout the planet.

What is the safest city in the world?

In the current year 2024, Abu Dhabi obtained the number 1 position and for the eighth time as the safest city in the world. Next, the cities of Taiwan, Doha, and Dubai follow in 4th place.

Planning Your Visit: Safety Tips for Tourists in Abu Dhabi

safest city in the world

Despite being the safest city in the world, you should take certain minor precautions to have a smooth visit. First, you should know that from your arrival you will feel the security that the city offers, since the police are in strategic places. However, we will give you some practical tips for your visit to Abu Dhabi.

Transportation risks

The land roads are very safe, since they are optimal for circulation, although you must be cautious. Familiarize yourself with safety signs and roads before embarking on any road trip. Also, make sure you have everything you need in your vehicle for any incident, for example, have water available.

Risks on the streets

As the safest city in the world, the incidence of crime in Abu Dhabi is very low, although it is likely to occur. Some people try to take advantage of the tourists who come to the capital of the UAE every year. Therefore, try to pay attention to your surroundings when visiting tourist sites or shopping centers.

Risks of assaults

In Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the UAE, foreigners make up the majority of residents in the country. In this case, kidnappings and robberies are rare because breaking the law in this way could lead to deportation.

Risks of terrorism

Regarding the risks of terrorism, the incidence is medium, since a group of terrorists threaten to attack the Gulf. Also, the risk is the fact that they could attack common places such as restaurants, beaches, shopping centers, and mosques. In addition, the attack could target oil centers, transportation, military and aviation areas.

Risks around scams

The incidence of scams in the emirate is relatively low because this country is prosperous, so there is no need for it.

Risks for female travelers

The risk index in Abu Dhabi for a woman who travels is low, similar to when visiting European or American countries. In this case, it is enough to follow the preventive rules as well as not walking through dark areas or late at night.

In conclusion, Abu Dhabi is the safest city in the world, safe to travel. However, it does not mean that there cannot be any crime, but tourists are rarely targeted. On the other hand, domestic violence is the single strongest factor of insecurity

As we mentioned, the majority of people are foreign employees in the emirates, and the nationals are well off financially so they may never suffer a robbery.

Conclusion: Abu Dhabi’s Ongoing Commitment to Safety

In Abu Dhabi, the safest city in the world, the police implement innovative strategies and systems to contribute to this factor. Some of them are advanced surveillance, cybercrime prevention, and even community engagement. Not only is this year the capital of the UAE considered the safest city, but for almost a decade.

Therefore, the authorities are constantly working to maintain the safety of people who live in or visit this Emirate. Therefore, if you want to visit Abu Dhabi and enjoy the tourist and cultural attractions, you can do so with complete peace of mind. For more information on this, you can contact us regarding this topic or others in the UAE.

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