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No Visa Stamping UAE: New Rule & Update

United Arab Emirates residents now have the possibility to apply for their Emirati ID and residence visa stamping in UAE. However, this is through a united application form, according to an announcement by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Stability (ICP). on Monday, November 7.

In this article, you will find out more about the new visa stamping in passport process in the UAE. In May 2022, ICP announced that the demands to produce Emirati residence visas and ID cards would be unified. This announcement followed another fundamental update to the visa system, where the ICP commented that the Emirates ID would replace the visa stamping in UAE in residents’ passports.

According to the latest ICP update, the identification of arrivals would take over the role of the visa stamp in UAE in the passports of residents, which represents another significant modification in the visa system.

1. Requirements for becoming resident of UAE?

visa stamping in UAE

Foreigners have the possibility to live as residents in the UAE if they are:

  • Employed by a company in the territory. In this situation, the organization will request and sponsor the residence visa in the UAE.
  • Regime of employees by area. In this situation, the government entity will request and sponsor the visa.
  • Business investors in the UAE have the possibility to start the process themselves. Also, to apply for their visa under the auspices of their company’s registered name.
  • Market a property in the United Arab Emirates. In this situation, the promoter will sponsor the residence visa in the UAE of the owner.
  • Learn at a university in the UAE. In this situation, the university will apply for and sponsor the residence visa on behalf of the educational organization.

Dependents who are sponsored by:

  • Someone who has a job in the United Arab Emirates.
  • An investor/owner of a company in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Property owner in United Arab Emirates.

Dependents include children, parents, servants and close relatives.

2. How to apply for a visa in the UAE?

Where to go for visa stamping in Dubai?

The application process and fees for residency functions, including golden visas, remain the same.

For private sector workers, the business takes full care of the member working through the application procedure. However, the only difference is that organizations for the moment have no obligation to take the passports of the employees to approve and stamp the visa.

The government authorities had not modified the fee cards for each of the visa categories. Therefore, the price of the new entry permit / sponsor registration has a cost of 268.90AED.

Obtaining a work visa involves the Ministry of Human Resources and the Emirates (Mohre) and the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) of the Emirates where the individual is employed.

3. What is the process for visa application?

visa stamping in UAE

The process starts with obtaining a work permit for a MOHRE expatriate

The work permit enables the holder to enter the UAE to work, and is valid for 2 months from the date of issue After the employee enters the UAE based on the work permit, the sponsoring company takes care of finishing the paperwork for medical tests, getting Emirates ID stamping and union card.

The union residence permit in the employee’s passport suggests that he is sponsored by the organization in which he works After this process, the employee can keep their relatives Emirates ID, which recently received a significant upgrade, keeps all important residency-related information constant on the visa stamping in the UAE. However, the new generation of Emirates ID cards have individual and expert data, the issuing entity and other data readable by means of an electronic linkage system.

When all the processes come to an end, the identification of those is delivered to the applicant. This is Because delivery may take time, applicants have the ability to view a digital version of the immigrants of the UAE ID on the ICP-enabled phone app, ICPUAE, which is available for download on Apple and Android devices.

The pink residence stamp is still available virtually via the ICP app. Residents have the possibility to obtain their residence data in printed format with the seal of the authority through the application or the website.

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