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Ajman free zone Company Formation

With Just Few Easy Steps Just Start Your Business in Ajman free zone

    Benefits of doing business in Ajman Free Zone

    Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

    Full foreign ownership

    Zero corporate and personal income tax

    No tax on import and export

    Access to innovative and modern facilities and services

    Fast issuing of trade licenses

    Access to the Ajman Port

    Highway connections to other emirates

    It’s very close to Sharjah and Dubai

    Excellent business environment and investor-friendly policies


    Business entities in Ajman Free zone

    Investors that want to incorporate a company in Masdar City Free Zone must follow the law regarding Companies Regulation. In this regard, there are various types of legal structures that companies can have in this Free Zone. With its quick and simple setup process, you just have to select the type of business entity you want for your company. Masdar City Free Zone Abu Dhabi offers quick and cost-effective company registrations and mainly 3 legal entity types

    Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

    Free Zone Company (FZC)

    Masdar City Free Zone Abu Dhabi is an emerging global hub for companies focusing mainly on clean technologies and renewable energy and an economic free zone that offers a hassle-free company set up with a host of advantages to the investors.

    It has the most efficient and business-friendly policies and top-notch research facilities in order to make Abu Dhabi the global hub for renewable energy.

    Masdar also has their own independent research university, the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and it plays a vital role in helping Abu Dhabi to expand its economy beyond the production of oil. There are mainly three business units under the Masdar company:

    • Masdar City
    • Masdar Capital
    • Masdar Clean Energy

    Branch of a Company

    Required Documents for Ajman Free zone

    To carry out the Business Setup in Ajman Free zone you just have to follow a simple procedure. You must do the company registration and apply for your business license. First, you must fill in the application and submit it to the Authority, along with the required documents.

    The Authority will review the documentation and issue the approval. You just have to make the required payments and then you can collect your business license.

    Here’s the documents you need to gather to incorporate a company in AFZA:

    👉 Passport copy for each shareholder (with at least a 6-month validity)

    👉 Color passport size photograph with a white background

    👉 NOC from sponsor (if applicable)

    👉 Feasibility study (for industrial and services companies)

    👉 Bank share capital deposit
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    Why Connect Middle East?

    Setup Your Company in Ajman Freezone with Connect Middle East. We are the experienced professional business advisors to ensure fast and efficient company formation all over in the UAE.


    Ajman Freezone Business SetupWhy Ajman free Zone is Popular Choice for the Investor to Start their Business?

    Setup Your Company in Ajman Freezone with Connect Middle East

    Ajman Free Zone is one of the oldest and best- known free trade zones in Ajman, United Arab Emirates (UAE), established in 1988. It is one of the longest running in the UAE. AFZ’s provide the best priced Ajman free zone company setup services. AFZ was given autonomous status under the Amiri decrees no 3 of 1996 issued by Sheikh Humaid Rashid al Nuaimi ruler of Ajman. They are located adjacent to Ajman Port and welcome businesses of all kinds, starting from freelancers to light manufacturing and trading companies.

    Ajman Free Zone provides a platform for new entrepreneurs to set up their budding business by giving them the right assistance and quality services. The strategic and cost-effective locations adds to the advantage of attracting investors all around the globe to pitch their new business here.

    Due to the setting up of new businesses, Ajman Free Zone is expanding and in addition to that, there is a continuous development on a million-square meter area that will be able to house 9,000 companies soon. Thus drawing more investors to organize their business in Ajman Free Zone. This is an ideal option for you to operate your new business in UAE, offering you an economic and affordable trade license. Setup Your Company in Ajman Freezone with Connect Middle East. We are the experienced professional business advisors to ensure fast and efficient company formation all over in the UAE.


    Steps for Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone

    Business setup in Ajman Free zone

    The Ajman Free Zone (AFZA) was established in 1988 and nowadays is one of the top places for conducting industrial activities in the UAE. Thousands of companies receive tons of benefits by operating in Ajman Free Zone due to its strategic location and access to international markets.

    Investors and business owners want to know how to carry out the Company Formation in Ajman Free zone so they can establish their operations in this outstanding location. Thanks to the easy access that the four seaports and two international airports provide to Ajman, companies can easily conduct their activities and gain access to Arabian Gulf as well as western and eastern markets.

    Ajman Business Activities

    If you’re considering to start your Business in Ajman Free zone you must select among the allowed business activities.

    Here we have the Ajman free zone activity list:

    • Trading activities
    • Manufacturing
    • Freelancing
    • Assembling
    • Import/export activities
    • Consultancy
    • Law firms

    Business Licenses for Ajman

    Ajman is one of the preferred places for business to conduct its operations in the UAE. In this case, to operate legally in this Free Zone you must obtain a valid business license. It’s worth noting that business licenses in Ajman are only used to carry out business activities within the Free Zone.

    There are four types of business licenses in Ajman:

    • Industrial License: with the Industrial License, the company is allowed to engage in activities such as manufacturing, assembling, import of raw material and many other industrial-related activities as per the regulations in Ajman.
    • Trading License: the Trading License allows the company to carry out trading activities such as import, export, distribution, warehousing and many other related activities. With the Ajman free zone e-commerce license, the business can carry out commercial activities online.
    • Service License: also known as Professional License, it grants the company to be able to carry out professional services and activities within the Free Zone and according to the specifications in the license issued.
    • National Industrial License: companies that are registered within GCC and companies that have a GCC national that holds more than 51% of shares, can apply for the National Industrial License. However, the 40% of the manufacturing activities must be carried out in Ajman.

    Business entities in Ajman

    To start the Ajman Free zone Company Setup process you must determine which kind of legal structure is the best for your business. In Ajman, you can select among the variety of business entities available. You’ll have to choose the one that suits best the nature of your business and your interests.

    Here we have the list of the Ajman free zone companies available:

    • Free Zone Establishment (FZE): an FZE can be incorporated with a single shareholder and the minimum capital to establish it is of AED 185,000. The liability of the owner is within the extent of the capital.
    • Free Zone Company (FZC): an FZC can be incorporated with a number of individual or corporate shareholders. Its minimum capital requirements is of AED 185,000 and owners are liable as well as within the extent of the capital.
    • Branch of a Company: a local or foreign company can establish a branch in Ajman. Local companies can request the business license as long as they have a valid license issued in the UAE. Foreign companies that are already established outside the UAE can engage in allowed business activities in Ajman but they can only sell within the UAE if they appoint a local distributor.

    Ajman License costs

    Businesses that want to start their operations in Ajman must pay the required Ajman free zone license fees so they can carry out their activities legally. One of the advantages of Ajman is that it provides cost-effective options for licensing.

    Here we have more details about the Ajman trade license cost:

    • Pioneer Package license fee: this package is aimed for 20-30 years old owners, and the fee starts from AED 5,000
    • Freelance Package: freelancers can obtain their permit from AED 6,000
    • Trading License Package fee: starts from AED 13,535 and it includes 1 visa
    • Service License Package fee: starts from AED 16,135 and it includes 1 visa
    • Fees for Visa, Medical Examination and Emirates ID: starts from AED 2,800

    Ajman Innovative Facilities

    In Ajman there are many options for businesses of all sizes regarding the physical space they need to carry out their operations from this thriving place.

    Some of the best facilities you can find in Ajman are the following:

    • Offices: modern offices with utilities and amenities, cleaning services, car parking and more are available in Ajman.
    • Smart Office Packages: investors can opt for paying a package that includes a business license which covers from one to three activities, depending on the type of license.
    • Executive Office Package: this includes the rent for an executive office, business license, services and more amenities.
    • Warehouses: in Ajman you can find more than 280 warehouses to choose from that come in various sizes.