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Property Visa UAE

It is your time to start living and investing in the UAE by applying for a Dubai property visa with Connect Middle East. By purchasing real estate property in the UAE you can get your investment visa in Dubai 

Our team will provide the best experience and support throughout the entire process for a property visa in Dubai. We offer a comprehensive solution so you can get the Dubai investor visa easily and quickly.

Property Visa UAE with Connect ME

Our Experts will help you in
Getting Property visa in Dubai.

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    What is Property visa in Dubai

    What is Property visa in Dubai ?

    The Dubai property visa was launched for individuals who want to invest in a property in the UAE. You just have to contact us to get more information about the process to obtain your property visa in Dubai. Here at Connect Middle East, we will provide you a support from gathering the documents to apply for the property visa in Dubai. After paying the required fees for the 10-Year investor visa, you will get your Property visa within 5-7 days.


    Benefits of Property visa in Dubai

    With the property visa in Dubai you can live and invest in the UAE, as well as you will get the following benefits:

    You can apply for a UAE driving license

    No local sponsor required

    The investor visa UAE cost is suited to your budget

    You can sponsor your family

    Obtain your UAE Residency as a property investor

    UAE Property Visa Criteria

    If you meet any of the following requirements, you can apply for a UAE Property Visa

    10-year property visa

    👉 Property investment worth AED 2 million

    👉 The investment should be retained for 3 years

    👉 The value can be shared in one property or more

    👉 If the property is mortgaged, at least AED 2 million should be paid to the bank

    Requirements for obtaining the Property Visa

    Title deed certificate

    Investor’s original passport

    Emirates ID

    Passport size photograph

    Health insurance

    NOC (if applicable)

    Paying the fees for the investor visa Dubai cost

    NOC (if applicable)

    Bank letter mentioning the amount paid from the mortgage (if applicable)

    Requirements for obtaining the Property Visa
    Requirements for obtaining the Property Visa

    Benefits of Green Visa UAE

    The green visa UAE means you can obtain a long-term residency and many more exclusive benefits. Besides obtaining the UAE residence, you can enjoy the following:
    5-year of renewable green card UAE
    No sponsor is needed and it is not necessary to find an employer
    A longer flexible grace period of up to six months after the visa is canceled or expires
    With the green UAE, you can sponsor your first-degree relatives
    Enjoy a flexible lifestyle and know how to get resident visa in UAE
    Start your business or invest in the UAE and enjoy tax exemptions
    Benefits of Green Visa UAE
    property visa Dubai ConnectME

    Why choose Connect Middle East?

    Here at Connect Middle East, we will help you apply for a 10-year investor visa in Dubai, depending on the value of your investment in the UAE. Start improving your quality of life by residing in the most flourishing country of the Middle East with your UAE property visa.

    Do you want to live in the UAE? We will help you! Our goal is to support you in obtaining your Dubai investor visa without any issues. Also, we offer the most competitive rates for the property visa in Dubai so you can choose the best option for you.