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Key things to know when applying for a kiosk license in Dubai, UAE

July 6, 2022by Caetano Barbosa

Starting a kiosk business in Dubai can be an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs. Hundreds of investors have found success starting from a single kiosk in a mall. Whether you decide to sell cosmetics, drinks, jewelry, or any other products, this business allows you to start making a name for yourself. However, in order to achieve this, you will need a kiosk license in Dubai.

In this article, you will find information about the kiosk business in Dubai, the types of kiosks, the process to get a kiosk license in Dubai, the benefits that this license brings, and how Connect Services Middle East can help you with your application process.

1. What is a kiosk business in Dubai?

Dubai is a global city that provides multiple opportunities for small and medium businesses. In this Emirate, new buildings are constructed constantly, which opens the doors for new entrepreneurs and investors to establish their companies there. However, finding a wide proper place can be quite expensive. This is why the best option for small businesses is to set up a kiosk in the different malls of the Emirate.

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The kiosks business is mainly based on retailing merchandising entities installed in shopping malls. In order to establish one, you are going to need a kiosk license in Dubai. This is a document that allows you to offer services or sell products legally inside the shopping center.

Having a kiosk in a mall means receiving a great influx of customers daily. The malls in Dubai are located everywhere and some of them are owned by multinational brands, which means they are visited by local Emirates and ex-pat population. This guarantees massive profits for your business and the opportunity to get your name known.

2. Types of kiosks in Dubai

This type of business is very common in supermarkets, malls, and even roadside locations in the United Arab Emirates. The kiosk license in Dubai covers several types of entities. For example:

2.1 Drinks kiosks

This type of kiosk sells a wide range of soft drinks, such as fresh juice, smoothies, bottled water, as well as other canned and bottled soft drinks.

2.2 Ice cream kiosk

In the hot weather of Dubai, there is nothing more refreshing than ice cream! Serving up different flavors of ice cream will make your clients come back for more.

2.3 Snack food kiosk

Clients at malls love to eat snacks while shopping, so selling packaged foods such as candy, potato chips, chocolates, dried fruit, nuts, and other snacks are a great option.

2.4 Popcorn kiosk

Popcorn is a worldwide snack, so deciding to set up a popcorn business and sell it to customers is the right decision.

2.5 Coffee kiosk

Selling coffee is always popular among business people and travelers. If you can offer different kinds of coffee, you will have a great influx of clients.

2.6 Souvenir kiosk

This kiosk targets the tourism sector directly. Having a souvenir kiosk means selling memorabilia that people can take home from their visit to Dubai.

2.7 Magazine and newspaper kiosk

Newspaper and magazine kiosks sell a wide variety of print publications as well as other vital goods.

2.8 Cosmetic and jewelry kiosks

Selling jewelry, makeup and other gifts is an increasingly popular business in Dubai.

2.9 Electronic kiosks

Some kiosks sell consumer electronics and other accessories such as selfie sticks, phone covers, SIM cards, and more.

2.10 Perfume kiosks

Many people enjoy the convenience of buying perfume from a kiosk.

3. How to apply for a kiosk license?

In other countries, you cannot start a kiosk by just getting approval from the management of any mall. You require a complete kiosk license in Dubai. The Department of Economic Development is the entity in charge of granting this license for any kind of kiosk.

This type of business in small or big malls gives the best business prospects for the entrepreneurs who cannot afford to rent a place in a business-friendly sector in Dubai. 

The process to get a kiosk license in Dubai is the following:

3.1 Choose a mall for your kiosk or stall

The first thing you must do if you want to obtain this license is to start researching the different malls in the Emirate to find the right place and market for your products. Different malls attract different customers, so it is crucial that you make sure that the products you are selling match up with their demands.

For example, if you want to set up a souvenir kiosk, you might want to choose a tourist-focused mall. On the other hand, if you plan to set up a refreshment kiosk and sell products like smoothies and drinks, then you might want to choose a more family-oriented mall.

Once you have identified what malls suit you best, you should then speak to the mall management so they can show you the available space and give you a quote.

3.2 Select a company name

Next, you need to define a trading name for your company. The name should be strictly related to the business’s core activities. For example, Jason Swift Refreshments, or Jessica Lyn Perfumes. The name must also comply with all the UAE’s naming conventions. In essence, you must avoid using offensive language, your name must be unique and it must be available in the DED.

3.3 Apply for a kiosk license in Dubai in the Department of Economic Development

You must apply for your kiosk license in the Department of Economic Development. The DED is the authority that issues different licenses in the UAE.These also include:

To ensure that the establishment of your kiosk goes as smoothly as possible, contact us at Connect Services Middle East and require the best assistance from experts.

3.4 Submit all required documents

To apply for this type of business trade license, you must provide several documents to the Department of Economic Development. If you have doubts about what kind of documents are needed or the format to provide them, you can always seek guidance in Connect Services Middle East, our professionals will walk you through the entire process. Some documents are the following: 

  • Copy of your passport 
  • Emirates ID copy 
  • Tenancy contract for the kiosk space
  • Local sponsor’s passport (if necessary)
  • Application form with the registration from the DED 
  • Memorandum of association (MoA)

3.5 Obtain your kiosk license in Dubai 

After the submission of the documents, you will have to pay a fee, (the kiosk license cost can vary). In most cases, your license will be ready in a couple of days, and you can start establishing your business.

3.6 Start processing visas 

Many kiosk owners hire foreign workers to staff their business. If you plan to do this, you will need to apply for visas for all your foreign workers. On Connect Services Middle East, we can carry out any procedures related to your visa processing. This way, you can focus on more important matters for your company. 


4. Benefits of starting a kiosk business in the UAE 

Starting a kiosk business in the United Arab Emirates can be a very attractive opportunity for investors. Setting up in a mall, supermarket, or another leisure or retail hub, will bring you several benefits: 

4.1 Great for testing ideas 

If you have an idea for a business but you are unsure about the market reception, starting a kiosk allows you to experiment with the idea and test demand. 

4.2 Low startup cost 

Compared to other types of retail outlets, establishing a kiosk business is a very low-cost process. 

4.3 Flexible leases 

Most malls will offer entrepreneurs flexible terms on their leases for kiosks, which are less rigid than leases tend to be for traditional retinal units. 

4.4 Ideal for seasonal products 

Many kiosk owners adapt the products they sell to the different festivals, seasons, and events. 

4.5 Strong demand and wide range

The fact that kiosks have persisted for a long time only shows that people in the United Arab Emirates love shopping at kiosks. By choosing to start this business, your products can be exposed to a wide range of customers in the country’s many malls. 

4.6 Easy to maintain 

Compared to traditional retail stores, maintaining a kiosk is, generally, very easy. The units themselves are made of inexpensive materials, such as plastics and timber. And you do not need to worry about electronics, plumbing, customer toilets, or deep cleaning.

5. Things to avoid in the kiosk business

If you want to establish this kind of business and obtain a kiosk license in Dubai, you will find several options to do so. However, before buying or renting the property, make sure you understand the transportation and storage charges.

Since you have the freedom to choose the products you are going to sell, you should make a business plan about what products suit you best. The type of product you choose will either bring you loss or profits. Some products like perfumes and souvenirs are in huge demand in the Dubai malls. 

Also, since Dubai is a frequent location for tourists, selling souvenirs might be the right choice for you. Although you can find some trouble setting your business there, it can be a huge profitable idea that can define the success of your company. 

When you establish your kiosk, you must take into account the decorations of your stalls. The best decision you can make is to place demo items so you attract the passers-by. If you want to succeed, you can start by sending a few free samples. Either way, you can really make a difference and bring a significant profit. 

6. The renewal process of the kiosk license a Dubai

The process of renewing your license will be the same, whether you establish your business in a free zone or on the Mainland. The main difference will be the authority that issues the license. On Dubal Mainland, the relevant authority will be the Department of Economic Development. However, in a free zone, you have to make your application to the governmental body related to the nature of your business. 

To successfully complete the renewal process you must follow the next steps: 

6.1 Gather the necessary documents

Before you start this process, you need to have a copy of your license and a copy of the passport of all the partners. You will also need to have a tenancy contract (given by the management of the mall) and a BR/1 form. 

6.2 Submit the documents 

Submit the documents to the nearest office of the relevant governmental body or you can also submit them online. 

6.3 Pay for your renewal

Once you have submitted your renewal application, you will receive a voucher payment. The kiosk license cost will depend on the jurisdiction you decide to establish your company. Once the pay is ready, you will receive your renewed license

7. Apply for your kiosk license with Connect Services Middle East

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