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How to Change Emirates ID (EID) Mobile Number?

Currently, in the UAE a vaccination campaign has been started. The government has dedicated itself to encouraging all residents and citizens to get vaccinated. The process is quite simple; you will only receive an OTP to your cell phone. Therefore, for people who have recently changed their phone number, it is important to change mobile number in emirates ID. This is because the text message that will be sent will be to the cell phone number associated with the EID.


In this article, you will see everything you need to know about how to update your mobile number in emirates ID. The first thing will be that you see why the cell phone number that appears on this card is important. The second thing will be to show you a detailed guide on the process for updating mobile numbers in emirates ID. In addition, we will explain other important processes for updating data on the card.

1. Why number is necessary for an Emirates ID?

update mobile number in emirates ID

In the UAE, all ID cards have to be linked to the mobile phone number of the ID holder. Also, this is done to enable some of the security features. An example of this is when using any government service where you will need to register. For this, a message will arrive at the telephone number that was linked to your identification card.

If the registered number does not belong to the owner of the identification, you will not be able to access certain government services. However, this can be avoided by changing the mobile number in the government system.

Another example of this is in the registration and verification of all the updates that the Al Hosn application will be affected. This is because this app sends OTP to the mobile number which is connected to your ID card. In this way, not having their mobile number registered can cause problems in the future.

1.1 Why are there cases where the mobile number of my identification is incorrect?

When the person completes the emirates ID application, the person will need to provide a mobile phone number. This number will be connected to the applicant’s Emirates ID. However, many times applicants use the phone numbers of other people and not the staff.

Having a different phone number from the owner registered can cause problems in the future for the holder of the identification. For this reason, the applicant needs to use their phone number for emirates identification. In this way, you will be able to facilitate certain important procedures that may arise in the future.

2. Step-by-step process to update the phone number in emirates ID through the website

If you want to make an emirates ID number change using the ICA Smart services, you must follow the steps below.

2.1 Step 1

Enter the website of the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority ICA, There, you will see a dropdown list, you have to select “smart services”. Once you click on that option you will see another drop-down list and you must click where it says “other services: update personal information”. In that same option, you will have the opportunity to click on “start service”.

2.2 Step 2

The next thing you will see on the screen is a form in which you are asked for personal data. For instance, unified number, full name in Arabic and English, date of birth, and others. When you finish entering the information, you must click continue.

2.3 Step 3

Subsequently, they will ask you for your nationality and the document that verifies that you are legal in the country (residence visa UAE, for example). In addition, you must enter the file number, that is, the visa or residence number.

2.4 Step 4

After completing other required fields, you will see a personal data page. At this point is when you will be able to change the registered number on your emirates ID. In the space provided, put your new phone number. To confirm you must select the option to send a one-time password; the OTP will reach your cell phone. Enter it in the option indicated and select “check OTP”.

2.5 Step 5

Once you mark the captcha, you will see a page with all the previous information. This allows you to verify the data and make sure that everything is correct.

2.6 Step 6

Finally, you must make the payment of the corresponding tariffs. For the updated mobile number in emirates ID, the fee is AED 53.

3. Step-by-step process to update the phone number in emirates ID through the ICA app

There is another option to make the emirates ID mobile number change, and it is using the ICA application. Below, you will see the steps to follow.

3.1 Step 1

Once you have the app on your cell phone and you have chosen the language of your preference; You must select the “public information” option in the services and then “update personal information”. Subsequently, you must enter all the personal data requested, as with the website.

3.2 Step 2

When the page changes, you will be able to see the phone number that you have registered in the emirates ID. Later, you will be able to change the phone number and you have to go through the same verification process as with the website. That is, entering the OTP that will reach your new number.

3.3 Step 3

Finally, you must pay the fee for changing the phone number, which is AED 53. You will go through a verification process by phone number or email, either way, you will receive the invoice of payment.

4. How to update personal details like name, and address in emirates ID?

update mobile number in emirates ID

Being able to keep your Emirates ID information up to date is very important because of all the benefits this can offer you. Next, we will show you what you must do to be able to update any information in your Emirates ID and how to know the status of these changes:

  1. The first thing you must do is enter the ICA website to start this procedure.
  2. Within the page you must provide all the information requested by the form.
  3. The information consists of the following:
  • You must select your current nationality, identity number, family book number, and passport number.
  • In addition, you must enter your name in English, the date you were born, and your email.
  1. Having entered your Emirates ID, you will be able to change any information you wish. If you want to change your name, your address, or if you want to change your address because you move to a free zone. In addition, you can even change your nationality or, if you wish, your gender.
  2. After entering all our data, we will be able to verify the changes we have made to our Emirates ID.
  3. Having all the information entered, you will have to click on send single-use password and you will receive an OTP code.
  4. Once the code has been entered, you must click on verify OTP for it to be verified.
  5. Finally, once this process is complete, a payment gateway should appear so that you can enter your card details and be able to pay. Once this is done, the process will be complete.

Once this process is complete, you will be able to verify your Emirates ID status and verify that all the information has been updated. If any inconvenience occurs or the application was rejected, you will receive the corresponding refund.


5. Step-by-step process to renew emirates ID

It is important that you know that if you are a citizen or a foreigner, the renewal process is different. The first thing foreigners must do is renew their residence visa. Once ex-pats have renewed their long-stay permit, they can renew their Emirates ID just like citizens by following the steps below.

5.1 Step 1

The first step is to collect all the documents requested and then go to a service center. The papers you need are the passport, the residence visa, and the old emirates ID. All children under 15 years of age must additionally carry a passport-size photo, birth certificate, or, failing that, the father’s passport or Emirates ID. Newborn children must carry the sponsor’s visa and passport.

5.2 Step 2

Once you have the documents, go to any of the three service centers. That is the Dubai customer satisfaction center, an FAIC service center, and the typing centers in Dubai. Being on one of these sites, request that they grant you the renewal form for the emirates ID. You must fill it out with all the personal data requested.

5.3 Step 3

After completing the form and submitting the documents, you need to pay the emirates ID renewal fees. Depending on where you renew and the validity of the emirates ID, the price will vary. For instance, in typing centers, the rates are, for foreigners that have 1 year of validity, costs AED 170 if it has 2 years of validity the cost is AED 270 and for 3 years of validity, the rate is AED 370. For citizens with 5 years of validity, it costs AED 170 and for 10 years of validity, the cost is AED 270. Finally, for GCC nationals with a validity of 5 years, it costs AED 170

5.4 Step 4

After paying, they will send you an SMS to let you know the status of your request. In some cases, people over the age of 15 may request biometric data.

5.5 Step 5

Once the document is ready, they will send you an SMS letting you know that everything went well and you can pick up your Emirates ID, at the post office of your choice.

6. Contact Connect Middle East and we will help you update your mobile number in emirates ID

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