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Trademark Registration Dubai in 2023

Are you looking to start a new business in the UAE? The United Arab Emirates is promoting a world-class business infrastructure for those businessmen that want to invest here. If you want to start a company of any kind, local authorities will help you to start your new financial venture… But first, you have to learn about trademark registration in dubai.

In this article, we will show you the steps that the UAE is following to protect intellectual property. You do not have to worry about having your ideas stolen from your business. UAE’s government created special legislation in order to protect your company’s ideas, products, and logos through trademark registration politics. Let us help you!

1. What is intellectual property?

Trademark Registration Dubai

This is one of the most important topics for those investors that want to do Business setup in dubai or create a new product.  Creators want to own their ideas because it allows them to profit from their inventions. It is difficult to establish owners’ rights when it comes to intangible ideas. Nonetheless, countries around the world protect these ideas, turning them into intangible assets that are owned by a specific person.

Piracy is considered a crime around the world. Copying ideas from another business or creator and earning money with them is a felony. Therefore, governments are making sure that there is a system that penalizes those who profit from others’ ideas. Trademark registration is a fundamental part of creating businesses in our current economy, driven by ideas.

Today’s world bases a big part of its economy on ideas. These creations, although non-physical, are giving new job opportunities and are creating new forms of productivity. Furthermore, each day thousands of new companies are created, which offer services through digital portals to assist people with their needs.

This is why intellectual property has become such a trending topic in the investment world. For entrepreneurs, it is important to know what trademarks are in order to protect their original products and business identity. Therefore, we will show you everything about protecting your business through trademarks and copyright.

Trademark Registration uae

2. Trademarks: Protecting business ideas

To start a company, an entrepreneur must think of logos, a motto, and an original brand name. Moreover, if a business plans to offer its own original products, it must consider trademark registration as a priority. There are several consequences that come with not taking these measures to protect businesses’ original ideas. You can learn more about this with our consultancy services.

  • A company’s identity might be stolen. If a competitor sees value in your brand, they can take advantage of a business idea if they have not registered their products.
  • Moreover, companies that have not filed for trademark registration put the value of their assets at risk. It is necessary to formalize a business’ identity and products before starting operations. Consequently, a company could grant security to its own brand.
  • A business’ identity is a fundamental part of its marketing. Therefore, if a company wants to have success and earn recognition amongst its public, it has to register its trademark.

3. Why should your business care about this?

Trademark registration is a fundamental part of the success of a business. Thus, creating an original identity is one of the priorities for people that want to start a business venture. As we showed you before, a company’s future could be compromised if it does not follow through with this process.

Governments know the importance that ideas have to ensure economic growth. Hence, around the world, each country is developing laws to ensure that trademark registration protects intellectual property. In the case of the UAE, local authorities provide a clear path for those that want to create original products.

However, before starting the process of registering a trademark, companies must learn about certain limitations. Newly registered trademarks can not contain any of the following terms:

  • Local or public symbols like flags and institutional logos.
  • Words or symbols that are against public morals, traditions, and religion.
  • Names, products, or symbols previously registered by another company.
  • Name translations from other worldwide known companies.

Apart from these previous points, there are no limitations when it comes to creating your business identity. Now, we will summarize everything that a company must learn about trademark registration.

4. How can a company register a trademark in the UAE?

If an entrepreneur or investor has created their brand identity for their business, they need to register it. Businesspeople need to comply with the following steps to successfully complete trademark registration in the UAE.

  1. First, investors need to have a list of names, logos, and everything related to their brand’s business. Entrepreneurs have to make sure that their identity does comply with authorities’ regulations. If not, companies must consider new possible names for their business ventures.
  2. Next, businessmen must check that their brand name and logos are available. In other words, a business has to make sure that its ideas have not been used before by another company. To verify this, individuals can check this online thanks to the information provided by the UAE’s Ministry of Economy.
  3. After checking that everything is in order, a company must fill out an application form on UAE’s Ministry of Economy webpage. By selecting the option “trademarks” on the website, individuals can submit the information required for trademark registration.

There are some additional points that companies should know before starting to earn profit from their brands. Each one of these steps is designed to protect the intellectual assets of investors that want to thrive inside the UAE. To understand more about this matter, check out our services.

5. Documents required for trademark registration

Trademark Registration in Dubai

Before starting the trademark registration process, it is important to gather documents required by local authorities. The following are documents and information that you must provide while filling out the trademark registration form:

  • Trademark logo: It is your business graphic identity, so investors should work on this before starting their business operations.
  • Copy of trade license: It is a document issued by the UAE’s authorities. This document provides information about the economic activities that a company can carry out inside the emirates. It is a fundamental part of the legal process of starting a business in the UAE.
  • Power of attorney: It is a legal document that authorizes a third party (such as friends, family or employees) to act on someone’s behalf. If a business has people representing it, they must register before working as representatives of a company.
  • Passport copy of the person responsible for the company.
  • Priority documents regarding the economic activities of a company
  • List of names, logos, and products that will be registered for trademark.

6. Must companies pay fees for trademark registration?

After submitting their applications, investors will need to comply with the fees for trademark registration. Local authorities established a basic fee of AED 8.700. This does not include any other legal or translation fees that you might need to pay for a particular case. By the way, companies can pay their trademark registration fees on the Ministry of Economy webpage.

7. What happens after a company submits its trademarks?

Investors have to wait until the Ministry of Economy’s office reviews their application. This is a process that requires a lot of attention on the part of the applicant, as any mistake can cause rejection by the authorities. Nonetheless, if this were to happen, individuals can modify the mistakes made.

Usually, an approval of the trademark registration does not take longer than 30 days. If the application form has no issues, investors can enjoy the protection of their intellectual property sooner than later.

8. Do companies have to publish their trademarks?

Once a company has obtained its approval for its trademark registration, UAE’s authorities require companies to make this information public. Individuals have to announce their trademarks in two local newspapers and the official government journal. There is a list of newspapers authorized by the local government: Companies have to choose two to publish their trademarks: Al Khaleej, Al Watan, Al Ittihad, Al Bayan, Al Fajr, Al Wahda.

Keep in mind that these publications have to be published in Arabic. In the case of the official journal, individuals have to pay AED 1.000 to the Ministry of Economy. Authorities will take care of the publication process on the journal once a company pays the fee.

Citizens from the UAE have 30 days to object to your trademark if they consider that it violates local law. If this were the case, the Ministry of Economy will review the complaint and make a decision about these demands. If there is no problem with the trademark after this period expires, companies can start working with their intellectual property.


9. Is there a trademark registration certificate?

Once the authorities make sure that everything is in order with your application, they will issue a trademark registration certificate. It is important for businesses to protect this document, as it contains information about a company’s intellectual assets.

In the document, its owners can find details such as the trademark’s registration number, brand, and owner’s name. Also, individuals will see information about the goods and services that their companies provide.

10. Can a business cancel its trademarks?

Authorities provide a special application form for those individuals that want to cancel their trademarks previously registered. On the same website where individuals register their trademarks, there is an option called “Cancel Registered Trademark by Owner Request”. Here people can find the application form, as well as a step–by–step guide to complying with the process.

Individuals need to submit their old registration certificate while filling out their cancellation form. They may require other documents depending on each case. However, it is important to note that there is a cancellation fee of AED 1.500. Companies also need to announce their trademark cancellation in two local newspapers. This is the last step.

11. How long does a trademark last in the UAE?

Trademarks registered inside the UAE have a validity of 10 years. Investors should know that trademark registration will only protect your business identity and assets inside local territory. Therefore, businessmen have to keep in mind that their intellectual property will only be protected locally.

12. Can a company renew its trademarks?

After a trademark registration has expired, people can renew it for an additional cost for another 10 years. After the expiration date is due, a company has three months to renew its trademark. However, companies have to pay AED 1.000 as a fine for each month of delay of the trademark renewal.

If the company wants to make changes to its brand identity, it must comply with the trademark registration process again.

13. Does your company need assistance registering its trademarks?

As we have shown you, trademark registration is not only a legal requirement: Your company’s success depends on it. Therefore, individuals that want to start a new business venture must provide it with its own identity. Investors have to find the right name to attract their customers, in order to gain a spot amongst their competitors in the same business field.

The UAE’s government is taking the necessary measures to protect intellectual property and brand identities. These processes help businessmen to secure their ideas, allowing them to earn profit from their original products and intangible assets.

We offer you a wide range of services tailored to suit your needs. Aside from the previously mentioned, we offer you solutions for you to obtain a visa or even begin outsourcing your company’s HR outsourcing services.


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