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Mainland Business Setup in Dubai | Costs & Requirements

Dubai offers the ideal atmosphere for businesspeople and investors to prosper. Foreigners and residents alike can do business in several regions of the UAE as well as abroad by forming a mainland company in Dubai. A license for the Dubai mainland might be quite helpful for an investor wishing to expand into numerous sectors. However, you must know all about the Mainland company setup Dubai cost before deciding to enter this area.

In this article, we will be talking about cost of company formation in Mainland Dubai. Making the choice to form your mainland company in Dubai is crucial. It requires extensive planning, investigation, conceptualization, budgeting, decision-making, and other activities. Investors must therefore manage numerous tasks at once. For this reason, hiring business consulting services is crucial.

Benefits of Mainland Company Setup in Dubai

Mainland company setup Dubai

Dubai is among the most prevalent business destinations in the world today. Your business has the potential for success thanks to a sizable consumer base, supportive infrastructure, a prime location geographically, and more. You will be able to take advantage of a number of advantages once you choose to establish your business and pay the mainland company setup Dubai cost. These benefits are:

  • Once you have a license for the Dubai Mainland, you can lawfully offer your services in the UAE.
  • Opening a bank account with a local organization to deposit your income.
  • An infinite number of visas for your company.
  • There is no required minimum money to launch your business.
  • Your company is not subject to any limits on currency exchange.
  • Progress on a huge global market.
  • The ability to collaborate with the authorities and receive complete ownership of your company.

Companies from the Mainland are allowed to trade with one another and conduct business anywhere in the UAE or outside of it in Dubai. Businesses located in a Free Zone, however, are restricted to operating there.

For their headquarters, mainland businesses have a wide range of options in Dubai. They can then conduct business with other firm branches and on the local market. They can also conduct business with the governing body. enabling them to establish a significant footprint in the UAE.

Steps to Register a Mainland Company

The DED (Dubai Economic Department) provides permission to all private business organizations and the people who comprise those companies to carry on commercial business operations in the Dubai Mainland.

There are numerous industries that are perfect for an overseas business proprietor to work in, like global grocery chains, consumer products companies, automobile manufacturers, and others. Additionally, business investors can now benefit from full foreign ownership, which is the nicest thing about company registration in the mainland region.

Besides from paying the Mainland company setup Dubai cost, individuals looking to establish a business in the area, should follow these steps:

Choosing Your Business Activities

You must first decide on the industry in which you will operate before establishing a company on the UAE mainland. The Department of Economic Development (DED) has a list of thousands of approved business activities. Mainland enterprises are permitted to engage in any of the more than 2000 DED-listed activities, in contrast to many free zone companies that are limited to specific activities based on where they are located.

Select and Register Trade Name

The trade name comprises the title that consumers see in public places like billboards and websites.

Depending on convenience, the trade name procedure can happen online or offline. Here are a few rules about registering a trade name:

  • Select a proper name: The name of the company should go in accordance with the laws and regulations. If the company name violates any of the guidelines that follow, DED has the right to revoke the name.
    • The company’s activities should be apparent in the company name.
    • There should not be a copyright reservation for the company name by a comparable company in Dubai.
    • Indecent language should not be in the trade name.
    • God’s name is inappropriate to be in a trade name.
    • Certain words are not legal, including Emirates, local airports and districts condes, and city’s names.
    • Countries and continent’s names cannot be a part of the name. Nevertheless, nationalities can be a part of the business name.
    • A company name cannot start with the words “international,” “middle east,” “global,” or “translated.”
    • Government organization abbreviations shouldn’t be used in company names.
    • A company name cannot wholly or partially incorporate any of the current, well-known global brands.
    • There should be no indication of sectarian religious groups or international political organizations in the firm name.
  • Check availability: After deciding on a name for a business in Dubai, you must determine whether it is available. You can use the public service the region’s ministry of economy offers to check the availability.
  • Request approvals: By requesting the DED’s approval in Dubai, you must reserve your company name in order to receive the license.
  • Fee payment: Lastly, you must pay the fees. Usually, this appears in the overall Dubai mainland company formation cost.

Submit License Application

Then, it is time for you to apply for a mainland trade license via the Department of Economic Development. A trade license application requires a number of documents, including a license form, a memorandum of sponsor plans, ownership percentage between each partner, and investors visas, just to mention a few. Also, you must pay the proper Dubai mainland license cost.

Obtain Your Residency Visa

After starting a business in mainland Dubai, you may require a Dubai resident visa in order to operate properly. In addition to the free zone visa, a mainland Dubai visa serves as one of the most widely used business visas in Dubai. You must meet the requirements listed below before applying for a visa to Dubai:

The Dubai resident visa enables business owners to establish a firm in Dubai and gain access to the largest market in the UAE. It is also important to keep in mind that your local sponsor can totally transfer the power of attorney to you, allowing you to operate the business setup independently.

You must renew your visa after its initial two-year validity period on the Dubai mainland. While the free zone visa is subject to its own set of legislation, the application process is governed by UAE labor law.

Dubai mainland company formation cost

Mainland company setup Dubai

The nature of business, the quantity of visas needed, and the location all affect the Mainland company setup Dubai cost. In addition, there will be some other costs, such as taxes and expenses for registering a business.

  • Department of Economic Development first approval (One-time payment) 235 AED.
  • AED 735 (once-off fee) for commercial name approval.
  • The dimension of your workplace affects how much your office will cost to rent. AED 100 or more each square foot will be the standard annual office rent. The location and size of the necessary area affect the Dubai mainlanad business setup cost.
  • Attestation of the Memorandum of Association (MoA) is AED 1500 (one-time cost).
  • AED 500 is the one-time fee for contract writing and court agreement attestation; partners or their attorneys must sign the attestation.
  • The Ministry of Economy registration fee is AED 3,000 (one-time payment), after which the firm will be registered.
  • For a trade license, it costs about AED 10,000.
  • Market taxes, which are 5% for stores and go to government agencies as a portion of office rent.
  • According to the type of business, different local service agents in the UAE charge different fees.

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