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How to Set Up a Salon in Sharjah? How Much is Salon License Cost in Sharjah?

December 26, 2021by Kate Williams0

The UAE is a country in which many industries and business markets are effective. Sharjah is one of the most prevalent commercial hubs in the country. Several business ideas are very lucrative for all new investors, like opening a salon in Sharjah. However, having a rudimentary awareness of this business setup in Sharjah freezone is imperative.

In this article, you will learn how to set up your own beauty salon in Sharjah. Initially, you will discover information about how lucrative this business is in Sharjah. Furthermore, you will acquire accurate information on how to open a salon in this place. And finally, we will describe some significant details about it, such as benefits, revenue, and costs.

1. Sharjah is an effective business place for investors.

Sharjah is an emirate branded as one of the most renowned commercial hubs in the UAE. Its status relies on its competence and promising business atmosphere for setting up any type of business in Dubai. Therefore, countless local and foreign moguls decide to spend their money, time, and assets in this place.

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As well as presenting countless opportunities to found a business, this location also offers the benefits that every investor requires. However, these would differ depending on the dominion that they choose. For instance, the profits for free zone businesses are different from the ones for mainland company formation in dubai. Let’s discover some of the benefits that Sharjah free zones present.


1.1. What do investors get in Sharjah Free Zones?

All kinds of businesses can obtain numerous benefits for increasing their effectiveness, including a business like a salon in Sharjah. There is a number of benefits for someone who chooses to invest or finance their beauty salon in Sharjah. To name a few:

  • 100 percent of possession of the business.
  • 100 percent of return of capital and incomes.
  • Full immunity from personal and corporate tax.
  • Full exclusion from export and import customs responsibility.
  • There is access to world-class infrastructure and the essential amenities to cultivate commercial activities.
  • Stockholders are permitted to trade with other local or international businesses without limitations. In other words, there are no trade restrictions.
  • They also have the chance to apply for visas for their families and staff.
  • There is stress-free admittance to a pool of talented and high-qualified workers. Also, the staffing process is easygoing and well-organized.
  • Investors have also contact with vital ports, including the Sharjah International Airport freezone and numerous others.
  • All businesspersons and stockholders can obtain support services to make improvements for their companies.
  • In addition, there might be supplementary benefits conditional to the free zone you select to set up your business in Dubai. Now let’s see what benefits Sharjah Mainland Business setup Service provides to investors.

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1.2. What do investors get in Sharjah Mainland?

Even though free zones are promising, the mainland also offers many rewards for investors, particularly for a salon in Sharjah. For certain individuals, it is all about the possible income you can acquire when your salon is up and running. A number of these benefits are the following:

  • Liberty to target wholesale market openly through the UAE.
  • Business-friendly setting and guidelines.
  • Stockholders can grow their headquarters and the number of visas for workers.
  • Access to world-class organization and amenities.
  • Having few resources is not a constraint for setting up a business in dubai.

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We in Connect Services Middle East will make sure that you know everything there is to know to properly open your salon in Sharjah.

2. The significance of the beauty sector in the country.

Having vigorous and good-looking hair is a significant feature for folks in modern society. Consequently, opening a salon in Sharjah can be a very lucrative business for a venture capitalist. And it can be even more gainful if it is situated in a place with a big population. The key reason for this is that these services are highly requested in packed locations like Sharjah.

Since individuals continually require beauty treatment and related services, this business can assure triumph in a short period of time. Hence, opening your own shop in this emirate will aid you in creating a steady and lucrative business. Nevertheless, you must study all pertinent facts before you start operating Business in Sharjah Mainland.

3. Why you should open a salon in Sharjah?

The central purpose why this type of business is a good idea is because of the exponential development and success. These services are in demand at this time, which is why having a beauty shop is a worthy business venture. Also, you can develop your business in the short term and do additional activities. For instance, you can offer extra services such as make-up courses and training, which are also profitable.

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In addition to being a laid-back business type, the registration and integration process is simple and does not call for much diligence. And with different business compensations from the government, your business will be even more fruitful. Furthermore, you can make it even easier with a commercial partner by your side.

4. What do you need to open a salon in Sharjah?

You need to make sure you comply with every mandated guideline and form before opening your beauty salon in Sharjah. Here are some things you need to take into consideration if you want your business to operate smoothly:

  • The site of the salon needs authorization from the planning section of Sharjah Municipality.
  • The investor must exhibit a Sign Board visible on the front of the salon.
  • There must be precise usage of the light. Similarly, the furniture must be spotless and suitable for your salon.
  • Make sure that the elevation concerning the ceiling and the floor is higher than 2.3 meters.
  • Dressing chairs must be of a detailed size, which is 3.0m wide X 3.5m in length. They must not be less than that.
  • Beauty treatments require an isolated area for hair removal and cosmetic procedures. This space must be bigger than 2.5m X 1.5m.
  • Facial treatment services involve a sink near its location.
  • A water heater is also essential for your beauty shop.
  • Fire-resistant supplies are essential for preparing hair removal supplies.

5. How can investors finance your salon in Sharjah?

If you want investors to look your way and help you start your business in dubai, there are some guidelines you should follow. Therefore, if you comply with these mandatory norms, you will most likely succeed in opening your beauty salon.

  • Initially, you must submit legal documentation of the owners financing the salon.
  • Then, you need to choose a suitable name for your beauty store. After this, you will obtain preliminary approval from the appropriate authorities.
  • Thirdly, it is imperative to draft and sign a Local Service Agent.
  • After completing those phases, you’ll need to lease a salon shop agreeing to the mandatory design. Make sure you come to terms with the landlord on contractual terms. This way, you can write the Ejari contract, and get an assigned number as fast as possible.
  • You also require certain approvals. For example, you’ll need approval from the Planning Section and the Health and Safety Division of the Sharjah Municipality.
  • And finally, you must submit all essential official papers to get the ultimate approval and your license.


6. Do you need a license to run a beauty salon?

Unmistakably, opening a beauty salon involves a particular license, which is the salon business permit or salon license. Nevertheless, you can find two categories of salon permits available in Sharjah. Therefore, it is important to define the type of beauty salon you want before applying for a trade license.

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Beauty salons in Sharjah for females only are very popular, so you´ll need to apply for a women’s salon license if this is the side of the business you want to work on. Or in case that you want to set up a salon for males, you’ll need the men’s salon license. In whichever case, it is important to be conscious of the activities and services that each of them covers.

6.1. Women’s Salon License.

A women’s beauty salon comes across some basic concepts, which are makeover and hair care. These components are the ones that approve this type of salon and make it need a women’s salon license. On the other hand, it is also vital to know the activities and services that this license covers.

Primarily, everything related to hair and its care is comprised in this license; although the activities may vary for some locations, they all include the basic common services. Secondly, beautifying treatments or procedures can include other activities and services for female customers.

6.2. Men’s Salon License.

Similarly, if you are interested in having a men’s beauty shop, you will need a different license; having a male-only salon requires a men’s salon license. Male and female salons are equipped with a lot of similar tools and gadgets.

The services provided in a men’s salon are pretty common. The basic package includes shaping, trimming, coloring, beard maintenance, and shaving.

In addition, following the modern trend that is developing in Sharjah, many salons offer an array of new services to its customer. These new services include waxing, leg, arm, and back hair removal, laser hair removal, and complete manicures and pedicures.

7. How much is salon license cost in Sharjah?

The initial cost for starting up this kind of business can differ conditional on a number of factors. For instance, the salon license price in Sharjah is roughly AED 7,900. However, other components must be taken into contemplation when setting up a salon in Sharjah. For example, some approvals, documents, and other fees are important during this process.

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Some important elements to take into account when opening a beauty salon in Sharjah are:

  • The preliminary approval.
  • The name authorization.
  • The typing and notarization of the Memorandum of Association.
  • The funding fees.

If you amount up these features plus the license, the entire cost would be around AED 21,380. In addition, you should also think of including other important costs to open your salon. For example, salon equipment, utensils, visas, and many other details will be important costs during the arrangement process.

8. How can Connect Middle East help you set up a business in Sharjah?

Connect Middle East has many years of experience in this field.  Our acquired skills allow us to guide you and your business through incorporation, licensing, and other associated services. We guide financiers and organizations to guarantee they shape their businesses in the right jurisdiction and through the correct legal path with the accurate company organization. Therefore, as a businessperson, you will be able to position your brand for long-term growth and triumph, while evading mistakes that can cost you time and money.

In Connect Middle East we will make sure that you comply with every mandatory government guideline and form. Furthermore, we provide 24-hour assistance this way you and your needs will always be covered.

Would you like to contact Connect Middle East? You can call at +97143316688 or send an email to , and you’ll talk to one of our representatives that will gladly answer all of your questions. Contact us for enquiry regarding Company Formation in Dubai     |     PRO Services in Dubai    |   Business Setup in Dubai 

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Kate is the Global Strategy Director at Connect Group. She is specialized in business setup in dubai , international business expansion and employee relocation. She studied in Southampton (United Kingdom) and moved to the UAE in 2014.

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