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Launching a Profitable Car Rental Business in Dubai, UAE

November 18, 2022by Kate Williams

The demand for rent a car Dubai business has increased since the start of the year. Several factors have contributed to the market’s quick expansion. Dubai has recently become one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. With about 20 million tourists expected this year, Dubai will play a critical role in the development of automobile rental companies.

In this article, we will be talking about the rent a car Dubai industry, how to start a car rental business in Dubai, is car rental business profitable in Dubai, the benefits of creating a car rental business in UAE, and more. There are numerous compelling reasons to establish a business in Dubai. Everything from its 0% income tax to its strategic position has been thoroughly documented. Let us see more:

1. How to Start Car Rental Business in UAE?

rent a car Dubai

According to MarkNtel Advisors’ analyst estimate, the UAE rent-a-car market would expand by 8.9% from 2022 to 2027. This market is primarily being driven by the favorable policies and simple licensing in the UAE.

Additionally, the country has experienced massive inflows of tourists, pilgrims, and migrants due to the rapidly growing tourism industry. Events like auto expos, which last six months and draw about three million visitors, are also anticipated to boost demand for car rental Dubai services and fuel the market through 2027.

In order to begin a rent a car Dubai business, you should first obtain a trading license. The five steps below will walk you through the process of obtaining this license:

1.1 Step one

The first step in obtaining a Dubai automobile rental business license is to determine your business activity. Depending on the type of car rental you want to undertake, you may be eligible for a variety of licenses. The most popular is ‘Passenger Transport and Car Rental,’ however, you may need a separate license if you work in a somewhat different industry. We can help you choose the best business license to use for your activity at Connect Middle East.

1.2 Step two

Choosing a company site is critical when launching a rent a car Dubai business. You will require some room because your vehicle fleet will require actual premises. A strategic location, whether near an airport or the other transportation hub, will aid you here. Many vehicle rental companies choose to buy a car rental business for sale, because it is easier for them. We can help you establish up your free zone business in any Free Zone and give the assistance you need to make your automobile business a success. In addition, we provide 0% tax rates and 100% foreign ownership

1.3 Step three

Your trading name should clearly represent what your firm performs and should not contain any words that could be regarded offensive or downright blasphemous. Furthermore, no acronyms containing your initials may be used in the firm name. For example, Ali Khamza Car Hire is acceptable, while AK Car Hire is not.

1.4 Step four

You must submit your application along with a number of supporting documents and paperwork in order to obtain a commercial license for Dubai, United Arab Emirates automobile rentals. You must obtain an A NOC from RTA (The Roads and Transport Authority), in order to run a rent a car Dubai business. Once you have the NOC, you must complete the application. It also is crucial to pay the relevant fees when applying for a company license.

1.5 Step five

If all your documentation is in order, your application form is complete, and your fees are all in the right place, you can get your license to operate one of your car rental business ideas in just a few days. At Connect Middle East, we assist you by ensuring that all of your paperwork complies with the standards so you may avoid needless administrative challenges. The last step is to register a business bank account so you may accept and make payments after your license has been issued.

2. The Primary Advantages of Car Rental Business in UAE

A “car rental company” is a company that hires out automobiles for a set period of time. Depending on the rules of the company, this period can be anything from a few hours to a few weeks. The company’s main goal is to assist people with their work commute.

A rent a car Dubai business can be profitable provided you understand the sector and are willing to embrace new technology. Below are some of the primary advantages of establishing a car rental company in Dubai:

  • Tourism is on the rise: Every year, millions of tourists visit Dubai to see the beautiful architecture, religious and historical monuments, beaches, restaurants, and wildlife. Because Dubai is also the entrance to the rest of the United Arab Emirates, many visitors will want to rent a car to explore the remainder of the country. Your rent a car Dubai company will surely be in high demand in the future years.
  • New preferences: Since the outbreak, many people have been hesitant to use public transit. Individuals who do not own a car are increasingly hiring a vehicle for excursions. Hiring a car allows individuals to travel throughout Dubai without having to rely on public transportation or incur the expenditures of purchasing their own personal automobile.
  • Technology: Another advantage of beginning a rent a car Dubai business is that you will be able to take advantage of emerging technology. People can now pick up and rent cars more easily than ever before because to cellphones, apps, and geolocation. This makes discovering and hiring a car much easier, increasing people’s willingness to rent vehicles.

3. How Car Rental Business in UAE Works?

rent a car Dubai

For a certain period of time, clients can rent out automobiles from vehicle rental firms. The business does not, however, supply drivers. In Dubai, drivers with licenses who do not own a car as well as foreign visitors and owners of wrecked or damaged cars who are waiting for repairs can rent an automobile.

The rent a car Dubai business carefully arrange the automobiles in areas of the city that are easy for customers to reach to pick up and return their hired car. Customers can conveniently reserve a car of their preference for the duration they want as a result.

To operate a car rental business in Dubai, you must make sure that the lessee follows your instructions and delivers the vehicles on schedule and in the same state as when they were rented out. A pre-paid agreement would also be to your advantage.

3.1 Why you should start Car Rental Business in UAE?

According to World Population Review’s latest recent stats, almost 3 million people were residing in Dubai as of 2021. About 85% of them are noncitizens. They may like renting a car in Dubai for the following reasons below:

  • Time saver: The city’s public transit system makes it simple and convenient to get about most of the city. There are some restrictions, though, such having to adhere to rigid work schedules during peak hour or organizing brief excursions to other Emirates. As a result, many people opt to set their own commute times.
  • Less paperwork: Foreigners also find it simpler to hire a car in Dubai to avoid the copious paperwork that comes along with owning a vehicle. Searching for spare components whenever a repair or change is needed or wanted can be a tiresome process as well. With four-wheelers that are rented, this is not the case.
  • Minimal outlay: Owning a car requires paying for upkeep and insurance renewals. As a result, renting an automobile is preferred than buying one in Dubai.

Before, opening a rent-a-car business in Dubai required collaborating with an Emirati sponsor. This required the business owners to establish a Limited Liability Company in Dubai.

The Department of Economic Development now offers a professional or service license for the Dubai automobile rental industry. For judicial formalities, you will still need a local service agency.

3.2 Process for Car Rental Business in UAE?

The following paperwork must be ready if you are in the UAE and want to start a rent a car Dubai business:

  • One copy of a passport
  • Copy of an Emirates ID (EID).
  • A copy of your visa.
  • The No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your present sponsor.
  • A duplicate of your lease agreement for a commercial location in Ejari.
  • A commitment from the Road and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA).

3.2.1 How to get approval from RTA for Car Rental Business in UAE?

You must obtain the RTA’s approval before operating a rent-a-car business in Dubai by demonstrating the following:

  • Taking on: The cars must have been manufactured within 24 months of the registration application date or within the same calendar year as the registration application. The following vehicles are excluded from these requirements:
    • Luxury cars or vehicles costing more than AED 600,000, as long as the year of manufacture is within four years of the current year. Official documentation should be used to support the worth of the automobiles.
    • Classic cars that are at least 30 years old and meet the conditions outlined by the Vehicles Licensing Department (VLD).
    • Vehicles that have never been driven.
  • In the first year, include at least 10 cars.
  • Coverage for all vehicles.
  • Set aside parking spots.

3.3 How much to start a car rental business?

Individuals sometimes ask “is car rental business profitable in Dubai?” and rightfully so. The price of your license, the cost of your location, and the RTA approvals are three important expenses to take into account when beginning a rent a car Dubai business. The price of the vehicle fleet you will utilize, which you may buy or lease, is added on top of that.

According on how many passports you need, starting a car rental business in Dubai might be expensive. Establishing a car rental business might cost as low as AED 12,500 if visas are not necessary.

The application price for additional visas might cost up to AED 23,600 (for six visa allocations). This sum reflects the cost of your business permit and related expenses.

Along with the license fee, you will need money for the cars you want to rent, coverage, office area, car cleaning services, and marketing expenses.

4. Is Car Rental Business Profitable in Dubai?

The profitability of a car rental business in Dubai can be significant due to the city’s booming tourism industry and the presence of a diverse expatriate population. Dubai attracts both leisure and business travelers, creating a robust demand for rental vehicles. However, the market is highly competitive, so success depends on factors like fleet quality, competitive pricing, customer service, and marketing strategies.

The seasonal fluctuations in tourism can also impact revenue. If managed efficiently, with a focus on customer satisfaction and cost control, a car rental business in Dubai has the potential to be profitable, but thorough market research and a solid business plan are essential for success.

5. How Can Connect Middle East Help You?

This guide should have illustrated that starting a car rental company in Dubai does not have to be extremely difficult if you have the necessary information. Nevertheless, some previous knowledge of the process is necessary. Furthermore, it is crucial to keep in mind that the application procedure is only simple if your permit application is finished and error-free at the time of submission.

Connect Middle East is the ideal partner to help you establish your vehicle rental business. Our professional advisors can assist you with all elements of business establishment in Dubai; allowing you to concentrate on beginning your car rental business while we do the legwork. We also offer the business setup in Dubai Mainland and other different freezones in a very effective and efficient way.

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Do you want our support to start a rent-a-car Dubai business? If so, you can give us a call at +97143316688 or send us an email at

Kate Williams

Kate is the Global Strategy Director at Connect Group. She is specialized in business setup in dubai , international business expansion and employee relocation. She studied in Southampton (United Kingdom) and moved to the UAE in 2014.

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