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Understanding Outplacement | A simple guide

Every good businessman is in constant search of new tools and strategies that help the growth of the company. That is why it is important to know what are outplacement services. This is an increasingly common and frequent phenomenon among companies. In short, it is about the transfer of employees from one country to another for professional reasons. This is a process that entails a set of opportunities and challenges that can bring a lot of benefits for both employees and employers.

In this article, we are going to analyze all the relevant aspects in order to better understand what are outplacement services. Specifically, in the territory of the United Arab Emirates. We are going to dedicate ourselves to studying the definition, the process, and the benefits that the outplacement process attracts. This is for both the company and the employees. Thus, you can study whether hiring these services can be useful for your company or not.

What is Outplacement?

what are outplacement services

It is important to know what is outplacement service, as this can be very helpful for employees. Relocation services are provided to those employees who are being laid off by their employer, or who are simply transferring to another job. In this way, the outplacement service helps the employee to navigate the entire labor market.

With the help of these services, the employee will be able to transition to new roles in a better and much more effective way. In addition, it guarantees that employees can focus more positively on their next step in the professional world. Throughout this service, you will be offered expert advice and support, providing great support to outgoing employees.

Therefore, when defining outplacement services, you can say that it is a help service for employees who will be fired or moved from their positions. It is important to note that this helps laid-off employees get jobs more quickly. In this way, those who have work visas or are sponsors of family visas in the UAE can stay in the country without any problem.

Purpose and Importance

When relocations take place, they are carried out by responsible organizations. In addition, they understand very well the importance of supporting employees when they leave the business. In this way, when offering relocation services to employees who leave, organizations benefit from:

  • The protection of brands.
  • Commitment to all employees.
  • Effective change management.
  • Protection against future litigation.

Ending a job is one of the things that can cause a lot of stress to human resources. In addition, it can cause problems with the company’s reputation. For this reason, it is very useful to have outplacement services that can best handle these situations.

On the other hand, these services are very helpful for employees, thanks to the fact that they focus on helping them throughout the relocation process. In this way, people who have work visas, freelance visas, or any other type of residence visa, can be more calm during the relocation process.

Choosing an Outplacement Provider

When you are choosing a relocation provider, whether for work or personal reasons, it is important to keep certain things in mind. For this reason, we will present what you should take into account when making your choice:

  • The range of services that it offers should be studied, all of this according to our needs. Among the services you may need are legal advice, the management of different UAE visas, etc.
  • The experience in the market on the part of the company that will provide the service.

Evaluating Services Offered

When evaluating whether the relocation services offered by a company are ideal, you must take into account different aspects. One of these is the type and level of assistance you will need when conducting this assessment. This step will depend on the personal and professional situation in which you find yourself. You may need different types of relocation services.

Among the services you may need are: housing management, sending your belongings, legal, tax, or immigration support, etc. In addition, we found that you should evaluate what are the costs and the coverage that this service will have. It is important to compare the price and what will be the scope of the services that will be offered to you, according to the budget and the conditions offered by the employer.

You can find companies that offer personalized or comprehensive packages that can be adapted to your needs. Lastly and one of the most important aspects, you should check the reputation of the company. This way, you can ensure that you are working with someone trustworthy and not looking to scam you.

For this, it is important to look for references, company credentials, and what guarantees it offers you. On the other hand, you can seek opinions from trusted people who have worked with this company before. Many times, testimonials from people are more trustworthy than reviews on websites.

Client Success Stories

It will always be very useful to seek the opinion of people who have worked first-hand with the services we wish to hire. For this reason, if you want to know how to search for these types of reviews, you must keep in mind very important aspects. Thanks to today’s technology it is very easy to get information about practically any subject and companies are no exception.

In this way, it begins by searching the web for the name of the company in question. Then, look at terms like reviews, testimonials, and even complaints other people have about this company. In addition, there are specialized websites that are responsible for rating the best companies and even making comparisons. For this, the pages use different criteria such as services and options.

Another very effective method is to ask another person directly about their experience. They must be asked about the company’s treatment of the customer, how they resolved their doubts, or if the staff seemed qualified for the job. Finally, you can ask him if he recommends using the company’s services or if it is better to look for another option.

How Outplacement Works?

what are outplacement services

Many factors affect the relocation of employees. Among them are the position of the employee, the cost of relocation, and the disability that the employee can count on. In the UAE, new changes were implemented in the labor law that is in charge of regulating the relations between employers and employees.

The UAE labor law establishes the following requirements for relocation:

  • The employer is required to notify the employee in writing of the relocation. In addition, this must be done at least 30 days before the scheduled date. The place, date, and duration of the relocation must be indicated, as well as the remuneration and what the working conditions will be.
  • Here the employee will be in charge of accepting or rejecting the relocation and must do so in writing. This may be done within 15 days after receiving the notification from the employer. If you refuse the relocation, the employer may terminate the employment contract. However, it must be with compensation that is equivalent to 3 months of work.
  • The employer must bear all the accommodation, transportation, and maintenance expenses of the employee and his family during the entire relocation. In addition, you must also assume the expenses of returning to the place of origin at the end of the relocation.
  • When the employee goes through the outplacement process, he will have the right to continue with his same employment status and the salary he had before the relocation. However, if both parties agree otherwise in writing, it will not be necessary to be bound by this.
  • The employee may request an annual paid leave so that he can visit his family in his place of origin. However, this possibility is valid if the relocation lasts more than one year.

Process Overview

One of the reasons why Dubai is the best center for doing business is because of all the opportunities it provides. Among the most prominent is being able to understand what are outplacement services and also have access to them.

For an employer to decide to carry out the outplacement process, he must know what the process is. It is therefore; that in this section you will have access to a guide that explains all the steps involved in job relocation.

Create a written contract with the employees: You must include all the conditions and the outplacement benefits. Thus, as the obligations and responsibilities of both parties.

Apply for necessary visas and work permits: Employees and their families must have all the documents required to complete the process. Among the most important are health and identification documents, like unified numbers or others.

Organize transportation and travel: One of the requirements is that the labor law in the UAE states that employers must coordinate and pay for the employee’s travel. This includes storage, packaging, and customs clearance of the worker’s professional and personal assets.

Provide adequate accommodation for the worker: Employees and their families have the right to have adequate housing. The employer must look for accommodation; This must have all the basic services available. For instance, electricity, water and internet.

Offer linguistic, legal, and cultural support to employees: All workers have the right to receive an adaptation to the new workplace. Guidance must be available, on labor, social and legal standards in the UAE. As well as, in the language if necessary.

Follow up with the new employee: Observation is the ideal tool and different assessments that the employee must complete.

Resume and Interview Support

Among the challenges of doing business is knowing all the tools that exist in Dubai; and in turn, learning how to take advantage of them. In this case, you are going to learn about what are outplacement services and how to use them in your company.

If you want to make a job relocation, the employee in question must have a good resume. That is, you must demonstrate your experiences, skills, and aptitudes that make you perfect for the position you aspire to. In addition, it is very useful to take into account their ability to adapt to the language and culture. For instance, say that you are proficient in speaking both Arabic and English.

On the other hand, you may have to submit to an interview. This is not always mandatory; the employer has free will to do it or not. However, most likely, the interview will be mandatory for all prospective workers to qualify for the new position. The purpose of this is that the employer needs to check the candidate’s aptitude. In other words, if the information in the resume is true and finish judging if the applicant adapts to the needs of the job.

Some recommendations that you can use to be successful in the interview are the following:

  • Research the company and culture of the UAE. Thus, you demonstrate knowledge of and interest in the work context.
  • Practice the language, it can be English or Arabic, it will depend on the company.
  • Dress professionally and formally, respecting the rules of etiquette in the UAE.
  • It is important to be courteous, honest, and punctual.
  • Answer the questions in such a way that you show a lot of confidence.

Benefits of Outplacement

To finish understanding what are outplacement services, you have to know the benefits to which you will have access. The main advantages that your company can enjoy when hiring outplacement services are the following.

Improves and facilitates communication between the central office and the host country: Since, by having employees working in the different branches, communication becomes easier. In addition, it helps familiarize employees with the company’s mission and business model.

Acquire international experience: Generally, outplacements are made between different countries, so the personnel you acquire have experience of another culture and another company; which will contribute a lot to the projects that your company has in development.

Help to comply with legal obligations: If you contract relocation services you can take advantage of part of the benefits that Dubai provides to new entrepreneurs. This is because the companies that offer outplacement services will help you comply with all the legal requirements that employers must meet to start the process. And not only legal but also business. For instance, study the available positions and analyze the capabilities of the employees to see if they are compatible.

For Employees

When it comes to outplacement, the company, employees and employers have benefits in some way. In this section, you will see all the advantages that the employees who are part of the process will enjoy:

Develop and apply cultural experiences: Since employees may come from different parts of the world, this is an opportunity to learn about other cultures. In addition, it allows them to adapt to different environments and work with people from diverse backgrounds.

Access to career opportunities: Employees have the opportunity to learn about other companies and, if they change jobs, learn about them. Especially when it comes to future promotions that involve moving to another venue.

Improve working conditions: If outplacement involves placing them in better positions, they will have access to better working conditions. Which involves training to learn about the new functions to be performed.

Improve skills: as the employee learns new things, these are skills or abilities that you can add to your resume.

Reduce feelings of frustration: Outplacement is often done to avoid layoffs. That is, companies prefer to transfer employees than fire them. Thanks to this, there is no presence of negative feelings such as anger or frustration.

Increase morale and self-esteem: If the transfer is for the purpose of avoiding the dismissal of the employee, this has a positive impact on it. If, on the other hand, the outplacement is due to a promotion, this generates motivation and positive feelings in the worker.

For Employers

Employers receive many benefits just like employees. Below, you will see all the advantages that employers who start the outplacement process wins.

They develop cultural competencies: How they have to deal with employees from different parts of the world; they have the opportunity to learn aspects of different cultures. Furthermore, this allows them to adapt to different clients and markets; which results in the possibility of improving and resolving conflicts creatively.

Meet legal requirements: Under the labor law in the UAE employers have to meet certain requirements. If the employer hires a company that provides outplacement services, they will be in charge of carrying out the process. Which provides a guarantee to the company that everything will be done correctly.

Improves performance and productivity: As employees will enjoy alternatives to continue working in the company, this motivates them, thus increasing staff productivity. In addition, you avoid the costs of training and hiring new workers.

Generates respect for the rights of employees: By guaranteeing employees a job with benefits superior to those they had before outplacement.

Foster Commitment and Loyalty: By going through the outplacement process, the employer demonstrates to employees that they care about them. In turn, they make it clear that they are interested in professional development and their well-being, offering them alternatives to continue in the company. In employees, this develops a feeling of commitment and loyalty to the company and employers.

Positive Impact on Company Reputation

Part of the definition of what are outplacement services, explains the positive impact on the company’s reputation. The reason for this is that it demonstrates a commitment to labor quality and, in turn, to respect for the rights of employees. In addition, as they constantly acquire talent, they build trust with both employees and customers.

Another important reason why this happens is because when carrying out this process; The company demonstrates that it has the capacity and interest in innovation. Which is very attractive to customers and potential partners or investors.

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