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Making UAE Freelance Visa Renewal Simple

Visa renewal UAE for those who work as freelancers is a similar process to the first application. In this way, they will be able to continue participating in the business world in the country by simply meeting the requirements. Plus, since you have gone through the process at least once, everything can flow properly.

In this article, we will show you the steps to renew your visa, as well as the cost you must pay. Likewise, we will give you some tips so that you can successfully complete the procedure in any of the Emirates that make up the country.

Understanding the Importance of Visa Renewal

Visa renewal UAE

Through visa renewal UAE, as a freelancer, you can continue enjoying the benefits that the Emirates offers. Although the freelance visa has a validity period of 3 years, you must renew it annually. Therefore, if your freelance visa expires and you do not renew it, you will need to leave the country and make a new application.

Why is Freelance Visa Renewal Crucial for Expats in the UAE?

Since you have experienced what it means to work in the UAE on a freelance visa, you know the advantages of it. Therefore, the importance of renewal lies in the benefits you obtain by complying appropriately and on time with the process. Hence, with the UAE visa renewal, you will be able to enjoy the following:

  • If you already have a job, you may enjoy continuing to work independently legally.
  • You can continue to offer your services at a lower cost than other companies that offer similar services.
  • In the same way, you can have access to business centers and create your client base. This will allow you to generate more profits as your prestige grows in the business world in the UAE.
  • If you have not done so already, if you renew your visa, it can be used to sponsor your family members. However, you must meet the required criteria, such as an appropriate salary level.

Freelance Visa Renewal Process Dubai

Visa renewal UAE is a process similar to requesting the document for the first time. This means that you must have all the necessary documents to be able to carry out the process smoothly. In addition, the process in Dubai is similar to that which must be carried out in the other Emirates of the Nation.

Documents required for visa renewal UAE

Depending on the business sector in which you carry out your independent activities, you will need to submit certain documentation. However, there are some common documents that you must have ready for Dubai visa renewal. The complete list includes the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport (you must have a copy of the passports of your dependents available if you are sponsoring a family member).
  • Photograph the same size as your passport.
  • Proof of educational and professional qualifications.
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from your employer if you work in a company.
  • Valid medical insurance.

Freelance visa renewal process

As a freelancer, you must be aware of the moment in which you must renew your visa according to the requirements of the authorities. We already mentioned that although the visa is valid for 3 years, you must renew your permit annually to continue your self-employment. Therefore, it is ideal to anticipate the expiration date and do the visa renewal UAE on time to avoid incurring legal problems.

The renewal process includes the following steps:

  1. Gather all the documents we listed in the previous section.
  2. You will need to undergo a routine medical checkup to obtain a certificate of physical fitness necessary for renewal. Thus, before starting the process, make an appointment at an authorized healthcare facility in the UAE.
  3. Check the validity of your health insurance, if it has expired, you will need to get one that covers your self-employment.
  4. The next step is to renew your establishment card, which has an additional cost to the visa.
  5. Make the formal renewal request through the AXS platform. In this case, it is the TECOM business services platform.
  6. Then you will need to pay the visa renewal fee (which we will talk about later).
  7. Finally, if you have followed the process properly, you will receive your approval in 2 to 3 weeks.

Once you get your renewed freelance visa, you will need to check all the details to ensure that all the information is correct. Otherwise, you must contact AXS to correct any erroneous information.

Freelance visa cost

Obtaining and renewing the self-employed visa in the UAE involves different costs, which we will break down below:

  • Permit cost. The visa renewal UAE (like the application) costs AED 7,500.
  • Establishment card. As with the visa, you must renew this card annually, for AED 2,000.
  • Work visa. The cost of this document depends on the validity period. Thus, the 3-year one costs AED 2,750, and the 5-year one costs AED 5,000.
  • Residence visa. In this case, the 3-year visa costs AED 3,330 (regular) or AED 3,900 (express) from outside the UAE. On the other hand, AED 4,960 (regular) or AED 6,340 (express) from the UAE.

Additionally, you must consider the cost of health insurance, which varies depending on the coverage and the agency from which you purchase it. However, the visa cost includes stamping, medical tests, as well as the Emirates ID.

Ajman Freelance Visa Renewal Guidelines

Freelancers who work in the Ajman Free Zone know that it is a city with a solid economy and great business opportunities. In addition, other areas also offer a suitable work environment for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers. Therefore, visa renewal UAE in Ajman also allows you to enjoy these and other additional benefits.

Additionally, this Free Zone of the Emirate of Ajman is one of the most open to foreigners in business. The expatriate visa in this area is for foreigners who wish to work independently in this Emirate. Thus, expatriates can work in the above manner under the authority of AFZA (Ajman Free Zone Authority).

Steps for UAE visa renewal

The visa renewal UAE is the same as what must be followed in any other of the Emirates of the country. In this case, you need to do the following:

  1. Have all the documents necessary for renewal available, updating those that are necessary, for example, the medical certificate.
  2. Contact the visa issuing authority in the Ajman Free Zone.
  3. Then, pay any applicable renewal fees.
  4. Finally, you will receive your renewed freelance visa, with a validity period of 1 year from the date of issue.

However, if you do not want to renew your visa, you can choose to cancel the document correctly. If you do not carry out this process according to legal regulations, you may face fines or legal action.

Hence, the visa renewal process is not very complicated; you just need to make sure you have everything you need. Also, check with the authorities if you need any additional requirements depending on the type of activity you carry out.

Sharjah’s Approach to Freelance Visa Renewal

In Sharjah, there are also specific rules for issuing freelance visas for foreigners. Nevertheless, there are no significant differences from the standards established in other Emirates. Therefore, renovation is a similar process, so you must consider the aforementioned aspects.

Thus, by obtaining your renewed visa, you will be able to continue your independent work in this Emirate that is second in importance to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Therefore, with the facilities offered by the authorities, they encourage the work of freelancers who contribute to the local economy. For you, it represents the opportunity to continue growing professionally and take advantage of great opportunities.

Common Mistakes to Avoid During the Renewal Process

Although visa renewal UAE is a simple process to execute, there are aspects that you should not neglect. Therefore, we offer you in detail a list of mistakes that you should avoid so as not to interrupt or prevent your renewal.

Expired passport

  • A common error not only in the application and renewal of freelance visas or other visas is the validity of the passport. This is one of the first requirements that the authorities review, since for renewal, you must have a valid passport and provide a copy. Therefore, you must verify that your passport has the necessary validity, or else your application will be denied.
  • Renew your passport if you want to continue working as a freelancer in the UAE, for which you will need to check with the authorities.

Incorrect documents

  • We have already mentioned the common documents for visa renewal Dubai, Ajman, and Sharjah, so you should have them at hand.
  • Apart from the application form, you must submit these documents in full or your renewal application will be rejected.
  • For example, the photograph must be of the appropriate size, since the authorities are strict with each document.
  • If you work in a company while freelancing in your free time, you must submit the NOC. In this way, the authorities have the assurance that your employer has no problem with you carrying out activities outside of your regular employment.
  • Another supporting document is the medical examination, which must be certified in a health center authorized for this purpose.

Therefore, make sure you have each document as required by the authorities at the time of visa renewal UAE.

Form with errors

  • When requesting or renewing such an important document, it is extremely important not to make any mistakes, since the smallest one can mean a delay.
  • Review every aspect of the form and fill it out carefully, verifying at the end that each information is consistent with your data.
  • Above all, pay attention to where you must enter numerical data, which are the most common in which there are errors.

Health insurance

  • Having health insurance is essential for foreigners visiting, residing, or working in the UAE.
  • This document must have the necessary coverage for the various activities you carry out in the country.
  • Not having adequate or valid medical insurance will hinder visa renewal.

Expert Tips for a Successful Freelance Visa Renewal

Renewing your freelance visa in the United Arab Emirates involves a series of processes that you must complete correctly. Thus, any mistake or missing any important step may result in a rejection of your application. Therefore, we offer you some important points for the process to be successful:

  • Have all your documents in order. Check the validity of each of the documents to ensure that your application is not rejected.
  • Please apply in advance. Do not wait until your visa expiration date is close to renew it, do it in plenty of time. In this case, it can take up to three weeks to obtain the visa renewal UAE, so you can start applying for it 1 month before.
  • Save the necessary money. Since you will have to pay some fees for the renewal, make sure you have the necessary financial component at the right time. Anticipating this, save enough funds for the process.
  • If you sponsor a family member with your freelance visa, have the documents of the person on hand and with the necessary validity.
  • Check that there are no changes to the law about self-employed visas. Thus, if you want to renew your document but there is a change that you are not aware of, you could delay approval and even receive a denial.
  • The NOC is an essential document for both the application and renewal of the visa. Therefore, agree with your employer to guarantee its delivery, since a company does not need to deliver it to a worker.

Conclusion: Secure Your Freelance Future in the UAE

Visa renewal UAE

Working as a freelancer in the UAE opens up a huge world of possibilities thanks to business opportunities. Foreigners with a freelancer visa know what benefits they offer and that is why renewal is an essential process. Therefore, you must understand the entire visa renewal UAE procedure to stay functional in the working world.

This way, if you comply with the regulations and maintain the validity of your freelance visa, you will continue to enjoy a favourable business environment. For more information on this matter or other important topics, we offer you contact with our experts.

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