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Helping Entrepreneurs Initiative : Connect Services Middle East Featured in Khaleej Times

On February 17th Connect Services Middle East appeared on Khaleej Times; one of the main news portals in the Middle East. In their piece, they talked about how our company is constantly supporting entrepreneurs to start their businesses.

Through the article, writes that Connect Services Middle East provides the necessary expertise through their team members; in this way, making sure that the company’s clients obtain positive results as well as a proficient setup process. Subsequently, earning the trust of many business owners throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Moreover, Khaleej Times appoints us as “the most impactful Business Setup service provider company in the Middle East.” In addition, Aaron Portero – Managing Director of Connect Services Middle East – comments on the importance of a company like this that can help foreign investors overcome the language barrier; ultimately allowing them to set up their businesses.

Source Link:- Connect Services Middle East is helping entrepreneurs set up their businesses

Connect Services Middle East’s main purpose will always be to support the economic growth of the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, providing different business services; such as HR outsourcing, visa services, Business consultancy, company formation, and others can help new companies enter the local market with little to no issues. With these solutions and resources, entrepreneurs and investors can easily set up any type of business in the free zones, mainland, or offshore.

Recognitions like this particular one, allow us to keep going and work closely to help corporations in the UAE. Connect Services Middle East will always support innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs to start their businesses in the region. Providing them with the necessary services to allow them a swiftly start in the market. As a result, helping them make their dreams of succeeding in the Middle East; while also creating businesses that help the economy of the region.

Caetano Barbosa

Caetano Barbosa is the Sales Director at Connect Group , He is Specialized in Business Consultancy , Business Development and sales strategies. Working with small medium enterprise across Italy, UK and UAE.

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