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CSME Starts Accepting Crypto Payments for Company Setup Services

On July 15th, 2022, ConnectME was the main topic of one of the articles on the Zawya website. Their piece talks about how the company is now accepting cryptocurrency as a payment alternative for company formation services.

In the article, talks about how CSME is the first organization in the United Arab Emirates to accept this popular currency as a payment alternative. Subsequently, supporting the government’s decision to establish the region as an international hub for cryptocurrencies. As a result, helping local and international investors start their businesses more easily by having access to premium company formation services.

Additionally, Zawya appoints us as “the largest provider of company setup services in the UAE.” On the other hand, Aaron Portero – Managing Director of ConnectME – affirms that the company will be doing everything in its power to swiftly establish this new alternative to support the government’s aim to turn the UAE into a global center for cryptocurrencies. With this new addition, the region can expect a new wave of investors and entrepreneurs looking to establish their businesses in the area.

Source URL:- CSME now Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment option for all Business setup Services

Connect Services Middle East main purpose is to be a key acting piece in the economic growth of the United Arab Emirates. Subsequently, thanks to their company formation services, visa solutions, HR outsourcing, Business setup consultant, and more they can help businesses enter the market and succeed with no problems. By introducing cryptocurrencies as a new payment method ConnectME is speeding up the company formation process.

Acknowledgments like this one motivate us to keep working hard and help other companies in the UAE expand. ConnectME is now assisting investors and entrepreneurs to establish themselves in the area through cryptocurrency. Therefore, letting them access the services they require for their business setup in exchange of a modern payment alternative.

Harneet Bhatia

Harneet Bhatia is the Sales and Compliance Officer at Connect Group. She is specialized in Company Setup Services , golden visa uae , Business Consultancy and Sales Assistance. She is working within Middle East and UAE. Also she has done her Master of Business Administration in Literature.

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